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This page has been set aside
to let you know what to expect from
The Arrow of Light Guild before
entering into our fold.

Before going further, please read our Guild Charter. Entering into a guild should not be done lightly; it is a decision of great importance to you, and to the other members of the guild. If you are reading this page, then obviously, we are interested in considering you for guild membership. After you receive your temp tag though, not only will we be measuring you, but you should also be measuring us. Do we live up to your expectations? Are we everything we said we were? Can you hold to our charter? Well, before you make the decision to give us a try, here is what you should expect from us as a guild.

We are, and may be for awhile, a small guild. We are not yet capable of Uber raids but we do try to have some fun. We generaly have a few raids in one week every other week and will continue to do these smaller raids until we grow into larger ones. You need to understand this before you enter into our fold.

We insist that in whatever we do, we should have fun doing it. Fair play is a must. Courtesy given will get you courtesy in return, just as in any other situations. We are a guild formed of friends. We help each other, but we try not to become crutches to our members. So while you may receive a gift or two, do not expect power leveling or twinkage to land in your lap. We are not a large guild nor are we a rich guild. While all gifts are given gladly, gifts given often come directly from other members alt characters.

Concerning methods of leveling, what you do is really in the end your choice, but we, the Arrows, would prefer you leveled honestly. This is not to say, No Power Leveling! Because the Gods know many of us have indulged in a session or two. Neither is this to say, "thou shalt not twink," if this was the case, then some key members and a lot of alts would not be here. We discourage constant power leveling because it affects your skill in your class and in your basic melee and/or casting skills. We believe you need time to gain your skills and to gain experience -- meaning actual life experience, not leveling experience. Begging is highly discouraged. We do not want our guild members begging or pestering people for items, cash, Power Level sessions, or buffs. A Guild is bigger than any one member. If an Arrow of Light is seen begging and making a nuisance of themselves, then that image reflects on every member of the Guild. This is one of the reasons for our temporary tag policy. In the end, you will be a better player for it, and the better you are, the more sought after you will be later on when groups become harder to find and solo experience becomes impossible. Certainly, if you are capable, then donating for buffs is perfectly acceptable when done politely and infrequently.

So far as porting and rezing goes, obviously, as guild, we will try to help you out of a mess like a death without bind, or just a high level death. But if the Porter or Rezer is in a group situation, it is not likely to be something they can just drop. In this instance I would be sorry to say, you may be on your own. But I wouldn't worry too hard. Usually you can find a port by simply wording your /ooc or /auction with fully spelled out words, role-playing it helps as well, always remember, they don't have to port you if they don't want to or are indisposed.

All this is not to say you will be on your own. I can't think of a single Arrow who would begrudge a guild mate any sound advice they could offer, or aid if not engaged in difficult pursuits. During your trial peroid you can also ask us any questions out of game that you like in our Community Forums You have a question and nobody in game can answer, you can ask here. Then when you are given full member status you will be given acces to our private, member only forums so that you may discuss things with your guildmates in private. Also, if you see another Arrow being deliberately discourteous or playing in a manner that does not speak of fair play, report it privately to the designated person who handles such problems.

You have a trial period ahead of you that will last a minimum of two weeks, or a maximum of four . If at that time no vetoes are issued, then full membership will be offered to you. In the mean time, if you have any problems, please go to Deloit, Sytox or Tymoria, in that order. If none of those three are online then ask another guildmember privately and it will be decided then who is best suited to take care of things. Until then, do your temporary guild tag honor and enjoy your experiences on Norath. For as I always say. . . "If you're not having fun. . .why play?"

Upon completely reading this page and the Guild Charter and Leadership pages, send and e-mail to these two addreses with the Subject heading Arrow Of Light Pages. This will enable us to initiate your trial period and issue you your temp tag. The specific subject heading will allow us to filter the your e-mail directly to a folder made specially for that purpose. The body text should be whether or not you are still interested and any further comments you wish to make. Your comments can be forwarded to the guild community e-mail if you so request.