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Communicate with Cybernetics

The hero can directly communicate with complex machines, whether these are computers or machines not normally considered to have artificial intelligence. Any machine that possesses any kind of programming can be communicated with calculators, digital watches, microwave ovens, even music boxes. The higher the rank, the simpler the machine that can be spoken to. A green FEAT can communicate with a machine possessing several microchips; a computer is the most common example. A yellow FEAT communicates with devices possessing a single microchip, such as watches and talking dolls. A red FEAT communicates with machines that lack microchips but are still somehow programmed, like player pianos and hand-cranked adding machines. The nature and quality of the information received reflects the nature of the machine that is spoken to.

Communication occurs without the hero needing to resort to programming languages and input devices such as punchcards and keyboards. After all, if the hero did need them this wouldn't really be a super power. When using the Power, the hero transfers part of his Intelligence and Psyche to the machine, thus allowing it to respond to him. Unfortunately, sharing his mind with machines on a regular basis leads the hero to identify a little too closely with machines.

The Optional Power is Linguistics.

The Nemesis is Neural Manipulation.

Range: Column A.