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Blocking is a defensive ability that uses the Strength ability to lessen the damage of physical attacks, which include Grappling, Slugfest, Edged and Blunt Throwing attacks, Force attacks (but not Shooting and Energy attacks) and Wrestling (but not Charging).

The Block move is an attempt to meet force with force, and use the individual's Strength as a form of Body Armor against a specific attack. The character using a block may take no other action, but may shield others behind him. Normal Body Armor, but not Force Fields, still apply to defense.

The character using the block maneuver does not attack but counts his Strength as Body Armor, provided the force can be physically resisted (use common sense here---a fire cannot be blocked, but a pillar of ice can). Roll on the Universal Table against Strength to determine the effects. The notation -6CS, -4CS, -2CS, and +1CS indicates the level of Body Armor gained taken from the Strength of the character.

Example: A character with an Am(50) Strength wishes to block a punch thrown by an opponent with Mn(75) Strength (Fighting ability is used to hit, but Block has no effect on this). The character gets a green FEAT, -4CS, which provides him with equivalent Body Armor of Gd(10). The character takes 65 points damage. If the hero had made a red FEAT roll, the character would have totally blocked the attack (Mn(75) Body Armor against Mn(75) damage attack).