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Magic Creation

The Mage has the ability to create new Magical Powers and invest them into sentient beings for their own use. The new Magic can be of any nature, including any of the listings in this book, so long as they are treated as Magical rather than normal Powers. It can even be used to create any Magic or Powers that are not found in this database, if you find something I overlooked.

The Mage is limited in the number and Power ranks she can Create. The variety of such Powers as she can Create goes beyond her own innate Magical Powers. ("Those who can't do, teach.") The Mage can create a variety of Magical Powers whose maximum number is equal to her Power rank number. This number always includes those Powers the Mage already possesses. The player and Judge should agree on a list of Magical Powers the Mage can create in others; at least half the list should be randomly determined to reflect odd bits of arcane knowledge the Mage had picked up along the way.

The Magical Powers she confers are nowhere near as high ranked as those the Mage possesses. New Magic is initially ranked at -3CS of this Power's rank. This can later be improved by the actions of the recipient. How long the recipient retains the Power is determined by the Mage's Reason; it is a measure of how well he taught the recipient. A separate FEAT made at the time of creation reveals the maximum duration. A green FEAT gives a duration of 1 day times the combined Reason rank numbers of the Mage and the recipient. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10 days times the combined Reason rank numbers. A red FEAT ensures the Magic's permanency.

Example: The arch-sorceress Jen'tmril confers the ability to Dimension Travel on her acolyte, Eleanor. She possesses Mn Magic Creation and can give Eleanor a Rm rank. Their combined Reason rank numbers total 40, points. She makes a yellow FEAT; the Power will last 400 days.

Judges may want to forbid this Power to any player characters or restrict it to characters with high Karma. In that case, players should roll again for a new Power.

Optional Powers include Hyper-Intelligence and Total Memory.

The Nemesis for this Power is Magic Control - Negation.

Range: Column A