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Wrestling combat refers to a form of hand-to-hand combat in which the character attempts to restrain, hold or grapple with an opponent, or forcibly remove an item from that character's possession. It is less effective than Slugfest combat, but has the advantage of restraining the opponent's actions.

As with Slugfest combat, the opponents in a wrestling attack must be adjacent, or have Powers, weapons, or abilities that allow the attacker to reach the defender. Doctor Octopus' arms, or a bit of web-ball flung out to snatch the Maltese Falcon from the opponent's hand, would fall under this category.

Wrestling combat is resolved on the Universal Table using the attacker's Strength ability. The result is determined whether the attack is in the following forms:
Body Armor has no effect on the initial hit of a Grappling attack, as no damage is done initially.