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Slugfest combat is a general term referring to hand-to-hand combat. it is the most common form of battling, and includes both attacks with the bare fists, and those with blunt and edged weapons.

For Slugfest combat to occur, the combatants must generally be adjacent. (This may be defined by the counter arrows touching, the points of the stand-up counters touching. or the miniatures touching at the base, or by any other method deemed worthy by the Judge. Certain Powers. such as Elongation, may allow a character to engage non-adjacent targets (examples are Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Octopus).

Slugfest combat is resolved on the Universal Table using the attacker's Fighting ability. The result (white, green, yellow, or red) is then noted on the Effects Table directly above the Results Table. There are 2 columns of results depending on whether the individual used a blunt attack or edged attack. Body Armor, force fields, and other Powers may affect the ultimate success and damage in any form of Fighting combat.