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Image Projection

The caster can direct his magical energy to form an identical image of himself. For every round he makes a successful spell rank FEAT roll, the image will perform as he desires, thoroughly convincing most characters that the image is the caster. This belief is somewhat like the Illusion spell and should be treated as an illusion for the purposes of combat or touching the image.

The caster can either use this spell while he is visible to create a "double" and confuse his opponents, or he can hide or turn invisible (if he has that spell) and have the image replace him.

The creation of more than 1 image is possible, but it requires a successful Psyche FEAT roll by the caster for every image made and each image requires a successful spell rank FEAT roll by the caster for each round he is commanding them. The maximum number of images a caster can create during the use of this spell is the spell rank divided by 10 (round fractions up).