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The caster has 2 options with this spell, he can mystically slow down or speed up his metabolism.

The slowed metabolism reduces the potency of any poison in his body (-3CS). The character can almost hibernate, thus lasting longer on fewer supplies in harsh climates, The character can feign death and has a chance to fool even the best doctors into believing he has died; feigning death requires a successful spell rank FEAT roll. While the caster's body metabolism is slowed down, healing is also slower (1/2 his Endurance rank number per day).

The accelerated metabolism speeds up medicinal drugs injected into the caster's system, thus doubling the effects of healing. He can feign a fever, heart attack, and other maladies.

Once the character has started his mystical trance he cannot move or do any action except concentrate. He can come out of the trance whenever he desires, but it takes 2 rounds for his body to return to full consciousness.