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Floating Disc

The hero can create a glowing platform of solid light. The disc materializes to support any part of the hero's body; generally this is under the feet or posterior. The disc is a part of the hero's Power and has no independent existence beyond him. The disc can automatically support the hero and additional mass. The weight is supported by a Power FEAT with the Power substituting for Strength. For example, creating a Floating Disc to lift 5 tons is an In Intensity FEAT. The disc's surface area expands to support wide loads.

Travel occurs at Power rank speed. The Power provides no innate protection against high windspeed and friction burns, thus the practical speed limit for atmospheric Flight is Rm(225 mph). The Power can be used in the water with proportionally decreased speed.

If the hero is a technological type or possesses such Powers as Hyper-Intelligence, Hyper-Invention, Weapons Tinkering, or Mechanical Creation, then the Floating Discs can be mechanical in nature. Such disks collapse for easy storage somewhere on the hero's costume, such as a false bottom in the boots. An example of this is the Wizard's anti-grav disks or Static's flight board.

The Optional Power is Kinetic Bolt; the energy resembles the Floating Disc.

Nemesis is Energy Vampirism.

Range: See Above.