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Eotl: Item Dirs

Custard/Cream Pies
d, 3w, 9s, 3w, s, w

Purple Chalice
d, e, swim, 4w, 4s, 4e, ne, se, 2e

d, (find door in E.C.) open door, 2s, 2e, 2s, w

Dwarven Axe
d, 5w, 2d, 5n, pay guard, 3n, e, n, e, n, 2e, d, w,
kill guard, s, kill guards, s, open drawer, unlock chest

Black Steel Blade
6d, s, crawl crack, climb wall, kill Kr'vok

Black Steel Blade #2
d, 3n, enter grating, 2s, 4e, s, get module from box,
3s, w, 2d, 4w, 2n, e, decode, enter 616, e, kill xtinch

Black Steel Blade #3
d, 3n, enter grating, 7s, push wall, w, n, pull lever, s, 2e, d, 2e, n, kill raitlu

Ivy Ring
(from Clerists)4n, u, kill Tanis

Glowing Bracers
(in Clerists Basement) kill Captain

Plain Steel Ring
d, 5n, cross, 3n, se, se, 2e, touch scarecrow,
3e, ne, 8n, 6w, s, kill Walm

Death Chat
Has to be nighttime!
d, e, swim, 2n, w, 2n, 5e, s, wish on star,
3w, nw, d, 4n, 2w, n, nw, ne, nw, put 6 coins on dish

Kill Tanis in Clerists

Demon Blade
Finish Demon Quest

Silvery Longsword
(no exact dirs yet)

Mysterious Cloak
(from namek tower) 4s, w, kill bouncer

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