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Cyborg - Mechanically Augmented

Cyborg - Mechanically AugmentedThis is a Cyborg who still has all his original (human) equipment but carries some options inside. Unused spaces in his body are now filled with various useful devices. These can be directly controlled through the nervous system. It is these devices that give the hero his Powers. They can be anything from a, tiny radio in the ear to a Disintegration gun concealed in the arm.

Augmenteds chose their condition and do not suffer from the depression that affects most Cyborgs and Mech Bodies.

If the hero possesses Hyper-Intelligence, Hyper-Invention, or Weapons Tinkering, then he may have created his new form himself with the help of a Rm clinic.

Examples of Augmenteds include Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity from the Matrix movies. Their implants give them Am(50) Communication with Cybernetics.
Resources: Initial Resources are Gd(10) or optionally rolled.
Powers: Since there is a limited amount of extra space in the body, Augmenteds receive 1 less Power.
These Cyborgs roll their Ability Ranks on Column 3 of the Random Ranks Table.