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Neural Manipulation

The hero can alter a target's neural activity. By changing nerve messages within the target's body, the hero can cause a variety of effects.Normally, a hero can select any of these effects. When creating the hero, the player can choose to specialize in one effect for a benefit of +2CS.

Note: This Power only affects the voluntary muscles; it does not affect the autonomic nervous system which controls the heart, lungs, and other automatic bodily functions.

The range and duration of this Power are determined by its rank. The Power normally affects only a single person; affecting more causes a decrease in duration of -1CS per additional person. The target's mind and senses are unaffected by the Power; the victim knows full well what is happening (even if he doesn't know why it's happening to him). The Power can reach across the dimensional barriers if it is combined with some way of breaching the dimensions. It can function normally if both hero and target are within another dimension.
Range: Column A