Real World

Real World

TITLE: Real World
AUTHOR: Clockstopper
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
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DISCLAIMER: The Characters in this story are not mine. I wish they were, but they aren't. They belong to Joss and Co. I do own the situation I put them in though. It's MY PLOT. You think if I did own these characters I'd have signed on for the cheap free homepage? Don't sue me I have nothing of value but this, my computer and a few Buffy posters.
SPOILERS: None this here fic is an AU
WARNING: Language

Chapter 4:

Xander walked in to Giles’s town house apartment. It was another lousy day trying to find a job and trying to keep his parents off his back for just a few more days till he could scrounge the remaining twenty dollars to pay the rent. Xander had never met two people more desperate for money then his mother and father.

It was only twenty dollars and still they were hounding him. Xander just wanted to go over to his friends, spend a few mindless hours not researching but looking like he was and then go home for a nice night of sleep.

“Hey guys, what’s on the research agenda tonight.” Xander asked in a somewhat fake cheery tone.

“Oh, Xander, no research. We get a night off.” Willow said looking up from whatever she had been reading.

“Then why are you guys here and why did I get a message saying ‘Xander don’t forget to come to Giles’s tonight’?” Xander asked.

“Oh, Xander we’re having a little down time and we figured why not hang out at Giles’s. The Bronze is being fumigated… again.” Buffy said from her spot on Riley’s lap.

“Oh, really so… what are we doing?” Xander asked. No one answered him and Xander assumed that meant just sitting around.

“Well as much as I’d like to sit around and do nothing I think that, if we’re all here, we should invest or energies…”

“No Giles, no research. You promised.” Buffy said to the older Englishman who looked slightly flustered at having the group of teenagers there for other reasons then research.

Get togethers at Giles’s place had proved dangerous and costly to the ex-watcher ever since that Thanksgiving Day fiasco.

“Right, right, just pretend I’m not here. I’ll be in the background researching.” Giles said.

“You sure do love those books G-man.” Xander commented as he sat down next to Willow. He offered a small wave to both Willow and Tara who was sitting in front of the red head. Willow gave him a big smile and Tara gave him a somewhat embarrassed one.

“Yes, well times of the apocalypse may not interest you, but they do interest me… and please do not insist on calling me ‘G-man’. I’ve already asked you to stop.” Giles said in an exasperated tone.

“Jeez, Giles didn’t know it was such a touchy subject. I’ll work on it.” Xander said.

“So, Xander any more magical things that you’ve come in contact with.” Willow asked offhandedly.

“No, it’s weird. Just the, you know being able to go from one place to the next without actually moving. It’s not as nauseating any more though. That’s a good sign right.” Xander said.

“Maybe we should find out what exactly Xander’s powers are. I mean that fairy lady said there were a lot of them and they were all powerful and whatnot. That Xander was on his path to being a… Higher Being?” Buffy said still slightly confused by the Higher Being talk.

“That sounds all well and good, but I have one request: wait until tomorrow. I don’t think I could handle mystical magic tests right now.” Xander said.

“Long day?” Willow said with interest.

“You got it. I was looking for another job. I don’t know. I got a call about another construction job. Maybe I’ll look into that.” Xander said.

“Yeah because the last time you did construction it went so well.” Buffy said and Xander wasn’t sure if it was sarcastic or not.

“Well funny syphilis aside… it paid good.” Xander said.

“You know Xander perhaps Buffy is right. It might be imperative that we learn what powers you possess. It could be helpful in the future.” Giles said.

“Yes, but tomorrow. All of this can be done tomorrow.” Xander said shutting his eyes as he tried to melt into the couch.

“Xander we’re all here. It could be fun to do some tests.” Willow said in an enthusiastic tone. Xander groaned.

“Come on, Xan. What’s the worse that can happen? Are you scared of a little magic?” Riley goaded.

“Yeah Xander and it could be a really good thing to know. I mean you can help me with patrol.” Buffy said. Xander rubbed his temples.

“Yes I think it would be a good idea to test you powers.” Giles said.

“I said, TOMORROW!” Xander screamed.

At that exact moment the coffee table in front of Xander lit on fire. Xander jumped on the couch. Willow and Tara shrieked as they ran away from the fire. Buffy looked around for something to use to slay the bad fire. Giles looked around for a fire extinguisher.

/Man oh man, I need some water. Or for this fire to stop and Giles’s table to be good as new. Yeah that’s it. I want the fire to stop right now./ Xander thought.

By magic the fire disappeared and the table looked as though it hadn’t even been marked on.

“What that hell was that?” Buffy asked.

“I think that’s what happens when Xander gets angry.” Willow said.

“Xander did that?” Riley asked. The group looked over at Xander as if expecting an answer.

“What? I guess I did. I don’t know maybe I did it. Well considering I’m the only one with all this magic stuff it was probably me. I didn’t know what I was doing.” Xander said.

“Which is precisely why we should test…”

“Giles, unless you want to buy a new coffee table then I suggest you just wait until tomorrow.” Buffy said.

“Yeah sorry about that pyro display. The table’s still good as new… better then it was before actually.” Xander said.

“Yes thank you. I guess we could just wait until…” Giles was interrupted by Spike barreling through the front door. Spike closed the door behind him and looked around the room as though he was seeing it for the first time.

“There’s got to be another door. Somewhere else… if he finds me… no, but there’s a window in the bathroom…” Spike muttered.

“Um, hello Earth to Spike.” Buffy said. Spike’s head snapped up to see Buffy standing in front of him.

“Are there an other exits besides the front door.” He asked.

“I guess there are windows… if that qualifies.” Buffy said looking slightly perplexed.

“Bloody hell. I just should have kept running. I don’t know why I bothered coming here. He’s going to find me.” Spike said.

“Spike, who’s going to find you?” Willow asked nicely.

“What?! Um… no one. I’m just babbling. Don’t mind me.” Spike said sitting on the sofa next to Xander.

“Okay are we done with the weird theatrics. Only I thought this was going to be a demon free day.” Buffy said.

“Looks like we’re straddled with Fangless here.” Xander said only the words didn’t hold as much bite.

“Is he always like that?” Riley asked with a confused look on his face. It was clear he didn’t really feel comfortable with Spike around, but did so because Buffy had asked.

“No, some times he makes sense… rarely though.” Willow said.

“So what is we’re doing tonight. Any demons to kill, nasties to bash. Anything at all?” Spike asked.

“Um… no we’re taking a break.” Buffy said.

“Taking a break! When there’s evil afoot. We showed be saddling up. Going against the forces of darkness to make the world safe for puppies or whatnot.” Spike said looking at everyone with pleading eyes.

“Spike wants to patrol. Did I step into bizarro world? Did we actually start researching and I fell asleep?” Buffy asked.

“Look we just can’t sit here. We have to move. Go out and do something.” Spike said.

“Spike why are you so jumpy. Is there something after…” Willow was interrupt by a knock on the door. Spike stood straight up and began to look around frantically.

“Don’t answer it.” He said.

“Spike it’s rude…”

“Don’t answer it!” Spike yelled at Willow. Willow frowned at him.

“Spike we’re going to answer the door.” Buffy said.

“No!” Spike screamed. He got up from the couch. He began to look around as Buffy walked closer to the door.

Displaying his vampire strength Spike picked up one of the chairs and throw it out of Giles’s window.

“Spike!” They all screamed at him but he was already out of the window.

“Well that was just… weird.” Xander said. The knocking continued and grew even louder.

“Okay I’m coming. Jeez.” Buffy said walking over to the door.

“Hello Buffy.” A voice said when she opened it. Buffy looked up to see Angel and co standing in the doorway.

“So let me see if I’ve got this straight. You, Doyle, had a vision about Spike in danger and you came to get him and take him back to LA with you?” Buffy said looking over Angel’s group.

She knew Cordelia and wasn’t surprised to see her. She vaguely remembered seeing the Irish guy. Wesley had been somewhat of a shock, but it seemed he was in the group.

“That’s the gist.” Angel said.

“Why care?” Riley said. Angel frowned.

This vision just wasn’t about the Powers. This one was about Spike. Angel knew there was bad blood there and had always wanted to make amends. It appeared that Spike didn’t feel the same way.

“Well the Powers that Be seem to think it matters.” Angel said tersely. He knew Riley was Buffy’s new boyfriend and although he was happy he was still a little jealous.

“Besides they better not have given me a mind spitting headache for nothing.” Doyle said still remembering the pain of the vision. He hadn’t even been able to get scotch before they left.

“The Powers that Be… you know them?” Xander asked Doyle.

“Well, not personally no. They just give me the visions.” Doyle said looking over at Xander.

“Hmm, seems they’re always giving people magical powers they don’t want.” Xander said.

“Huh?” The LA gang said.

“Nothing.” Xander said shaking his head reassuringly.

“These… visions… they’re portents of the future am I correct.” Giles said rubbing his glasses.

“Yeah, I guess. I think of them more as mind splitting headaches.” Doyle said.

“So they hurt. These Power thingies… they give you things that hurt.” Buffy said cautiously.

“Well it’s not like I don’t deserve them. Penance and what not. It’s all part of the job.” Doyle said remembering back to that day.

It had only been awhile since the day he had met up with the Scourge a second time. He had almost lost his life, but Angel didn’t let that happen. He got right back up after Doyle punched him and jumped right to the torch thing. Their combined strength was enough to stop it.

“But still with the blinding pain and the never ending torment?” Buffy asked.

“Well yeah, they’re not a picnic. I mean I get by with them. They’re useful… you know to fighting evil and whatnot.” Doyle said.

“Buff, I’m sure not everything the Powers That Be hand out are hurtful. Besides these are supposedly my own powers. Why would I chose painful powers?” Xander said to a distraught looking Buffy.

“Okay I feel like I came in at the last half of the movie. What’s this about Xander and powers.” Cordelia asked.

“Well I sort of… apparently I’m supposed to be some big wig power dude in the future. I strayed and the Powers that Be decided it was time to give me my powers early.” Xander said.

“Wait. Hold up. You, the Zeppo, are supposed to be someone powerful. I’m finding that hard to believe.” Cordelia said.

“Believe this!” Xander said setting the couch on fire.

Cordelia screamed jumping into Doyle’s arms. Doyle smiled pleasantly liking the side effects of Xander’s little stunt. Wesley looked on in awe and Angel looked concerned and worried as he moved away from the burning couch.

“Xander as much fun as I know you are having with this could you please stop the fire on my couch.” Giles said in an irritated tone. Xander nodded and as sudden as the fire had started it stopped.

“Okay you could have done something a little less pyro.” Cordelia said.

“Sorry I just figured out I could do that and I really like that trick. Setting things on fire. Does that make me sound insane?” Xander asked.

“It sure could come in handy when dealing with vamps.” Buffy said.

“Should you be doing that stuff. You know when you don’t even know how to control your powers.” Angel said still filled with worry.

“I’m not using my powers for EVIL. At this point I’m just doing things and I’m realizing that I have all these weird powers. I think it and it’s done.” Xander said.

“That is power. Total power. Do you think you might have the power of telekinesis?” Wesley said.

“That doesn’t explain the fire or the being able to teleport.” Willow said.

“Ah, but he said he thinks it and it’s done. Perhaps his anger has just manifested into a psychical form. As for teleportation…”

“It’s possible about this telekinesis thing. I mean I thought about going to Giles’s and it happened. That’s how it worked.” Xander said.

“Well then you’d also have the power of persuasion. The ability to… know what other people are thinking and alter their thoughts.” Tara said shyly.

“Whoa know what other people are thinking? I haven’t heard any whispering in my head?” Xander said.

“You’d go crazy from it already, Xan. Remember the time when I was Miss Hear Everything. It’s not fun.” Buffy said.

“Well perhaps he can use his powers to single in on one person. You have no idea at what stage they took your powers from. If they are yours then the ability to control them will be natural.” Wesley said.

“Yes of course and that would explain why he isn’t loosing his mind from the sheer weight of it all.” Giles said.

“Well there is the dizziness.” Xander said not wanting it to seem like he should just accept everything going on around him.

It was unsettling to know that he had so much power. Where did it come from? He was obviously able to manage it, but where did it come from. How did he become so powerful in the future? There were just too many unanswered questions.

“Be happy that’s all there is. When new powers are given to people who can’t withstand them there heads often explode.” Wesley said.

“Thanks for the visual.” Xander said dryly.

“It’s true Xander. This is why I thought it so imperative to practice your powers.” Giles said.

“Yes you should be…”

“Wesley you might not want to get into that. I’m not sure, but I think if I was really focused enough I could set people on fire.” Xander said in a menacing tone.

“Might want to listen to the boss. It’s not good practice to get on the bad side of a Power.” Doyle said.

“Boss?” Cordelia said.

“Well yeah I answer to the Powers… so does Angel. That’s where the visions come from. The way I figure it if I’m still alive when the boy ascends he’ll be my boss.” Doyle said.

“So… I’d be Angel’s boss. I could… order him around and stuff?” Xander asked with a barely contained grin on his face.

“Well you could, but the way Angel gets his messages is through my visions. I know you don’t know me very well, but I’d be willing to give you anything if you didn’t use me just to torment the big guy.” Doyle said.

“I was just messing around. Besides if I have all this power I can just turn him into a toad or something.” Xander said.

“You shouldn’t abuse magic like that Xander.” Willow scolded.

“I wouldn’t Wills. I may not like Angel, but he works for me. Can’t loose someone like him on the payroll.” Xander said jokingly.

“Can we get back to the matter at hand. Doyle’s vision of apocalypse and death. Now can anyone tell me where I might find Spike.” Angel said trying to keep his voice from sounding to desperate.

“I don’t know Angel. Willie’s, his crypt… there aren’t that many places that I know Spike hangs at. If I did I’d seriously check to see if I had a life.” Buffy said.

“This isn’t good… how did he get away from you.” Angel said clearly not noticing the smashed window.

“See exhibit A.” Xander said pointing to Giles’s smashed window.

“He did that?” Angel asked.

“Yup.” Willow said.

“I fully intend to pay for that, Giles. God I don’t understand why he keeps running away from me.” Angel said.

“Normally I’d say that was a good thing. You know having a vicious killer running away from you, but after that vision. It was a dozy.” Doyle said.

“Yeah you past out. There was drool and everything.” Cordelia said in her normal non-tactful way.

“Well then I guess we’re on Spike patrol.” Buffy said.

“Wait, Buffy I still don’t get why we’re supposed to care. I mean so what if he dies.” Riley said.

He had quietly been listening to the exchange between the new comers and the people he had come to call friends. He didn’t understand some of the things that had been said, but he got that they were all very close.

“I care. The Powers don’t send visions for nothing.” Angel said almost growling.

“Maybe they got it wrong.” Riley said.

“They don’t just get things wrong!” Angel said throwing his hands in the air.

“Angel calm down Riley is just asking the normal questions. He’s pretty new to all this.” Buffy said.

“Look either you’re helping me or you’re not, but I will find Spike and I will fight whatever it is that’s after him. I just thought you’d like to know what’s going on in your own town.” Angel said walking out of the front door with his coat whipping around his ankles.

“Does he always have to do that. I mean does he always have to be such a drama queen?” Cordelia asked to no one in particular.

“Months of working with the guy and you still can’t figure out that he likes to do the swagger thing. Adds to the image.” Doyle said.

“Well I guess, you know call us if you want to help out. Or better yet help.” Cordelia said.

“He’s a bit off the deep end isn’t he.” Willow said.

“He’s all negative energy. He’s aura is kind of smushed.” Tara said.

“That’s not a good thing I take it.” Buffy said. Tara shook her head no and Buffy sighed.

“Well if it’s important I guess we’ll help you.” Buffy said reluctant to give up her free night.

“That would be wonderful. For some reason this case is hitting Angel a bit harder then usual. He threw us all in the car without a moments hesitation.” Wesley said.

“Well I don’t know what’s up with him, but I’ll help you look for Spike. Shouldn’t be too hard. Just meet us here tomorrow and we can compare notes.” Buffy said.

“Will do. Now, if you’ll excuse us we’re all pretty tired from having to fear for our lives. Angel drives like a maniac when he’s determined. We’ll be at the Sunnydale Hotel. Not the most glamorous place, but a place nonetheless.” Cordy said shuffling everyone out of the apartment. She hoped that Angel hadn’t left without them.

“Well there goes our night.”

Xander had been through all the cemeteries in Sunnydale… twice. He was tired. Buffy had dragged them all determined to find Spike before he ruined anymore nights. Riley had been protesting so loud it wasn’t exactly a surprise that they didn’t find Spike.

Willow had tried a few tracking spells, but was unsuccessful at locating Spike for some odd reason. It was passed midnight when Buffy had finally let them all go home. Xander had went straight to his dingy basement and was prepared to pass out when he saw him.

Spike was fast asleep on his bed. Xander looked at him in puzzlement. What was Spike doing at his place? Why hadn’t Willow’s spells been able to find him?

“Spike… Spike… SPIKE!” Xander yelled. Spike fidgeted, but didn’t wake up. Xander sighed in frustration. He crawled up the bed and began to shake Spike to wake him up. It took a few minutes before the vampire opened his eyes in shock.


“You know for someone who’s supposed to have enhanced powers and whatnot you’re really not aware of your surroundings.” Xander said.

“Oh bugger off. If someone got in at a decent hour I would have still been up.” Spike said.

“I thought that this was the prime time for vampires?” Xander asked.

“Yeah, well, I been keeping human hours not to mention the fact that I’ve been running away from the poof.” Spike said.

“Yeah he told us all about it. I don’t understand why you just don’t talk with him. One of his little sidekicks had a vision or something like that about you. He’s trying to save your life.”

“Well I don’t need him to save my life. He isn’t my Sire anymore. I can take care of myself.”

“Yeah that’s why you’re here… at my place instead of at your crypt.”

“I couldn’t very well go back there. He knows that I live there.”

“You should probably know that Buffy’s after you too. Anything to get Angel away from Riley… although I don’t think Deadboy minded him much. He was a little too concerned about you to notice.” Xander said.

“Great now the Slayer is after me. I should just leave Sunnyhell. I don’t know why I stay here.” Spike said.

“Yeah I don’t know either. Maybe you should go. It would get Angel off your case.”

“No, you know what. I’m not leaving. He has to leave because I’m not leaving.” Spike said folding his arms across his chest. He was pouting slightly staring at nothing in particular on the top of the ceiling.

“Where are you going to stay?” Xander asked. He was surprising himself.

A few weeks ago he would have thrown Spike right out his door, but now, for some reason he couldn’t explain, he wasn’t. Spike looked too much like a pouting child who had been told to eat his vegetables or was publicly scolded by his parents.

“I don’t know… I guess I’ll just have to keep running or something.” Spike said.

“You… you could stay here.” Xander said surprising himself again.

“It’s only a matter of time before the poof comes here too.”

“Spike, you’ve been here for how long now. We were searching all of Sunnydale and we couldn’t find you. Even Willow with her Wiccan ways couldn’t locate you. I wonder why that is?” Xander asked to no one in particular.

“Must be the magic.” Spike said.

“What magic?” Xander asked.

“The magic around this place. The basement’s surrounded by some sort of protection spell.”

“Really, how did that happen?”

“How the bloody hell should I know. It’s your place and your magic. You probably did it subconsciously.”

“So if I’ve got magic protecting me and keeping others out, then what’s the problem.”

Spike looked up at Xander. He seemed genuinely honest. There was no doubt in Spike’s mind that Xander really want him to stay there. He wasn’t sure if he could handle being around Xander in such close settings and not want to throw the boy down and ravish him, but he had no where else to go and Spike always liked being a masochist.

“Sure, Xander I’ll stay here.” Spike said.

“Good, now here are the rules.”

Chapter 5

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