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Eotl MUDD Guide

Last Updated: 09/13/01

I have been playing on Eotl for quite a while now, and yet I still sometimes have
a hard time remembering the dirs to everything and/or anything. So I composed my
own website on it, containing these dirs. If you play on Eotl and found
this site, feel free to use it. It is more intended for the use of newbies, as well.

All dirs are from lounge, unless otherwise specified!

Shops and Services

Hope this is helpful to anyone who uses it. If you have a problem with this site, or if you
have dirs you want to see posted here, write it in the guest book. Please include exact dirs
(i.e. NO all e, all s, ect.), mainly cause it's just a pain in my ass to go and look up the exact dirs myself.

BONUS: Zmud Setup File
Ok, I remade the setup file again. I took some things off, so you can
customize it yourself. It just contains the bare minimum of what
it did before. This is the last time I'm doing it.
The Setup file works on Zmud v3.62 and above. Download locations vary
depending on your version of Zmud. Insert file with the rest of your .mud files.

Setup File

The Guestbook Is Down!,
I've taken the guest book down atm. The server I got
it from sucked, I'm in the process of getting a new one.