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Arrow of Light
Guild Charter

We, members of the Arrow of Light, are held together by bonds of friendship in the interest of exploring and adventuring in the world of Norrath. We stand by principles of Honor, Respect, Unity and Heroism. Working together towards better enjoyment of the experience of being in this world, it is our intent to set an example of fair play and good overall playing manners. It is not our intention to rebuke or reprimand others in their methods of acting; we only wish to act as we would want to be treated. We are nonetheless easygoing and friendly, enjoying the experience of this life as much as can be desired.

Anyone who proves a true friend and worthy companion is welcome in our ranks. We look down on such practices as kill stealing and ninja looting, as well as attitudes smacking of immaturity or selfishness. Race and class do not matter to us, since a person proves their worth by their actions, not by their origins. We stick together as a guild to the end, and as friends we will go to great lengths to help one of our own in need. This will sometimes be extended to strangers, and always to friends not within our fold.

The main purpose of this guild is to facilitate communication and exchange between its members. We intend to make the most of life, while at the same time, perhaps, making a difference in the world. We can only hope ours will someday be seen as a standard of goodness and righteousness in the land of Norrath.

Guild Policies

Guild Recruitment
Guild Leadership
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