Real World

Real World


Chapter 5:

Xander was getting the hang of this whole 'Power' thing. It had been three weeks since the LA gang had stepped onto the scene and Xander had been working with Willow, Tara and Doyle on honing his powers. He was getting so used to it that the magic just flowed from him. He could tell it was starting to scare everyone.

The only one that didn't seem at all scared by it was Spike. Spike, who was currently living under his roof and living off of him like a leech. He complained and he watched TV entirely too loud and cursed right along with the hill Billies on Jerry Springer.

He took up lots of hot water and ate his cereal with blood mixed in and always forgot to rinse his bowls after he ate. Xander should have kicked him out the moment he asked for a place to stay, but he had caved. He had to be deceived by Spike's big blue eyes. Yeah see if that trick worked again.

"Spike, no, they'll know something weird is going on if I start buying Weetabix. As it is I have to hide the weekly blood runs." Xander said sighing for the millionth time since he agreed to let Spike stay at his basement.

"Well you can just glamour it like you do to the blood. Please Xander the crackers are nothing compared to a spot of Weetabix." Spike pleaded.

"No, Spike. Look I'm letting you stay here. Isn't that enough." Spike regarded Xander silently for a minute.

Spike was a blood-sucking fiend. It was very likely that, though chipped as he was, Spike would still not have an ounce of compassion or reasoning in him. It wasn't like they hadn't already gone through this little song and dance.

"You're right mate. I'm just getting cabin fever here. Going stir crazy." Spike said.

"You know there's a simple way of dealing with this. You could just go up to Angel and stand your ground." Xander said.

"As if he would ever listen. You know what he's like." Spike said. And it was true. Xander knew that Angel was stubborn and all about saving people from themselves.

"What I don't get is why you think that it would be so bad to go with Angel. I mean he's offering to basically take care of you."

"I don't want to be taken care of especially not be my absent Sire. I mean really I feel like one of those kids who doesn't have a father and than all of a sudden he wants to pop back into the picture."

"I don't know. My father hasn't exactly come back." Xander said.

"Oh, right, I'm sorry. It's just it's not right for him to come back and expect to... I don't know whatever it is that he wants out of me." Spike said.

"Well maybe you should sit down and talk to him about it. I mean right now all it seems that he wants to do is save you from whatever it is that Doyle saw in his vision. Now I've had some time to talk to Doyle and I know for a fact that he had a vision, but I also know for a fact that he's keeping something from Angel about this vision." Xander said.

"How do you know that?" Spike asked.

"Call it a little side effect from my powers. I don't know what exactly because the whole listening to people's thoughts thing isn't exactly my strongest power."

It was true. Xander got massive headaches when he tried to listen to people's thoughts. He figured it had something to do with the fact that he never really wanted to listen to what other people were thinking. It felt too much like invading their privacy.

"So you think he's keeping something from Peaches?"

"Yeah. Something big. Something that he thinks will tear Angel up inside. Doyle really cares about Angel. It's... surprising." Xander said with a smile on his face.

"Why's it surprising. He get a hard on every time the poof walks into the room?" Spike asked with a leer on his face.

"Not really. I mean I think he cares about him that way, but he's confused. I know he cares about Cordelia that way. I don't know he's really jumbled up in the head." Xander said.

"Well, Peaches has that effect on some people."

"I don't know how to read Doyle. I mean I think of myself as a people person. I mean I know people and I like to think that I'm able to read them without the mystical power thing. I just can't tell what's going on in his head."

"I've never seen him. I don't know much about him. I mean I saw him once and he seemed... I don't know he had something about him. Could be the half demon thing." Spike said.

"Well whatever the reason he's a mystery."

"Yeah, you should head out on patrol. They're gonna wonder where you are." Spike said.

"Yeah you're right. I should go. I'll see you when I get home." Xander said picking up his jacket and a few stakes. He almost walked out the door but then turned around, much to Spike's surprise.

"What's going on here?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" Spike asked.

"This... this whole domesticity thing. I mean it's... you pack my lunch. You ask me how my day went. You grocery shop despite the fact that you shouldn't go out if you want to avoid Angel. You're nice to me. I'm nice to you. I buy you blood.

"I let you watch whatever you want. I'll even probably go out and buy that Weetabix and glamour it. We talk. We have actual conversations. We kissed and it was good and to be very honest I liked it and it wasn't exactly talked out to its fullest extent." Xander said.

"I thought we both agreed that it was a drunken mistake?" Spike asked.

"We did. It was working until you moved in here and I was forced to reexamine things."

"So I'm forcing you to come to grips with the fact that you might not be a straight little solider?"

"No, I've thought about that before. A lot actually. I just want to know if you're using me for a place to live." Spike was quiet for a long time. Xander actually got worried that Spike might laugh in his face. When a few minutes passed and he wasn't laughing Xander started to get nervous.

"I don't know, Xander. I really don't. I'm not using you for a place to stay, but any farther than that and I get confused." Spike said.

"Well I guess that's a start. I'll see you tonight Spike."


"So, we've been paired up again. That's nice." Xander said. Doyle was extremely quiet when they went on patrol which was weird considering he chatted any other time.

"Angel's making me patrol with you because he knows I'm the safest with you." Doyle said in an almost deadpan kind of tone.

"Oh, hey Doyle are you okay. I mean you seem... quiet." Xander said.

"It's nothing. I just had a disagreement with the boss." Doyle said his tone a little bitter.

"What about?"

"He's crazed about this Spike thing. I don't know why. Ever since he had to kill that Penn guy... he just hasn't been the same. Than this thing with Spike... it's all about his family right now. Even if he hasn't seen that family in years." Doyle said.

"So why'd you guys fight?" Xander asked.

"I imagine you already know what with those super powers."

"I know nothing. I really don't like that power. I mean it's an invasion."

"Conscious I like that. We argued about the stupid vision. He's trying to get more out of me. But that's not all. He wants to talk to the Powers."

"I'm guessing from your tone that that's not a good thing."

"It's complicating. Talking to the Powers and all. As it is his talking to the Oracles is getting him into trouble. He asks too much I guess."

"I'm guessing that the Power aren't to keen on granting favors."

"I wouldn't know. I don't have a personal connection with the Powers. Sure I mean I have the visions, but I'm not connected with them in anyway."

"Well, you know, I'm a Power... technically I guess, but I am a Power. And I know of a Power. In fact I personally know one. I can talk to her, if you'd like." Xander said.

"You shouldn't have to do that. Angel's going off the deep end. He's hell bent on finding Spike. I think it would be better if you just told him where Spike was." Doyle said.

Xander stopped in his tracks. He knew he had that deer in the headlights look on his face.

"Wh... what do you mean?"

"I'm not stupid. I know you know where he is. I don't know much about magic and all that. What I know is second hand knowledge, but I know stuff. I'm also a half demon. We're able to sense magic when it's being let off in spurts. Now the witches may not have been able to figure it out yet, but I have. At the very least you know where he is." Doyle said. He fidgeted for a second and Xander could tell there was something wrong.

*I just hope he's not listening to my thoughts. Doesn't seem like the kid is ready for it.*

"What am I not ready for Doyle?"

Now it was Doyle's turn to have the deer in the headlights look.

"I... I've been keeping something from Angel. Something to do with the vision. I got... I got flashes of things. Things that I had no right to see. Things that deal with you and Spike... and your relationship." Doyle said.


"Yeah, I know you guys haven't gone farther than simple kissing, but it will. Trust me that it will and it's not something I wanted to tell Angel."


"Because he was already going insane by me just mentioning Spike being involved. Imagine if I told him that his... spawn was shacking up with someone. Now I don't think Angel thinks of Spike that way, but I think that he would get... overprotective. Like a father trying to protect his young. I just didn't think it was a good time to tell him that his... Childe was... I don't know whatever it is the two of you are doing."

"We're not..."

"Not you yet, but I know that you've thought about it... or are thinking about it."

Xander had the decency to look away sheepishly.

"See I knew it. So I know that you know where he is. Look you can come with him to LA or you can help him talk to Angel their both being really stubborn about the whole thing." Doyle said.

"I know, but he doesn't want to. I mean I can't force him to do something that he doesn't want to." Xander said.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Doyle said as they walked through the cemetery.

Chapter 6

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