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Guild Leadership

Guild Leader

This person is in charge of making sure policies are implemented, suggesting future policies based on suggestions or complaints from other guild members. They would work with all other officers in their jobs to help the guild run smoothly. This person is in charge of the general well being of the guild. They will also take on the responsibilities of our Ref idea that was never voted on before. If they are involved in an inner guild dispute then the other officers will deal with the problem in order of PR officer, if the PR officer is involved then it goes to Recruit officer, and then to raid officer.

PR Officer


In charge of Public relations in general. Public relations with other guilds, with other players if a dispute comes up, and direct any problems being had with recruits to the Recruitment Officer to be dealt with. They also have a hand in the particulars of a joint guild raid situation, find the guild to raid with and work with the Raid officer on who loots what, and so on and so forth

Recruitment Officer

Responsible for recruit invites and disbands.
They are also responsible for announcing when a veto has been issued. If a recruit causes a problem with other players/guilds then it is up to the Recruitment Officer to determine what happened. If the recruit was in fact, at fault then the Recruitment Officer will call a reckoning including the details of said incident. It will be determined there if the trial period will be terminated or not. They let the PR Officer take care of appeasing whoever was wronged in this case

Raid Officer


An overall tier leader, this person will be in charge of ALL raids, from low level to high, and will probably benefit from a helper or two of their choosing. They will work with the PR officer on joint raids and plan out raids in particular. Until we grow to accommodate another position then this officer would also be in charge of events such as buff stations etc. Raid suggestions should be made to this officer in personal e-mail. They can choose group leaders for these raids to aid in organization

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