Wrong Way

Wrong Way

Wrong Way

TITLE: Wrong Way
AUTHOR: Clockstopper
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
DISTRIBUTION: Currently playing on FanFiction. Net. You want just ask! Tell me where my baby's going though.
DISCLAIMER: The Characters in this story are not mine. I wish they were, but they aren't. They belong to Joss and Co. I do own the situation I put them in though. It's MY PLOT. You think if I did own these characters I'd have signed on for the cheap free homepage? Don't sue me I have nothing of value but this, my computer and a few Buffy posters.
SPOILERS: None this is taking you all the way to the begin, well the second season, but it totally disregards anything you might have learned in the first season
SUMMARY: The result of Spike/Xander fan fiction and Sublime's Wrong Way on repeat. Spike and Xander meet sometimes before the parent teacher thing and start a friendship/relationship. If you've heard the song you know how it goes. If you haven't then this is the thing: Xander's a whore to vampires and Spike�s the broken big bad looking for a little blood. Spike wants to save Xander, but not go against everything he is. Can he do it?

Chapter 8:

Xander and Spike walked into the fanciest hotel in Sunnydale. It was opulent looking with cream walls and crystal chandeliers. It was the kind of place where Sunnydale's elite, yes Sunnydale did have elite despite its one Starbucks status, would spend a night at. It was expensive.

"Spike can you afford this. Forget afford it… should we even be here. I mean we don't exactly fit in here." Xander said once again looking at his baggy clothes and Spike's street punk attire.

"Who gives a shit if we don't belong here? Money can buy you anything Xander, anything your little beating heart desires. Throw money at humans and watch 'em jump threw hoops. Sometimes it can be hilarious." Spike said.

"Yeah I guess you're right. I just don't want to reenact Pretty Woman." Xander said.

"Huh?" Spike said looking confused.

"Never mind. Pop culture reference that is obviously over your head." Xander said as they continued their walk to the front desk.

"Would you stop fidgeting?" Spike said.

"Sorry I'm just... nervous." Xander said not completely sure what he was nervous about.

Was it because he knew he didn't belong in such a fancy hotel? Was it the sex they would undoubtedly be having once they got a room? Well that was new. Xander had been having sex since he was sixteen and it wasn't all that new to him. He'd just close his eye and wish for it to be over. But this... this was somehow... different. Xander wanted this.

He wanted to be with Spike that way and he wanted to have just one good sex experience in his life. Not to sound too much like a girl, but wasn't that was sex was really supposed to be. You were supposed have sex with someone you cared about. That made your heart skip and beat so you could here it in your ears.

That somehow made your blood boil and for no apparent reason you had to be close to them. You had to be near to that person and everything was screaming for the slightest touch or look or whisper. Wasn't that what it was supposed to be like?

Of course Xander had no idea where that information was coming from. Probably some movie he had seen countless times on television. He had certainly never felt that feeling before. But here with Spike, their hands close but just brushing against each other and his heart racing in his chest he knew why he was nervous.

He really cared about Spike despite years of self-conditioning that said everybody in the world sucked. He could talk to Spike and he knew Spike was listening because of the comments he made. He could be with Spike and suddenly things were very calm and loud at the same time. It wasn't like anything Xander had ever felt before and he was afraid of doing something that would screw it all up.

Xander wasn't a confident person despite his outer persona. Spike was right. He wasn't like that bitter front he put up, but that was something he kept hidden from everyone. The truth was he was battling with insecurities and abandoned issues. It was just easier to put up the bitter front because after awhile things got harder and it was just too painful to keep up the goofy slacker front.

Comic relief was good, but it was just... it was just so hard after everything he had seen and done to crack a joke. So instead he opted for the bitter loner front because it was easier and he didn't have to deal with people looking down at him or turning their noses up at him. He didn't have to answer to anyone but himself and that just made life easier.

Spike, well Spike seemed confident as well, but Xander knew better. He could see it in Spike's eyes. That look of loss. Like he didn't know where he was or how to stop himself from drowning. Everything about Spike screamed 'Big Badass Vampire so back off', but Xander could see different.

Maybe that was why he was drawn to Spike. They were two incredibly messed up people trying to find something in the crazy world they were apart of. But despite the fact that they were basically on the same level emotionally, Xander still felt Spike was higher up. Spike was a vampire. A Master Vampire who could do anyone he wanted and have anyone he wanted.

It wasn't just his Master Vampire status either. Spike... well to say Spike was easy on the eyes was an understatement. Spike was gorgeous almost to the point where Xander didn't believe he was real. Despite being a vampire Spike was so kind and caring and Xander had been suspicious at first but it was like Spike's ability to see through walls had rubbed off on him only Spike wasn't putting up any walls. It was all out in the open for Xander to see.

"Xander, you don't have to do this. I can drive you home to your dingy little apartment and maybe I'll see you tomorrow... no fuck that I'll see you tomorrow, but I am serious about taking you.. home. It's up to you pet." Spike said not wanting to push Xander into something he wasn't ready for.

Sure he wanted nothing more then rush Xander up to a room and have his way with him, but Spike wouldn't take it a step further if Xander had doubts.

"It's not that I'm doubting or anything. I very much wanna do this. It's retarded, but... I don't know I'm just nervous which is ridiculous because hello I do this for a living... this is different somehow. It's... I actually want this and that's... the first time... well you can imagine I didn't want it and basically closed my eyes and counted until it was over. This is different... this is... special?... great now I sound like a girl." Xander said trying to hide his face.

"Shhh, it's okay. I hope its different then all those other times. I certainly wouldn't be doing this if you didn't want to." Spike said reassuringly.

He wasn't sure what Xander meant by special, but he hoped to make it special.

"You're mind boggling you know that. Every vampire I've met... well they aren't like you." Xander said.

"Yeah I'm different." Spike said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

"No, you really are different." Xander said smiling slightly at Spike.

Spike grabbed Xander's hand and entwined it in his own. He gently squeezed on it and then smiled back at Xander. They walked over to the front desk where a balding man with a pointy nose sat working. Spike talked to the man and at first the man clearly though Spike was some kind of hoodlum and Xander was his hoodlum friend.

He held his chin up at them as he searched through his computer looking for an empty room. When he said there weren't any available in a condescending tone that made Xander cringe Spike whipped out some cash.

At first the man thought Spike's money was drug related, but then Spike went into a long elaborate story, in a strangely more crisp and cultured accent, about how he and Xander were here on vacation and were really pressed for a place to stay.

He threw in that his parents were very well respected in England and were very independently wealthy and would be very upset to learn that there son and his 'friend' were shunned by such low class people. The man fumbled over his words as he handed Spike the key to a very expensive suite for which Spike paid for in full.

The guy looked at the money and was practically salivating. He asked if Spike needed any help with his luggage and Spike said no and proceeded to shove Xander into the direction of the elevator.

"Where did you learn how to do that? That guy was ready to kick us out and you just... wowed him." Xander said when he and Spike were in the elevator.

Spike pressed a button and then looked at Xander.

"Well, you know I was a human once. Pretty poofy one at that." Spike said.

"Your accent... it changed. It was more... well it was more like my school librarian's. Kind of stuffy and upper class sounding." Xander said.

"Yeah well I wasn't exactly born with this accent, but you pick up on things and besides... that accent doesn't strike fear in anyone's heart." Spike said.

"Well I guess you're right there. Still handy to have around for situations like this." Xander said.

Spike shook his head and they were silent for the rest of the elevator ride. When the elevator stopped on the requested floor Spike shuffled Xander out of the elevator and into the long hallway to their room.

Spike used the key to open the door and shoved Xander inside before any bellhops could come and ask them if they needed anything. The minute Xander stepped inside the fancy hotel room he knew that he would probably never step into something as elegant and opulent looking again in his life.

The room is huge. It was colored in basic creams and tans. It looked like something you see featured on t.v. for it's elegance and beauty. Xander hadn't even been aware that there was such a place in Sunnydale.

"It's... nice." Xander said still looking on in awe.

"Yeah it's a pretty classy place. Definitely not something you think you'd find in a place like Sunnydale." Spike said.

"I was thinking that same thing. And I've lived here all of my life. Never really been any place else and still I didn't know this place was here. I mean I knew there were rich people that lived in Sunnydale. I go to school with some of their kids, but... I never thought I'd stay in a place like this."

"You deserve this Xander. This and so much more. The life you have... you're better then that." Spike said. Xander sighed. He closed his eyes and plopped down on the plush cream colored couch.

Spike stood some feet away from him. Xander's hands had come to his face and he was rubbing his eyes profusely. Xander wasn't sure what to say. Some times he felt like he did deserve the life he was leading. Like he had done something wrong in a past life or he was paying for whatever evil things his parents did.

Sins of the father and whatnot. Spike thought he deserve more then that though. In the few times that he and Spike had met he had always felt like his life wasn't his. Like he was just another person taking in some companionship with another person. Spike always made him feel normal and often times precious.

"Some times I don't think so. What I'm doing is wrong and I know it, but instead of stopping it I'm just letting it happen. I'm just letting the creatures of the night steal away my soul. I've seen some people. Most of the older ones.. they rely on drugs to get them through the minutes because without it they'd have to think about their lives and they'd probably want to kill themselves. I don't want to be one of those people, but what else do I have?" Xander asked looking up at Spike with pleading eyes.

Spike walked over to Xander and knelled in between his knees he cupped Xander's face in his hands and lifted up his chin.

"Hey look at me." Spike said.

Xander opened his eyes and looked down at Spike.

"None of that matters. You're not going to end up like that. You're too special for that, you hear me. I'm not going to let you end up like that." Spike said conviction ringing through in his voice.

"You won't be enough. There are people... Joe's always talking about his bosses. How they control everything. Why would you care enough about me to risk all that?" Xander asked.

"I think the better question, pet is why wouldn't I care that much about you. You're perfect, Xander. Everything about you is perfect to me." Spike said.

"I don't get it." Xander whispered.

"Don't get what, pet?"

"I always thought that vampires would be... I don't know like I see them on t.v. Not caring about anyone or anything. I've met a lot of vampires in my time. Most are like that, but there are some that are actually decent."

"I fit in that category?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, I think you do. Of course this could all just be a game, but... I don't think it is." Xander said.

"Honestly, luv, it's not. The minute I walked into your little apartment I knew. I knew you were different somehow and for the first time in a long time I felt... I didn't feel in total despair." Spike said honestly. Even if he wanted to stop the words he couldn't they just kept coming. Xander seemed to have that effect on him.

"You felt that way just by meeting me." Xander asked in a questioning tone that was light. Spike could tell that he was trying to take away from the tension, but Spike wasn't having any of that.

"Yeah I did. I don' know why. I just could tell you were different. Special."Spike said.

“You know if your saying all this just to get into my pants…”

"ey now I' trying to be romantic and poofy here and all your doing is poking fun."Spike said with a little indignation in his voice.

"orry, its my thing. Comic relief. When I get really nervous I tend to babble on about nothing in particular. Making jokes is easier then just letting the tension get to me. Helps me deal because like I said this time it's...different." Xander said.

"Like I said pet, we don't have to do anything you don't want to do," Spike said.

"But, we do have this nice place and that big bed in there. Be a shame to waste it." Spike said looking up at Xander with unrestrained lust in his eyes.

Xander gulped. He had seen that look in people's eyes before. That look of hunger that was totally predator, but with Spike it was different. Xander knew that if he didn't want to take it any further Spike wouldn't push. He didn't have that luxury with his 'clients'.

"Yeah a real shame." Xander said as he leaned in and captured Spike's lips with his own.

Xander's body hummed just at the feel of Spike's lips on his. The fire in his stomach started to burn again and his skin tingled. Though Xander had started the kiss Spike was quickly dominating it and Xander was okay with that. As long as Spike was kissing him Xander would let the vampire lead him anywhere even hell it seemed.

They broke apart only long enough to stand and then they were kissing again. Spike maneuvered them so he was pushing Xander back towards the bed. They had lost a few pieces of clothing on their journey from the front room to the bed. When they reached the bed, Xander laid down on it. He bent his finger in a come here motion and Spike reacted instantly by laying on top of Xander resting perfectly between Xander’s opened legs. Spike lifted himself up on his arms to look at Xander's face.

"Last chance out of this, pet. Your call." Spike said hoping that Xander didn't want to stop.

"I feel safe with you." Xander whispered.

"Sure you want to be putting some much trust into a cold blooded killer. Might not bode well for you in the end." Spike said a slight hint of concern in his voice.

"I trust you Spike." Xander said and prepared himself for what was to happen next.

Spike knelt down and captured Xander's lips in a sweet kiss. Xander's hands gripped on to Spike's arms and he pulled Spike closer to him. The kiss escalated into something stronger, something more demanding. Tongues came into play and Xander was quick to open his mouth letting Spike explore the ever crevice of his mouth. Everyone once in awhile Xander would nip lightly at Spike's lower lip careful to not make it painful.

Xander felt Spike's hands begin to caress his body. His shirt was scrunched up and Xander took the hint. Spike wanted the clothes off and as fast as they could come off. Xander stood up a bit allowing Spike to slip the shirt of with ease.

From there Spike began to trail wet sloppy open mouthed kiss from Xander's neck all the way down to his stomach. Xander loved how gentle Spike was being. Not a hint of anything demanding or controlling.

Xander could feel himself getting harder and harder as Spike continued his trail of kisses. It was a different feeling. He never got this way with anyone else. Spike would kiss a certain spot and then lick at it just for good measure. He stopped at Xander's nipples to play with them just a bit rolling them between his thumb and index finger or just lapping at them till they were hard and dusky.

Spike spent time licking his belly button and doing the most suggestive things with his tongue all the while Xander's head thrashed and small moans escaped from the back of his throat. Spike let his hands caress over the noticeable bulge in Xander's pants and Xander let in a sharp gasp of air. Spike knew just what to do to drive him wild.

"Lift up your hips, luv." Spike said in that husky voice that drove Xander crazy.

Xander complied quickly and lifted his hips up enough for Spike to slide off his pants. Spiked looked at Xander's cock and licked his lips. Xander moaned when he saw that pink tongue, the one that seemed to know just how to drive him crazy with want, lick Spike"s kiss swollen lips.

"You're beautiful... you know that. Everything about you... beautiful." Spike whispered in an almost reverent tone.

Spike couldn't believe how unbelievably lucky he was. Here he was with Xander in a grand hotel room with Xander spread out for him like a feast. His eyes were half way closed and heavy lidded. His breath was coming in harsh pants. His skin was deliciously flushed and his hair was unruly placed in odd angles from Spike's hands. Spike had never seen anything more beautiful.

He looked around in the drawers for something. In their haste to get to a hotel they had forgotten to bring the proper stuff for a meeting like this.

"Bloody hell, I don't have anything." Spike said.

"Anything what?" Xander said in a throaty voice.


"Oh, um, how about the bathrooms. There's gotta be some sort of lotion or something in there." Xander said his tone almost desperate.

"Maybe we should wait."

"NO!" Spike looked down at Xander with a questioning stare.

"I mean... I'm in the moment. I wanna... I need... you can't just leave me like this." Xander said in a desperate tone.

"There are other things I can do..."

"But it want be the same... please... check my pockets I... um... I might." Spike placed a finger over Xander's lips to quiet him. He picked up Xander's pants. Sure enough among all the useless crap piled up in the many pockets there was a tube of lubricant.

"Remember what I said about this life... you ain't got nothing to be ashamed of Xander. You're special." Spike said.

"You're the only one who seems to see it.”

"Well then everyone else is a bloody idiot. That whole business at the hotel, it may be who you are, but it's not who you are with me... who you are really. You don't have to feel dirty." Spike said quietly.

"But I do. I feel dirty all the time. I can't help it, but with you... but with you it's different. With you I feel like all that... dirtiness just washes away. I need it to wash away, Spike." Xander said looking up at Spike with desperation and need in his eyes.

Spike couldn't resist the lost look. He more than anything wanted to give Xander what he so obviously deserved. A normal life.

But Spike could never give Xander a normal life. He could only give him a life in shadows like himself. Spike had a theory that Xander looked really good in sunlight. Spike couldn't give Xander the sunlight, but there was one thing Spike could give Xander.

What it was, Spike wasn' sure. He didn' think Xander knew either, but this moment for this moment in time things seemed very perfect. He didn' need another word of encouragement as he opened the cap to the tube and spread some on his fingers. Spike knew he wouldn' have to be overly gentle or cautious, but he felt the need to be.

He slowly and carefully inserted his slick finger into Xander's opening stopping when he felt the slightest twinge of muscle or noise of pain. Xander, for his part, had his eyes closed and was enjoying the feel of being with Spike like this. It had never been like this before. Sex was something of a job, but now, with Spike, sex was something more. Sex was something different.

After Spike was sure that Xander was used to one finger he slicked up another one and joined it with the first. Xander let out a slight moan of pleasure as Spike's fingers brushed against something inside of him he wasn't aware was there.

"What was that?" Xander said in an awe struck tone.

"No one's ever touched you there before?"

"Um, no, not really. I mean they have but they didn't really... they pay for their pleasure not mine."

"Well their loss." Spike said finally realizing how innocent Xander was. Sure the kid was technical a prostitute for vampires, but he had a lot to learn when it came to the good parts of sex.

"Shhh, it'll only get better." Spike said.

Xander gulped and nodded. Spike continued to stretch Xander, fingers touching his prostate every once in awhile just because he liked to here Xander sharp intake of breath, until he was totally convinced that Xander was ready.

Spike slicked up his cock and positioned it at Xander's entrance. Xander gasped at the feel.

"Are you ready?" Spike asked.

"Yes... please Spike I need... I want... please." Spike taking that as an invitation lifted up Xander's legs to allow better access and held his knees legs apart.

It took all his restraint not to thrust into Xander's hot tight hole fast and hard. He thrust in slowly, inch by inch, trying to show Xander how sex should feel. How it could feel exhilarating and not dirty. It took what felt like hours before Spike was fully encased in Xander's hot hole. Spike took a deep unneeded breath.

It had been a long time since he had fucked a human and Xander felt extra hot and extra tight. He looked down at Xander's faced. His eyes were closed and he was panting.

"Open your eyes." Spike leaned down and whispered in his ear.

Xander's eyes slowly opened the pupil dilated to the point were his eyes looked almost black. It was a look of longing and a look of need and want and desire.

It was lust. Xander lifted his head up a bit and leaned in to kiss Spike who happily obliged. The kiss was wet and sloppy, but still good. Not fast and frustrated and full of need, but rather slow and sensual a promise of passion and desire to come. When the kiss ended, Spike felt rather then heard Xander's request for movement. Xander had wrapped his legs tightly around Spike's waist and pulled him closer.

"Do you want this... do you want me?" Spike whispered into Xander's mouth.

"Yes." Xander answered truthfully.

Spike swallowed again and moved out of Xander almost all the way until only the head of his cock was still inside of Xander before pushing back in. He could hear Xander's cries and moans and grunts of pleasure. It was like music to Spike's ears and he pushed thrust in faster changing his angle until he heard Xander scream in sheer ecstasy. Xander bit into Spike's shoulder as the feeling washed over him liked a tidal wave.

Zings of pleasure shot throughout his body and he saw shockingly bright white light through his eyes. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. His hands scratched lightly along Spike's back, but Spike continued to thrust into him slow and sure thrusts that hit his prostate straight on.

"I never... I didn't know... so good. Feels so good." Xander murmured.

"Yeah it does. Fuck, it feels good... so hot and tight and... perfect." Spike murmured back.

"Spike, please... faster... please I... I need... more." Xander gasped.

Spike obliged and began to quicken his tempo all the while staying at that angle to hit Xander's sweet spot over and over again. Soon Xander was thrusting his hips back as Spike thrust forward. Spike grasped Xander's cock, which was so hard he was surprised the Xander hadn't blown his wade already. He began to stroke it in time with his thrusting.

Xander felt Spike grasping his cock and felt that talented hand bringing him closer and closer to the edge. His mouth was open and he was panting and moaning and babbling about nothing and soon he was coming and it was hard. Steady streams of cum splattered onto Spike's hand and Xander's stomach.

It didn't take long after Xander's orgasm for Spike to get off as well. A few more well place thrusts and with the help of Xander's contracting muscles, Spike was spurting lukewarm cum into Xander's quivering hole. They laid like that with Spike on top of Xander, his head in the crook of Xander’s neck both breathing heavily despite Spike's lack of need to breath. They absorbed the steady aftershocks of post cotial bliss and relished in each others company.

"Thank you." Xander whispered into Spike's ear.

"No, pet, thank you." Spike said placing a sweet kiss on Xander's mouth. Xander smiled.

"That was amazing. Of course I don't really have much to compare it to, but still." Xander said smile still firmly attached to his face.

"Yeah it was bloody amazing." Spike said.

"What time is it?" Xander asked.

"Almost one thirty."

"Crap, I should sleep. I have school tomorrow."

"I couldn't persuade you to stay here with me all day." Spike said seductively as he raised himself up on his hands. He looked down at Xander with a leer.

I think that you probably could get me to do a lot of things with those looks of yours. I really like school though… okay I don't really like it, but there will be questions. I'd rather everyone know that I'm alive and somewhat healthy… even if they don't really care." Xander said.

"I guess it's best not to draw suspicion. You'll come over after?" Spike asked his finger running along Xander's forearm.

"Of course. I have the weekend off. I really don't want to go back to the hotel until I know that Joe's had time to cool down. Either that or I'm a coward."

"Or you like spending time with me."

"Well, that's undisputed. I'll go and come back. You'll be asleep all day anyway... I'm sleepy." Xander said.

Spike rolled off to the side of Xander. When he was situated he pulled Xander close and Xander snuggled close to him. Xander placed his face into the crook of Spike’s neck their legs entwining and Spike's arms wrapping protectively around Xander.

"Good sex makes you sleep." Spike said.

"Well then no wonder I'm pooped. I wonder if they have a wake up service. I don't exactly think I'll get up without help tomorrow." Xander said with his eyes closed.

"I'll wake you up." Spike said.

"Will you be able to get up?"

"I probably won't sleep."

"Does that mean it wasn't good sex for you?"

"Xander, you know it was excellent. I just... I have a different sleeping schedule than you." Spike said not wanting to acknowledge the fact that he was a vampire.

"Oh, right, well wake me up then. I don't want to get to school late." Xander said.

It took mere seconds before he was asleep. Spike listened to the soft snores as he watched this precious gift sleep all bundled in his arms. He was a lucky vampire.

Chapter 9

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