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Arrow Of Light Recruitment Policies

As with our old policy, it is expected that an Arrow of Light will consider carefully before issuing a letter of Recommendation for a potential new member. This member must be held up against our charter and seen as an Arrow of Light. This is not an act to be taken lightly. If recruitment goes beyond what is healthy toward the premise of this guild then restrictions may be re-instated at a guild meeting.

Recruitment Policy

Potential Arrows will only need ONE Letter of Recomendation in order for the trial invite. They are invited immediately and given only a temporary Arrow tag. In this way, the entire active guild will be able to assess the recruit and ascertain weather they are desirable for this guild. They will not be invited to the community until they have passed their trial period; this will ensure us a private place to discuss them in.

Trial period in Review

In summation, this is what must happen in order for a person to become an Arrow of Light.
(Example name for recruit being Talania) Talania has impressed an Arrow with the need to bring her into our fold and is directed to our guild charter. Upon her agreement that this is the guild for her, a letter of recommendation is written on her behalf and she is invited into the Arrow of Light on a trial basis. She will not be invited into the community until she has passed her trial period as this will ensure current Arrows a place to discus her in private.

This trial is to last no fewer than two weeks, and no longer than four. At any time from invite to the fourth week, a veto may be made to prevent her full membership. This veto will be made to the current Recruitment Officer via private e-mail, NOT in a community e-mail post. This ensures that the veto is presented in an impartial manner and the issuer of the veto remains anonymous.

This trial period will end in one of three ways.
1) A veto is issued and cannot be resolved, resulting in disbandment of recruit
2) trial period maximum is reached with no veto, resulting in full membership and community invite
3) A reckoning is called by any Arrow of Light, resulting in either full membership or veto

The Reckoning

A Reckoning is when an Arrow believes Talania has proven herself beyond a doubt to either be an Arrow of Light through and through, or unfortunately to be tottaly inapropriate for our family. A Reckoning may be initiated by ANY Arrow of Light, it should be issued to The Recruitment officer by way of a private e-mail. The issue will then be decided by the Leadership officers.
The Reckoning will be anounced by the Recruitment officer in a guild post, and Arrows will have a very limited amount of time to present arguments for and against to the leadership officers, these arguments are to be done in private e-mails as well.
In the event of a "good" Reckoning, a Reckoning towards the ealy community invite of a recruit, the descision must still wait that first two weeks.
In the event of a negative Reckoning actions will be taken immediately as the Leadership officers deem fit.

If by the end of the Reckoning there are no vetoes either to her membership or the early termination of her trial, then Talania will be given full member status and invited into the guild community. All community threads discussing her (there should be only two) will be deleted.

Community Threads discussing potential Arrows

There should be no more than two Community threads discussing a recruit. The first thread is to be titled, Recruit (insert name here) discussion The second will only happen in the case of a Reckoning, and be titled I request a Reckoning for (insert name here). Each thread is to be devoted entirely to the one recruit in the subject heading. When the trial period is over, community managers will delete all threads pertaining to the accepted/disbanded recruit.

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