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Communicate with Non-Living

This is a catchall name for anything not covered by the other Communication Powers. It will enable the hero to communicate with anything that had once been either sentient, cybernetic, or alive, as long as the target lacks those qualities now. The hero transfers part of his Intelligence and Psyche to the target, thus permitting it to respond to him. The target can converse, provide information, and even have a personality. The Power includes an innate, unconscious use of Speechthrowing. Although the hero actually provides the voice, it appears that the target actually speaking.

When the Power is used to speak to a corpse, it uses an unconscious, automatic form of Postcognition to create a simulation of the spirit that once inhabited the body. The hero does not speak with the actual spirit. This can lead to an odd situation in which the actual ghost hears his own body speak as if he were still in it. Unfortunately, the hero may develop a personality quirk that blurs the distinction between life and death. As he can speak with both the living and the dead, he might not be able to see what the difference is. This can be taken to grotesque extremes, especially in a horrific campaign.

The Power can be used to pry into a person's secrets by interrogating that person's possessions. For example, clothing will blithely recount the wearer's activities and a wall safe will proudly list all the things it is protecting.

Note: Projectile weapons only remember when they were fired, not at whom.

Optional Powers include Communications with Cybernetics.

The Nemesis is Neural Manipulation.

Range: Column A.