Wrong Way

Wrong Way

Wrong Way

TITLE: Wrong Way
AUTHOR: Clockstopper
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
DISTRIBUTION: Currently playing on FanFiction. Net. You want just ask! Tell me where my baby's going though.
DISCLAIMER: Okay I don't own these characters. If I did there would have been some very tasteful threesomes between a certain bleached blonde vampire, a broody vampire and a smart mouthed glorified bricklayer.
SPOILERS: None this is taking you all the way to the begin, well the second season, but it totally disregards anything you might have learned in the first season
SUMMARY: The result of Spike/Xander fan fiction and Sublime�s Wrong Way on repeat. Spike and Xander meet sometimes before the parent teacher thing and start a friendship/relationship. If you�ve heard the song you know how it goes. If you haven�t then this is the thing: Xander�s a whore to vampires and Spike�s the broken big bad looking for a little blood. Spike wants to save Xander, but not go against everything he is. Can he do it?

Chapter 9:

Spike looked over at the clock on the bedside table. It was almost seven thirty. He wasnt exactly sure what time Xander had school, but he guessed it would be around there somewhere. He was loath to wake the boy up. Xander was all warm and snuggled against his side.

He had slept through the night making only the occasional gurgle noises that humans sometimes make in the night. He had only had about six hours of sleep, but Spike figured that was the norm for him.

Xander, pet, you have to wake up. Spike said. Xander moaned in his sleep and stretched a bit.

Come on, I think you need to get to school soon. Spike said. Xanders eyes fluttered open and he yawned. What time is it? He asked in a sleepy voice.

Almost seven thirty. Spike answered.

Shit, Im going to be late. Were half way across town. I dont know the buses over here. Xander said.

Can you drive? Spike asked.

Um, yeah. Joe taught me in his car when I turned sixteen. Why?

You can take my car. I know the windows are blacked out and all, but you can still see. Itll get you there quickly.

Youd let me burrow your car. Without ever seeing me drive before. Xander asked questioningly.

Its just a car. Aint even really my car. Sort of stole it. Spike said.

Oh, right, well I could really use it. I mean I think Im already going to miss my first period. Xander said.

Then its yours.

Ill bring it back to you when I came here after school.

I know you will Xander. Im not worried.

Okay, well, I have to get dressed. Its going to look a little weird coming in wearing the same clothes. I dont even know how Im going to explain this. Buffy might start sniffing around.

Whos Buffy and why are you worried about her.

Well shes the Slayer. I think you know what a Slayer is. Xander said.

You go to school with the Slayer the Slayer goes to school? Spike asked.

I guess they were different a long time ago. She goes to school with me. Shes even in my grade. I had friends. Well I tried keeping them you know after the whole living as a vampire prostitute thing. I was only fourteen so our friendship stayed strong. They just thought that Uncle Joe was strict. When Buffy came into the picture I was already starting to you know with vampires. I just Joe said it would be best if I stayed away from them. For my own safety. Or at the very least stay away from the Slayer. Well turns out Jesse and Willow were very gung ho about killing vampires, so I lost them as friends. Xander said as he pulled on his clothes. Spike nodded. Xander really didnt have anything that resembled a normal life.

What are you going to tell her? Spike asked. I guess Ill tell her a I found an opening and ran. I mean anyone would run with crazy psycho guys holding up the school. I just hope she buys it.

The truth might be a little hard for her to come up with on her own.

Yeah, youre right. I mean who would think that vampire brothels existed.

Xander, how did you get as far as you got? I mean you were just wandering around. If the Slayer was there I would think she rounded you all up and stuck you someplace safe. Spike asked.

Oh, right, um well there was a vampire war a few years back and a few of the choice workers were killed. Joes bosses decided to give a few of these pendant things out so that the vampires know not to mess with us. I just flashed it in front of their faces and they let me out. In fact I dont think anyone would have said anything if it hadnt been for that one vampire Xander stopped.

Hes dust. Spike said.

I know. Still doesnt I mean theyve attacked me before. Vampires that is. It was different this time. Xander said.

He was fully clothed now. He looked over at Spike who was lying on the bed his right arm tucked behind his head. He was looking at Xander with concern and worry. He looked as though he cared. And Xander knew deep down he did. Xander leaned over and placed a small kiss on Spikes lips.

Ill be back by three. He said getting up from the bed.

The keys are in my duster. Spike called to him. Xander picked up Spikes duster and pulled out the keys. He shook them at Spike and walked out the door.

Dont crash!

So this blonde guy he helped out? Buffy asked in a confused tone.

Precisely, although I think he was just Im not entirely sure why he was here. He took out what looked like revenge on one of the vampires and then left with someone. It was dark so I couldnt see who he left with, but it appeared that the vampire beat up someone close to this mysterious blonde man and then he got well he got angry. Giles said.

But he was tough enough to take out his anger on the vampire. Hold his own. I mean if theres someone out there with the ability to kick vamp butt shouldnt we be sending a fruit basket. Buffy said.

Well we dont exactly know where he is. There is such a thing as rogue demon hunters. The few that the Council has encountered have been averse to working with the Slayer. They usually do it because a vampire killed someone in their family. Giles said.

So its a vengeance gig. Why come here to Sunnydale where people are always dying? Buffy asked.

Vengeance knows no bounds. Perhaps they were tracking a vampire here.

Why do you say they?

Because there was two people. Who knows what were dealing with. Giles said.

Buffy hadnt really had much time to think about it. Last nights attack had offered her a few weeks before she was in trouble with her mom. Of course Buffy had to listen to her mother worry about her friend Xander. Buffy hadnt seen Xander while she was patrolling the school though she was rather busy trying to keep the vampires at bay.

When she went to check on her mother and the rest of the people hold up in an empty classroom her mother had been hysterical saying that Xander had just gone outside with the vampires. Buffy had looked through the halls looking for him, but she hadnt seen him. When news had gotten to Jesse and Willow they had panicked.

I just would like to know what Im dealing with for once. Buffy said.

And we will. We just need some time to formulate a

Hes still not here! I cant believe hes not here! Willow screeched as she walked into the library Jesse at here heels.

Still no Xander huh? Buffy asked.

Nope, he hasnt been to class yet. Although school just started a little while ago. He may show up. Jesse said optimistically.

What if he was taken in by some mean vampires? What if theyre eating him right now? Willow said in a panicked tone.

Calm down, Wills. Theres no reason to give yourself a heart attack. Buffy said.

Hes our friend, Buffy. If hes dead Willow trailed off and sniffed.

Hes not dead. Well save him. Jesse said.

Buffy nodded. She didnt want to say it, but there was a very distinct possibility that Xander was dead. She had dealt with enough vampires to know that the chances were high. She didnt know Xander well, but she didnt want him dead. She could see the look of worry in her friends faces and knew she had had a hand it putting it there. She had put them in danger. She put a lot of people in danger.

Jesses right. Were gonna get him back and then Im going to kick some vampire ass. Buffy said strongly. She didnt need to see Giless questioning look to know it was there.

Youre late Mr. Harris. Mr. Hodge said as Xander walked into his fourth period class late.

He didnt bother to look at Jesse and Willow. He just walked straight to his seat and put his head down. He had decided to quickly make a stop at the hotel to pick up some clothes. He made a quick entrance and a quick exit and didnt see Joe once.

Yeah, Im sorry, Mr. Hodge. There was a family emergency. Xander said taking his seat. Mr. Hodge kept a hard look for a few minutes before loosening up.

So as I was saying Xander tuned out his voice. He didnt want to. School was always something to keep his mind of off his life, but now he had something better. He had Spike. Spike was much better to think about than school.

He didnt even know how to describe what he felt when Spike was around. He felt alive, but more than that he felt as though he mattered. Spike thought he mattered. Spike thought that he was worth something and not just dollar wise.

Spike wanted to be around him without paying for it. That feeling wasnt like anything he had ever felt before. He liked that feeling. He couldnt wait to get back to that swanky hotel room and just be around Spike.

The night it had been something close to magical for Xander. Sure Xander was no virgin and he had thought that there would be nothing surprising about sex. The fact was he never even really thought about it. Sure he got morning would like the rest of the teenage male population, but masturbation was something that he had tried to avoid and when he had to he rarely took any joy in it.

The feeling of pleasure never lasted long enough for him. He was still floating on a cloud though. After his night with Spike, after feeling how good it could be he still felt euphoric. He didnt know if he could go back to the way his life was.

Xander didnt know what he felt for Spike. It was strong. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. It could be love. He felt as though he would break if Spike left. It was a vulnerable feeling that he didnt necessarily like, but it was what he felt.

Love he wasnt sure what love was, but Xander thought that what he felt for Spike was as close as it was going to get. Xander had never been one to believe in love and soulmates and he knew that things would be weird what with Spike being a vampire, but his life was filled with weirdness as it was. Xander felt that he was actually willing to give up sunshine and flowers for time with Spike. It wasnt like he spent time in the sunshine right now as it was.

So your homework is to read chapter 15 and I expect everyone to be ready to discuss it. Mr. Hodge said. Xander picked up his bag and books and tried to make it out of the door before he was confronted by Willow and Jesse.

XANDER! Where have you been? Willow screeched. Xander sighed.

I I just came in late. Uncle Joe had an emergency at the hotel. Xander said.

Dude, you know what happened last night. We thought you were vamp food. Jesse said.

Oh, yeah that, well see its really stupid, but I got a page from Uncle Joe saying he needed help at the hotel. I figured Snyder wasnt going to care that I took off. I um, I had an opening so I just took off. Xander said trying to sound as nervous and stupid as possible.

That was a really stupid thing to do Xander. I mean you knew that they were vampires. Willow whispered.

Yeah, Im sorry. If its an consolation I didnt run into any of them. Xander said. He had gotten used to lying that this was just cake.

You could have at least called us. Was the emergency with your uncle that big that you decided to risk your life? Jesse asked.

Well at the time it was. I still think it was, but I do realize that it was stupid. Xander said.

So, do you have plans for lunch? Willow asked.

Um, no, I dont have any money and I forgot to pack something. Xander said.

Xander, forgetting lunch. Thats a first. You always used to think with your stomach. Jesse said.

Why dont you come into the library with us? Buffy would like to know that youre safe. Willow said.

Oh, um, I dont

Dont Xander. You owe us something for scaring the shit out of us. Jesse said.

Okay, I guess I can go. Xander grumbled. They walked to the library in companionable silence. Xander would rather do anything but go into that library and talk with Buffy.

Hey look what we found. Jesse said. Xander saw Buffy, Cordelia, Miss Calendar and the librarian Giles sitting at the long wooden table.

How did you find him? Buffy asked a little bewildered. She thought for sure Xander had been in the clutches of vampires and was getting ready to load up on weapons if he didnt show up at school before lunch.

He just showed up to Mr. Hodges class like nothing happened. I mean he just waltzed right in there and didnt say anything to us. And then he tells us that he left because his uncle had some big emergency and practically killed himself. Willow said loudly.

Well that was dumb. Cordelia said.

Yes, I know it was dumb. Xander muttered.

How did you escape the vampires around? Buffy asked.

I got lucky. I guess dumb and lucky are a good combination. Xander said.

There were vampires all over the place. Buffy said as though she still didnt understand how he had gotten lucky.

I know, I just I guess I just got lucky. Xander said.

Very lucky. Cordelia said.

Well, Im glad that you are in good wealth. Giles said.

So what are we doing here? What kind of Big Bad is out there now? Jesse asked. Miss Calendar and Giles threw a look over at Xander.

Its okay. He knows and hes

Its okay for you guys to talk about that stuff in front of me. Xander finished for Willow.

He knows? Miss Calendar asked.

You know? Xander said looking at Miss Calendar questioningly.

Yes, you both know. Now we were just going through some of the recent Watchers Council journals. We were trying to see if we can find any indication as to how this new Demon Hunter is. Giles said.

Demon Hunter? Xander asked.

Basically guys on a vengeance kick that try to kill demons. Giles thinks he spotted one last night. Buffy said.

Oh, um, thats interesting. Xander said watching as Willow and Jesse took seat around the table. He decided to stand feeling slightly awkward.

Yeah, so what did this guy look like? Jesse asked. Is he here to help us? Willow asked.

Well thats what were asking ourselves. He just came in here, kicked some major butt and left with someone else according to Giles. Buffy said.

Were looking through the Watcher Journals because if other Watchers have encountered this man than perhaps we can ascertain his whereabouts. Giles said.

Sounds like a plan, but we dont want to kill him right. Just try and make a truce? Jesse said.

Itd be easier if Giles gave a better description. All he said was the guy had white hair. Buffy said.

This sparked Xanders interest. He hadnt been conscious when Spike had killed the other vampire.

White hair. Like he was old? Xander asked.

No he seemed like he was a young man. Not too much older than all of you. It was more blonde. Giles said.

Billy Idol blonde? Xander asked.

Well yes, it was. Do you know something? Giles asked. The rest of the table turned to look at him with questioning glances.

Um, no, not I dont know anything. Xander said feeling the need to run.

Are you sure you didnt see anyone? Buffy asked.

Um no I didnt see anyone. You know what Im hungry I think Ill go down to the cafeteria. Xander said walking/running out of the door.

But you dont even have any money. Willow yelled to him.

Spike was laying down on the bed sleeping when Xander arrived back to the hotel room. He had avoided Jesse and Willow all day. He had gone to his class in the usual Friday daze thinking about Spike the whole time. He drove to the hotel and was happy to be back in Spikes presence. He just liked to be around Spike. Xander shucked off his clothes to his boxers and climbed into bed thankful to be getting some sleep. Spike curled up around him and Xander sighed.

Youre so warm. Spike whispered in his ear.

Sorry I woke you up. Xander whispered back.

Hmm, its okay. How was your day? Spike asked his voice sounding sleepy. Xander smiled at how normal and right the question had sounded.

It was a bit weird. See Buffy, thats the Slayer, and my friends and her Watcher think that youre some kind of demon hunter. Xander said.


Yeah apparently her Watcher saw you kill that vampire and he know thinks that youre a demon hunter and Im your accomplice. I got a little weirded out. Xander said.

They dont know youre here right? Spike said.

Of course not I dont want you waking up as a pile of dust. Xander said. Spike laughed at the way Xander talked. He was so young and he made Spike feel alive.

So, I have you all to myself for a whole weekend. What should I do with you? Spike said placing small opened mouth kiss on Xanders neck.

Hmmm, Im actually kind of sleepy. Is it okay if we sleep for awhile? I promise that Ill make it up to you. Xander said. Spike turned Xander so that he was facing him and kissed him on the lips. Xander smiled and moaned into the kiss.

Its okay. Im tired to. Go back to sleep and well wake up in a little while. We have time. Spike said wrapping his arms around Xanders waist.

Xander buried his head in the crook of Spikes neck and took a deep breath. They had time

Chapter 10

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