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Eotl: Quests

I'm finally starting up the quests portion of this site. As I get more exact
quest dirs, I'll them here. Here's what I have so far that I do have exact dirs for. More on the way.

Luger Quest
10,000 Exp

d, w, s, w, n, get duc food

Riddler's Quest
15,000 Exp

d, 11w, n, w, n, say the answer is shadow,
say the answer is wind, w, say the answer is glove

Pip's Cheese Balls
100,000 Exp

Gotta find him! He wanders around, so he could be just about
anywhere across the mud, so good luck. When you do, just kick back
and listen to his boring and annoying story, cause he'll
follow you around ANYWHERE you go until he is either
killed or finishes the story, whichever comes first.

Black Throated Wind Quest
Exp based on CHR

req:50 mana, 50 coins
d, 3e, n, 3e, s, buy cube,ingest cube,(wait til at toad),
n, w, 5n, 2e, 5n, 3e, nap(til asked to see wise man), y,
2d, enter, w,say riddle
[answers are: sponge, fire, carpet, cat, frog, or river]
2e, out, 2climb,leave, w, s, e, 11s, sw, se,
say zoom, s, w, search, kill skeleton, get paper from corpse,
w, n, 2ne, 5n, 4e, 4s, 2w, 7s, gash, w,, read book, give paper to cat,
2n, 2u, drive sleigh, e, 9n, 2e, unlock safe, put tape in player,
close player, 2w, 6s, give player to sugar, 2s, gash,
give 50 coins to seuss, out

Eagle Quest
2,000,000 Exp

d, 5n, cross, 3n, se, 2e, touch scarecrow, 3e, ne, 8n, 2w, 3s,
e, 2s, e, d, 2e, kill dragon, remove claw, 2w, u, w, 2n, w, 4n, 6w,
present claw, 8e, 3n, raise staff, 2n, d, e, d, kill bird(x2),
n, w, n, u, w, n, u, n, kill guard, n, kill nightbird, pluck feather,
2s, d, s, e, d, s, e, s, u, w, u, 2s, leap, climb, 3s,
8e, present feather, e, n, kill knight, get amulet(x2), s, touch,
get key, e, u, free eagle

Aphrodite's Eyes
???? Exp

d, 3n, 3e, n, (wait for whirlpool to form)swim, n, take gear, gear,
3n, enter, 4n, d, 2n, 5e, kill droul, get key from corpse(x2),
d, say follow me, u, w, s, smash case, 3n, kill flounder, n,
kill flounder(x2), n, kill flounder(x3), n, kill flounder(x4), n,
kill flounder(x5), n, search, get key, n, d, get gem, u, 8s,
4w, 2s, u, 4s, out, 5s, 2sw, 2se, n, place gems in statues, 2nw,
2ne, 5n, enter, d, say there's no place like atlantis

Dragon Quest
Exp: 3,000,000

req: Eval 50
Dirs were off, will repost when corrected.

Snipe Quest
Submitted by: Jade
d, w, s, read book, e, cross bridge, 2e, n, 2w, n, w, d, n, w, n,
get gum, s, e, s, u, e, s, 2e, n, all up, climb tree, wait until you ride the sprocket, when there is an up exit go up,
give gum monster, d, ride sprocket again until down exit, all d, 2s, all e, d, 2s,w,crawl hole, 2w, 2n, ne, turn key until device begins moving, ne, e, ride car, all e, n, get cage, beam up, d, w, s, read book, e, cross bridge, wind spider until it starts following you, make sure cage is open, wander around until you find a Snipe, the spider will wrap it up, get cocoon, put cocoon in cage, close cage, from entrance to gnomeland, 4e, se, sw, 2s, give cage princess.

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