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Plant Growth

The hero has the ability to make plants grow nearly instantaneously, and far larger than normal. The Power can force a seed to sprout immediately and gives it the ability to thrive, even in the absence of normal nutrients (light, soil, and water).

The hero can affect existing plants and seeds or use seeds and sprouts carried with him. In the latter case, the player must make a list of the types of seeds the hero carries oust as a weapons specialist needs a list of those with which he is proficient).

This Power does not change the natural abilities of the affected plants; it only enhances them up to the Power's rank.

This Power requires the player to develop some rudimentary knowledge of botany, since the more the player knows about plants, the more stunts the hero can perform. Typical plants used with this Power are:Power rank determines the speed of plant growth and the rank of the affected plant's abilities. Growing a plant in normal conditions (adequate light, soil, and water) requires a Ty Intensity FEAT. Growing plants in less than adequate conditions (insufficient light, soil, or water; typical urban conditions) requires a Rm Intensity FEAT. Growing plants in openly hostile conditions (no light, soil, or water) requires an Un Intensity FEAT. Because their metabolism is accelerated by this Power, the plants quickly die. The lifespan is 1/8 normal. As a rule of thumb, the player can use these guidelines for normal and accelerated lifespans:The point of this is that your hero doesn't have to worry about filling the city with giant plants left over from old battles. He might still be in trouble with the Park Department, though…