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Eotl: Shop/Service Dirs

Here are some different shops to sell to other than the same old boring one's
you're probably used to going to.

Javier's(weapon forging)
d, 2e, 2s, 6e, 2u, place (hands, paws, ect.),
say kill, s, w, 4n, 3w, nw

Josh's(temper armor)
(from Chaos City) 2w, s, e

Gypsy Tent
d, 5w, 2d, 2n, enter

Xmen Shop
d, s, xmen, 3n

Fighters Shop
(from Fighters Guild) s

Crimson City
d, w, s, read book, 6s, w, n

Harold's Shop
d, 5w, 9s, d, s, d, e, 4s, 2e, n

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