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Demihuman - Lamian

Demihuman - LamianLamians are snake people. The legs have been replaced by a serpentine body, although the arms are normal. The skin is covered in fine scales.
Popularity: Because snakes terrify so many people, the lamian's initial Popularity is 0.
Plasticity: Lamians are difficult to bind (+1CS to Escape).
Natural Weaponry: Lamians have retractable Fangs that can puncture up to Ty(6) Material Strength materials.
Spray: There is a 50% chance the lamian is venomous.
If venomous, the Lamian has Ex(20) Intensity venom and can spray the venom up to 2 areas away.
Weakness: Lamians have lidless eyes. This gives Blinding attacks +1CS against them. Lamians are more cold-blooded than warm. Their movement rate is -1CS in temperatures lower than 60oF.
Lamians roll their Ability Ranks on Column 3 of the Random Ranks Table.