Project Infinity: Kitty Pryde Logs

Romany Wisdom and Kitty Pryde, from _Pryde and Wisdom_ #2

These are logs of roleplay on Project Infinity, a text-based online RPG. I play Kitty Pryde there, a young woman sometimes better known as Shadowcat. Kitty is not by any means my original creation; she belongs to Marvel Comics. The take on her is original, though, as this Kitty's timeline diverges from mainstream continuity close to twenty RL years' worth of comics ago.

Preludes page: incidents before Kitty's arrival in Beacon Harbor. Updated July 17, 2002.
April/May 2002: Ghost of a Chance. Includes the In the Arms of Morpheus plotline. Updated June 7, 2002.
June 2002: Guns on the Roof. Updated July 6, 2002.

July 2002: When the Cynics Start Believing. Updated August 1, 2002.
August 2002: Knives Out. Created September 1, 2002.
September 2002: Island in the Sun. Begins the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea plotline. Created October 1, 2002.
October 2002: The Vigil (The Sea). Concludes the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea plotline. Created October 31, 2002.
November 2002: Haunted. Updated December 1, 2002 .
December 2002: Downside Up. Includes sections of A Murder of Angels. Created January 1, 2003.

January 2003: A Gift of Roses. Includes sections of A Murder of Angels, and Pryde and Wisdom's wedding. Created February 1, 2003.

February/March 2003

Note: Logs that relate particularly to the ongoing plot around Claire St. Thomas are marked with: A Murder of Angels. Just because a log's not marked doesn't mean it's not related; the logs that are tagged generally have significant information or input from Seravina's player.

February 1: "My wings've always been black." A Murder of Angels. Kitty's home from the hospital, and a scarred and hesitant Liam comes to see her, and offer apologies. Many apologies.

February 2: "The bad stuff is never easy to fix." (First part.) A Murder of Angels. A steadily more exhausted Kess stops by the Pryde and Wisdom household, to discuss the current situation.
"I... guess it'll be like being twenty-two. Just hopefully with less angels running around." (Second part.) Conversation drifts to more mundane topics - like work, and the upcoming holiday and birthdays. Mild language.

February 3: "They don't want to see the beauty? THEY WON'T HAVE TO." (First part.) A Murder of Angels. A winter night in the Badlands, and with the scent of roses, the angels gather. All her angels. Black wings, white wings, Liam's changing iridescence. Kess and the Host and humans as well: Celliers, Constantine, Seishi, Timothy. The black-wings are making their final assault. And this time, perhaps, Sera isn't quite dreaming. Violence, some gore, mild language.
"It all has to go somewhere. The bad." (Second part.) A Murder of Angels. Kitty joins the fray late, as one by one, the black-winged angels are changed to white, and Seravina arrives on the scene. But it isn't quite over yet: there's one last set of wings, and one last prophecy to be fulfilled. The poppies. Violence, explicit injury, gore, mild language.
"You know, if you really do want to be loved, not eviscerating people for fun would be a good start." (Third part.) A Murder of Angels. And one last question: the fate of the fetch. And perhaps of everyone else - but then again, perhaps not. Depending on whether it's real enough. Violence, gore, mild language.

February 4: "What happened? With the-- harpy, and things?" The morning after, Kess calls Kitty to make sure everything turned out all right. (This log is follow-up to A Murder of Angels.)

February 5: "We're both still kicking. Some of us more literally than others." (First part.) Kess and Kitty stop by Caritas to look in on Lorne - and, incidentally, Liam. There's a bit of tension. (This log is follow-up to A Murder of Angels.) Mild language.
"Is it truly all over?" "... everyone is asking that." (Second part.) And then Jack Celliers joins the party, and there's quite a bit more tension. (This log is follow-up to A Murder of Angels.) Mild language.

February 15: "You don't want to threaten him." Kitty finally shows her face again, dropping by Liam's apartment with a load of firewood - and the little angel already has visitors, who are not happy to see her. At all. At least she helps clean up the blood. Violence, injury, gore, strong language.

February 16: Interlude. Kitty's real birthday present to Pete: not telling anyone else they know when exactly his birthday is. But there's one more revisitation of May's dreamscape that he feels the need to make. Mild sexual overtones, ridiculous sappiness.

February 17: Interlude, still looking for file: Pete discusses with Kitty the anomalies in her behavior the last few days.

February 18: "The world's the same place it always was, the same injustices, the same cruelties. But you don't care anymore." At Pete's urging, Kitty consults with the Host. What he tells her is not what she was expecting.

February 20: "Please buckle your safety belts." Kitty and Piotr provide some assistance with a major accident by Casmus Docks.

February 22: "I may need some sort of signed promise from Pete, though, that if anythin' happens in my presence he won't immediately kill me." Kitty visits with Liam, and the two of them come to something of an agreement - even if relations between them are still somewhat strained by recent events.

March 15: "If this goes on much longer I guess he'll kill me." After nearly a month of a quiet life, Kitty receives a phone call from Lindsey; he badly needs a listening ear. Domestic abuse.