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Demihuman - Merhuman

Demihuman - MerhumanMerhumans are amphibious relatives of lamians. The body is human from the waist up; the rest is a flexible fish-tail.

The usefulness of a merhuman in a land-locked campaign is limited, but certain Powers can overcome the merhuman's disadvantages---Shapechange, Alter Ego, True Flight, and so on.
Popularity: They fascinate Normal Humans and have an increased Popularity(+1CS).
Hyper-Swimming: Gd(10).
Water Freedom
 Merhumans possess both lungs and gills.
Weakness: Merhumans can only stay away from water a limited time because their bodies quickly dry out.

Movement on dry land is limited to crawling or dependence on vehicles.
Merhumans roll their Ability Ranks on Column 2 of the Random Ranks Table.