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Liquid Body

Liquid FormYou know that the Normal Human body is 68% liquid? Well, this type is 100% liquid. However, it is composed of special liquids that remain together. The fluid body can be of any viscosity from gelatinous to watery. It can move at will by flowing through other liquids or along surfaces. It can even climb vertical surfaces.

If the liquid life possesses Endurance and Psyche ranks of Ex or better, the Fluid Body can form an erect simulation of a human body. This can "walk" by sliding along the ground.

Contrary to what you might think, a Fluid Body is actually dry to the touch. This is because none of the body's liquids leave the body unless deliberately secreted.

The Fluid Body can be housed in a naturally secreted sac or in an artificial container. This is determined by the player rolling such Powers as Armor Skin, Body Armor, or Body Coating.

Because of the Fluid Bodies' control over their own fluids, it requires an In Agility FEAT to drain off any part of the Fluid Body. Drained parts remain under the main body's control as long as they are within 1 area. Once beyond that limit, the drained liquid "dies" and becomes inert.

Swallowing a Fluid Body can be a fatal act if the body so chooses. It can also result in a symbiosis if the Fluid Body takes a liking to the solid host.
Phasing: Fluid Bodies have a natural variation of Phasing that permits them to permeate any porous material.
Weakness: If the Fluid Body is frozen, the hero is immobilized until he can melt. He takes no damage from such an attack, although sacs or body containers might be shattered by the cold.

Vaporization is a fatal act for most Fluid Bodies.
Contacts: Fluid Bodies have no initial Contacts except their own race, if one exists.
Liquids roll Abilities on Column 5 of the Random Ranks Table.