Hey! That's My Life

Hey! That's My Life


Chapter 3:

Spike walked inside his house. It was dark. He walked into the living room and turned on the light. It was quiet as well.

"Dawn! Willow! Anyone home?" he yelled.

There wasn't an answer. He wondered into the kitchen and found a note on the refrigerator. It was the first place he went to after he got home from work. Patrolling and Doublemeat Palace. He read it.

Hey Spike,

If you're reading this you're a pig! No just kidding although I do think that the kitchen is your favorite place in the whole house. Willow and I are at the Bronze shaking our groove things. That was quoth Willow not me. Anyhoo think about coming over to the Bronze. We're waiting for you. If you don't we'll be home by eleven. See you then. If you're still awake.

Love, Dawn.

Spike placed the note back on the refrigerator. This was the perfect chance to miss his daily meeting with Buffy. Of course just because he meet them at the Bronze didn't guarantee that he wouldn't meet up with Buffy later.

That didn't mean that he couldn't delay the inevitable. It wasn't like Buffy was going to be waiting for him. She'd probably go to some local demon bar, get drunk and cheat at kitten poker. Why they used kittens was beyond him, but that was the currency she played with. She probably exchanged it for real money with some dealer.

So it was decided that he would go. Just take a quick shower to try and mask the smell of Doublemeat Palace and put on some less orange-y looking clothes and he'd be ready. He'd go have fun with his friends and do the normal thing for at least a couple of hours.

Maybe he'd mention the weird girl that came to his work today. For him the supernatural stuff was all lumped into the normal thing. The only un-normal was sleeping with a soulless vampire. Or at least that's how it was in his book.


Spike walked inside the Bronze looking his best and holding the note that Dawn wrote him. She had used 'quoth' and that wasn't going to get past without a little teasing. It was only fair. A little mindless fun was exactly what the doctor ordered.

It would take his mind off of other things. He scanned the crowd looking for his friends. His eyes landed on the group sitting at a table in the far corner of the club. He slowly made his way to the group.

"Hey guys." Spike said after he made his way to his friends.

"Well look who decided to come out of hiding." Dawn said when she saw her brother standing in front of them.

"It's about time. It's been too long since we've all been to the Bronze." Willow said taking a sip of her drink.

"Yeah we thought for sure you'd do a quick patrol, eat something and then go to sleep. It's pleasant surprise that you decided to come and not let me the only guy surrounded by a bunch of girls." Xander said pulling Anya closer to him.

Spike took a seat next to Willow and looked at his friends expectantly. One of them had to have something of interest happening in their lives.

After a minute or two of silence Spike spoke up. "So how goes the wedding plans?" He asked Anya and Xander.

"They're tedious, but they're going." Xander said. Anya looked up from her magazine.

"Oh right because you're doing all the work. You're just sitting there eating your chips and being useless while I'm trying to create our prefect day. And I will have a prefect day even if I have to kill everyone on the wedding list and half this town to do it." Anya said looking back at the papers and magazines in front of her.

"Can I opt for a no slaughter day. Kinda lax for work as it is." Spike said trying to joke.

"Yeah joke all you want Spike. All this is very stressful." Anya said not bothering to look up from her plans.

Spike nodded his head and mumbled 'right' while fidgeting his leg nervously. Silence fell over the group again.

"So how goes things at work, Spike." Willow said trying to keep the silence away. Spike looked up at her and gulped. He wondered if he should tell them about the girl who came in.

"It's good. Tedious and smelly, but good. Earns a living, although I don't know if that's a fair trade off for the freaks." Spike said deciding to be vague and see if they cared.

"Freaks? What kind of freaks?" Dawn asked.

"Just your regular run of the mill freaks. Today this really freaky girl came in and started talking about weird stuff." Spike said keeping up his vague description.

"Saying things like what?" Willow asked with a confused tone in her voice and look on her face.

"Oh stuff like the end was coming and bringing big monsters with it. You know the usual Sunnydale Hellmouth-y stuff." Spike said in mock indifference.

"Okay officially interested in whatever this freak had to say." Xander said.

"She actually said that the end was coming?" Dawn said.

"Should we be worried. I mean lots of demons like to say that the end is coming, but most of the time it's horse hooey. Evil things like to say that they're bringing the end." Anya said still not looking up from her wedding plans.

"See I didn't get an evil vibe. She seemed like she wanted to help me for some strange reason. Kept saying that I needed to open my eyes and that I was confused. That my confusion was gonna bring pain and stuff like that." Spike said trying to remember what exactly the girl said.

"Maybe she was sent be the Powers that Be to help. You know kind of like a seer." Willow said.

"When she touched my arm I got this weird feeling. Like there was this heat rushing through my body. Maybe it was magic?" Spike said.

"Maybe they want to show you something. The Powers like to do that. Send down little messengers to help their heroes and champions out. Show them the light and what not." Anya said.

"So what we just wait." Xander asked.

"That would be the general idea. I don't think this concerns us. Not directly anyway. This is about Spike." Anya said.

"That's all I ever do." Spike whispered repeating the girl's earlier words.

"What?" Willow asked.

"Nothing. I guess it's nothing. Probably not even a messenger from the Powers. Just thought that maybe I should bring it up. No big." Spike said looking down at his hands.

"Yeah it was probably just your general freak. Although from my experience general crazy people help out a lot." Dawn said remembering back to when that crazy man told her that she was the key.

"Yeah it wouldn't be the first time Spike here thought that there was something demonic going on with his job." Xander said.

"Yeah, but he was right that time." Anya pointed out.

"You know what. Let's just forget about. I have a note here that says we're supposed to be shaking our groove things. It also says quoth, but the teasing can resume later. Shaking of the groove things now." Spike said.

"Sure, should be good mindless fun." Willow said.


She wasn't walking home. No if she was walking home then she wouldn't be mad at herself. She was walking to his crypt. Despite what she told herself, Buffy's time with her friends only delayed the inevitable. Not that she hadn't prepared for this. She knew it was more likely to happen this way. The Bronze was great and for awhile there it was just like old times. Things were good and happy instead of down and dreary. Even Anya snapping at her was better then nothing.

Things were quiet in the beginning, but they opened up. Of course she had to use her run in with Mr. Creepy to lighten up the mood. Like old times, going to the Bronze and talking about things to slay. They talked it out as a group and established that there was nothing weird going on.

With that down they danced the night away stopping only for light conversation and drinks. Not too much in Buffy's case, but just enough to keep her mind settled. But eventually the night wore away and people had to get home. Anya and Xander left first both complaining that they had to get up early for work.

Only an hour after that Buffy decided that it was time for Dawn to get home and Willow followed as well. She had to get up for school in the morning just like Dawn did. Buffy had work. All her friends were grown-up and so was Buffy.

She tried to go to sleep, but spent at least an hour in bed before giving in and getting dressed for patrol. At least she told herself it was patrol. She knew the truth. She was going out to see Spike. Maybe dust a few random vamps that happened to get in her way, but her mission was to go to Spike. She sought him out and she knew it.

No matter how much she denied it she knew it somewhere in the deep crevasses of her soul she knew. Although admitting this would never happen in a million years. Why would she want to get sucked further into the madness that was her life when she could just as easily pretend that nothing was going on? That she was just fine and that things were all sunshine and roses.

So she was walking to his crypt knowing full well what she was doing, but not admitting it to herself. Spike wasn't the one who was possessed, she was or at least that's how she felt. There had to be something wrong with her if she was doing this. There just had to be something wrong with her.

Why else would Spike's chip not work on her? Sure Tara said it was because a displacement of molecular do-hickeys, but it couldn't be just that. If there wasn't something wrong with her then there wouldn't be any excuse as to why she did the things she did. It would have all been her and it couldn't be her making those decisions.

Buffy got to Spike's crypt and decided to do something she never did before. She knocked on the door. There was a faint sound of rustling inside before the door was opened revealing a tired looking Spike in tight fitting black jeans and a black shirt.

"Oh it's you." Spike said yawning a bit. He looked ridiculously human when he did that. He had obviously been asleep in his chair when she knocked. His hair was ruffled into its natural curl and his clothes were slightly wrinkled.

"Yeah it's me. You were expecting who... ... ... the pope?" Buffy said.

"No just not your thing, luv. You know knockin'. Usually you jus' throw the door open. Thought it might 'ave been someone else." Spike said rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Like who?" Buffy asked.

"I don't know. 'M a very busy littl' vampire. Could be anyone." Spike said. Silence fell over the pair for about a minute before Spike spoke up.

"Come in, will you." He said moving aside to let her in.

Buffy walked inside the crypt and looked around. The only light was the small black and white television that sat in the middle of the room and a single flickering candle. The TV was playing some old horror film that Spike enjoyed so much. It was either on a monster fest channel or on Passions. He was one weird vamp.

"So..." Buffy started.

"Look I know you jus' didn't come 'ere ta make wif' the small talk and 'ave tea an' crumpets. Either you got an itch you can't scratch or you're gonna pump me for information. Either way there's pumpin' ta be done so get it over wif' already." Spike said.

"Wow you know just what to say to a girl to get her in the mood. Every think about giving pointers to those who don't ever want to get laid." Buffy said sarcastically.

"Well not really in the mood myself. Kinda tired, Slayer, so why don't you jus' sod off an' I'll see you tomorrow. You missed your appointment." Spike said holding the door open for her.

"And the charm just keeps on coming." Buffy muttered.

"Yeah well s'not like you've ever done anything ta make me all tingly. You jus' expect to come in 'ere and get what you want. Feels like 'm runnin' a service 'ere. Like one of them twenty-four hour stores people are so fond of." Spike said.

"I think 711 is more popular." Buffy said.

"Well then why don't you go an' get your rocks off over there." Spike said motioning towards the door.

"Why are you complaining. You never did before." Buffy asked.

"Yeah well now my eyes are open jus' a littl' bit more." Spike said defensively.

"Oh really." Buffy said walking over towards him.

"Yeah now I think it'd be best if you left." Spike said.

"Or what?" Buffy said challengingly.


Or what he says. He knows I can hurt him and yet he stays there full of bluster and bravado even thought he knows who he's messing with. Elizabeth the Bloody here. Jesus Christ I can't even frighten the Slayer anymore. A Slayer in black sweats slippers and an oversized T-shirt. At least it isn't like he's wearing Yummy Sushi pajamas like Dawn. And isn't illegal for the Slayer to wear black?Buffy thought.

"Come on Buffy. I dare you to take a swing at me. You never do anymore and I kinda miss it." Spike said pacing around the crypt looking like he's going to ware a tread in it.

"What are you playin' at, Slayer. You think this is a game. 'M an evil blood suckin' fiend remember. Creature of the night." Buffy said holding up her hands in a 'grr arg' scary claw like way.

Spike laughed. It was one of those bone-chilling evil villain laughs that were only reversed for Buffy's presence.

"Pathetic excuse for a creature of the night if you ask me. Can't hunt can't kill so you decide it's better to pine over the Slayer. Yeah really creature of the night-y." Spike said still laughing in Buffy's face.

It was times like these when Buffy did really feel like killing him. Making it quick and painless just to shut him up. His words were so hurtful that they made Buffy wanted to kill him something she would never think of when he wasn't saying them.

And sometimes, Buffy wondered if that's what he wanted. That one of these days she would just snap and sink her fangs into his lovely flesh and that would be the end of it. He would go back to heaven and be safe.

And it was when Buffy looked into his eyes and saw the raw pain that she really considered doing it. Before it would be out of angry because sometimes who really didn't think about killing someone when they were angry.

Okay maybe not the people that you love, but when you fight you wish that they would hurt just as badly as you do. When she saw him looking the way he did at this moment she really did want to end it for him. All the pain and suffering should just have been washed away and he wouldn't have to carry the burden at all.

If his dying was the only way that she could do that then she'd gladly take that option into consideration. Although she'd never do it. She was too selfish to let him go. Not now not ever. She wasn't done saving him.

Buffy slowly walked over to him, their faces mere inches apart. Spike took in a sharp intake of breath. He looked down at her with clouded eyes and just stared into her green ones. Slowly Buffy stepped forward closing the gap between them kissing him ever so lightly.

It wasn't anything like how they had kissed before. Mostly their kiss weren't at all gentle, but almost to the point where they were bruising. This kiss was soft and sweet something that shouldn't even be associated with the sick relationship they had. But right at that moment it didn't matter. All that matter was the feel of lips on lips.

Hands began to roam, but not in the frantic needy way that they usually did. Each caress was barely there. Spike's hands settled at Buffy's waist and drew her closer to him. Bodies against bodies, clothed flesh against clothed flesh. Both bodies humming with anticipation over the soon to be coupling. Buffy's singing that for once she would be able to show Spike how much she really did love him. Spike's humming at how close Buffy was to him.

Spike slightly pulled away from her resting his forehead on hers.

"That all you got." He said in mock taunting.

"No, I'll show you s'actly what else I got in store for you." Buffy said dragging him by the hand to the lower part of the crypt.

The one that housed the comfy bed that would be so much nicer then the floor. Spike followed as he was helplessly led down the ladder and over to the bed. The feeling that evaded his chest when he felt Buffy's gentleness with him unexplainable and definitely unknown to him. At least when he was with Buffy. The feeling was welcomed though. It left a warm fuzzy feeling that spread through him like wildfire. It made him feel alive.


Alive was something Buffy hadn't felt in awhile. Sure she felt some feeling when she was with Spike, but that feeling was nothing like the feeling she felt right now. This was new and went farther then anticipation. This was a soaring high through the mountains type of feeling. Like she was a bird and free to do whatever she pleased.

But what did it mean. Buffy lost all thought when Spike's arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her in for another minding searing kiss. Gently and oh so slowly Spike set Buffy on the bed. He laid on top of her using his arms to keep from smothering her. He bent his head down and came in for another kiss.

The kisses were something that Buffy hadn't experienced in awhile. They were so gentle and passion filled. They were those kinda earth shattering who really cares if the apocalypse is on our hills as long as I stay here the world can cease to exist type of kisses.

She had only ever felt something this intense from a kiss when she was with Angel. Never had she felt anything like this with Riley. Panic started to rise in her chest as she realized what exactly she was feeling. Love. Plain simple love that consumed so deep you lost yourself in it. And for that moment it was okay. Wrong but okay.

Spike's hands made their way under Buffy's skin and Buffy shivered slightly at the feel of the cool experienced hands touching her hot skin. His hands ran over her body possessively and Buffy just let herself feel the feelings running through her body.

Such good amazing feelings that ran through her body just at the slightest touch of his hands. The hands of a man who had slaughtered half of Europe and had no regrets about it. This man with no soul to speak of yet he stuck around and helped out even after she was dead.

This man who really wasn't a man, but wanted nothing more then to be the kind of man that she would love. Though she could never bring herself to tell him that she believed that he could be a good man. That he could in fact be the kind of person she could turn to always.

That would mean that she would have to let the walls down. Something that she couldn't do. She had worked to hard to build those walls. They didn't have anything to do with him being a vampire or evil. Angel had been a vampire and even when he was evil she still loved him with all her heart because she knew he had potential.

Spike had that same kind of potential soul or no soul. No these walls were all about her and her heartache. She couldn't let anyone else in because it would all result in heartache and pain. Pain was not a friend to anyone and definitely not to the Slayer. She had run away from her duties because of it and she couldn't let that happen again.

Spike looked down into her face. He always let the love shine through into his eyes whenever Buffy was near. He didn't care about heartache although Buffy thought he should. He let his heart be out there so easily and broke when it was trampled on.

He had allowed himself to be broken in the name of love all the time. He was fearless when it came to things like that. Buffy admired that about him. No matter how many times he was trampled by love he never grew afraid of it. He was brave in so many ways that Buffy never could be and maybe she resented him a littler for it.

"Buffy, I love you." Spike said leaning his head down again for another kiss and Buffy was sure she could feel his love for her radiating into her soul burning her.


"Wait stop!" Spike yelled frantically trying to push Buffy off of him after breaking their last kiss.

It was filled with too much emotion that made Spike doubt the little voice saying that everything was okay. No he wasn't ready for this.

"Spike whas' wrong?" Buffy asked genuine concern laced in her voice. She was still straddling his hips.

"Please. I have to go. This... I can't do this. Get off of me!" Spike yelled again still trying to pull Buffy off of him. He finally managed to push her off of him and he jumped off of the bed as if it were the pits of hell.

"Spike what the bloody hell is that matter wif' you?" Buffy asked pointedly staring at him as though he had done something totally absurd.

"This is what is the matter with me. You're trying to make this about love when it's about sex. Just about sex Buffy. Nothing more. That's all I want out of you. You know that right? You're just a convenient body to screw every once in awhile. I don't love you." Spike said more to himself then to Buffy. She just continued to stare at him as if he had grown an extra head.

"Right Spike whatever you say." She said in a defeated voice.

"So you understand me then. This is about sex and nothing else. Just sex with no feelings or strings attached or anything like that." Spike looked at Buffy expectantly.

A mixture of emotions played on her face. It looked like she wanted to scream at him. Tell him he was stupid and kick his ass. Her face held anger towards him, but she looked like something else. She looked like a kicked puppy. Maybe he had pushed her over the edge one too many times now.


Spike looked up at Buffy just standing there after telling him it was all about sex. Sure he knew that was how she wanted it. She never went a day without telling him so, but this time he really thought that maybe she would let him love her. He looked at her with his eyes filled with hurt and heartache. She finally succeeded in breaking him and not for the better.

"I can't do this anymore either. I can't just sit back and let you use me all the time and not say something about it. 'S killing me and I can't do it anymore, as I'm sure you can't either. I can't always be 'ere ta jus' sit back an' let you take over everything that is me. If 's all 'bout sex then you can go find it somewhere else. 'M leavin' Sunnyhell. This is it Buffy. I can't do this anymore. So jus' go." Spike said bowing his head down.

Buffy looked at him with puzzlement. He was actually going to leave. There was set determination in those eyes right before he looked down at what was so interesting in his hands.

Buffy could feel her chest heavy inside of her and she felt herself ready to collapse as the weight of what Spike was saying sunk in. he was leaving. For good this time. No coming back to kidnap Xander and Willow.

No coming back for a stupid Gem of Amara. No more trying to kill the Slayer or love her for that matter. Before he could see her cry she ran out of the crypt and back to her house. The cold night air whipping at her face and making her feel nauseous from it all. Spike was going to leave her.


When Spike got home he collapsed on his bed determined not to cry. Guys didn't cry and Slayers especially didn't cry. Buffy was nothing to him and he was determined to keep it that way. So she was going to leave. It didn't matter.

One less blood-sucking fiend to worry about and it took the temptation away. That was a good thing. It was all a good thing. Nothing bad was going to happen anymore. Everything would return to normal and no one would know the difference. Yeah things were going to be good now, Spike thought as he let himself fall into an uneasy sleep.


Buffy's crypt was a mess. What did she care about all the trashed items thrown everywhere. What did she care about how messy something was when she was leaving soon. She would pack up the Desoto and be out of Sunnyhell for good. No more Slayer. No more rejection. No more hurt or heartache.

She was through with it. Time to pack up and start anew. Just get a good night's sleep and leave the next day. The sooner the better. Then she would be able to forget about the Slayer that always haunted her thoughts.


Spike took the top cap off of his stash of bourbon. He had already drunk his way through the scotch and the Jack D that he had at his little bar at the bottom of his soon to be ex-crypt. Leaving this little set up was going to be hard.

It was the perfect little place, but it was time to go. He had overstayed his welcome and completely trashed the place as it was. She could never love him and the sooner he got that the sooner he would be able to get on with his life without her. Just get some rest and then go. Go and never come back.


"Well that certainly didn't play out like I thought it would. I thought you said that everything would work out." Maddy asked The Voice.

"Yes, you reassured me that things would go good. That didn't look good to me. It looked a little angst filled rather then hugs and cuddles. Wasn't it supposed to be about hugs and cuddles." Brian asked as he walked over to Maddy.

"No this is just the beginning. Because they neglected to let each other feel now they must face something that is beyond them." The voice said.

"Okay that was more then a little cryptic. What does it mean?" Maddy asked. "Madeline have a little faith. Just watch as it happens." The voice said.

"Okay, but I don't think I like where this is going. I thought you said that in both realities the Vampire and the Slayer have to work as one in order to stop the apocalypse. If the vampire leaves then that won't happen. Isn't that what you saw in your vision." Brian asked curiously.

They had been sent down to stop what was happening, not just sit back and let the same thing happen that would bring the world to it's knees.

"Yes that is what is what I saw." The voice said.

"Okay then why aren't we going down there and stopping it from happening." Maddy asked.

"Because Maddy. There is a plan that is forming. Don't worry. Things will work out fine. It should be fun to watch." The voice said.

"Okay he just said that something would be fun. Does he even know what fun is?" Brian asked Maddy.

"I don't think so." Maddy said equally as perplexed as Brian was.

"Maybe I'll take you up on that offer for drinks."

Chapter 4:

The sound of an alarm clock woke Buffy from her restful sleep. Wait an alarm clock?

"What the bloody hell?" Buffy said looking around the room she was in.

It was something akin to Spike's, but girly. The structure was the same, but the furniture was totally different.

"Okay this is weird." Buffy said throwing off the warm blankets and placing her feet on the carpeted ground.

She looked down at her pajamas that were nothing like her regular attire. Of course her regular attire consisted of nothing when she slept, but this was nothing like her regular clothes. Gray tight fitting sweats and a yellow tank top.

A yellow shirt! She looked at her arms and noticed they were tan. Not the regular pale white color that they usually were, but almost Sunkist. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and kind of curly, but it lacked in its usual presence.

Buffy walked over to one of the mirrors and saw the pictures taped on it. Pictures of the Scoobies and her. The pictures portrayed her as friends with them. There were no pictures of Spike with the Scoobies. It was as if he wasn't even there friend and she was. Then she saw it.

Her reflection staring straight at her in the mirror. It had been a long time since she saw what she looked like and what she saw surprised her. She looked nothing like she pictured she would have of course she couldn't really take this reflection for what it was worth considering she shouldn't be seeing her reflection.

She looked... human. Too human for her liking.

"What the hell is going on." Buffy whispered to herself.

Then she realized another startling revelation. Her accent was totally gone and in it's place was the voice of a twenty-one year old Southern Californian. Sort of like Spike's voice.

Buffy put her hand over her heart that for over a century went unbeating. Now it was beating steadily. The sound would have been music to her not so hypersensitive ears had she not been freaking out.

She burst through the door to the room and looked around frantically. Everything was exactly the same as the Summers residence. Nothing was out of place or missing. It was all the same only more girly.

"What the bloody hell is going on!"


Spike turned over in his bed. It was unbelievably cold. In fact everything was cold in this room. Spike slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was in Buffy's crypt.

"What the fuck. How did I get here?" Spike asked himself noticing that his voice was harsher then usual.

He looked around the bottom half of the crypt. It was different. Just slight changes like the fell of the room was more manly then usual.

The bar that usually held lots of alcoholic beverages such as vodka held harsher ones like whiskey and bourbon, drinks that Buffy tried to avoid, but used if she had to. Same bottle of Jack Daniels lay on the floor empty and totally disregarded. The bed held the same look to it, but everything else screamed that a man lived here.

"Oh shit!" Spike yelled realizing what a mistake that was when he felt the slight pierce in his head that screamed hangover.

That must be it. I got totally drunk last night and came back here. Where's Buffy?

Spike thought as he looked around the room. He still had clothes on, but once he looked down to see what they were he was puzzled even more. Black tight fitting jeans, a black undershirt and a red shirt that went over it.

How could he sleep like that? His pants felt plastered to him. It looked like some of the stuff he would wear in his misspent youth, but nowadays he tried to go for a more casual look.

"Okay when did I go all gothic." Spike said out loud.

"Must be the only clothes Buffy had that would fit me. Probably got alcohol all over mine, although I don't even remember drinking." Spike said getting up and walking over to the ladder.

He walked up the steps to the top half of the crypt and looked around. Again it looked like Buffy's crypt, but the d�cor was so different. The small television that sat in front of that ugly chair, both looking like they were from a Dumpster, was too small and old looking.

Everything looked like it was brought from a Dumpster, when Buffy had so elegantly five finger discounted all her things from various furniture stores. This looked manly as well.

Everything was worn and beaten and various beer bottles littered the ground. Buffy liked to keep things clean. The candles were the same and the fridge was the same, but everything else was different.

Spike felt he stomach rumble.

"She probably won't have a nice plate of bacon and eggs in that fridge." Spike said but felt himself walking towards it anyway.

Suddenly he felt a burning on his ear.

"Ow!" he said clutching his ear and walking off to the side.

He looked around to see if there was anything around that would burn his ear. Slayer strength would kick in soon. He saw the small window that had always concerned him. Buffy said it was part of the appeal.

"Yeah getting dusted with the morning paper. Very appealing." Spike muttered.

"Wait I don't get dusted so what am I afraid of." Spike said cautiously putting his hand in the direction of the window.

It took his hand five seconds to start sizzling and another four seconds for him to realize what was happening. He pulled his hand away for it was literally getting burned.

"What the hell?" Spike said puzzled.

His stomach growled again this time more furiously. He found his feet betraying him and walking, this time a safer route to the fridge. He opened it and saw various blood packets along with beer in it.

Without thinking or allowing his brain to think about how weird it was that this was animal blood instead of the human blood Buffy had from her deal with the hospital nurse he took a packet of blood, ripped it open with his teeth and drank from it.

The coppery liquid filled his mouth and he drank and drank until there was nothing left but a crumpled bag. After realizing what he had done he throw the bag on the floor like it had burned him this time not literally. He could feel his eyes go wide and suddenly could hear everything going on around him. His vision was better to.

Spike cautiously brought a hand up to his face. Bumps and ridges clear as day. Pointy teeth as well and he would bet his bottom dollar his eyes were yellow.

"Oh god! I've been turned into a vampire. Holy mother of fucking hell!" Spike screamed as he frantically searched for a blanket. He had to get home and tell the others what happened.



"Buffy what's a matter." Dawn asked. Buffy's scream had made Willow and Dawn come out and stare at her with concern.

"What's the matter. Well let's see for starters my voice is different and more Southern Californian sounding. My hair is a ridiculous color. I'm wearing yellow. Oh yeah and I'm human." Buffy said with panic in her voice.

"Yeah you're human. You've been that way for quite some time now." Willow said worried that her friend had finally lost it.

"Listen Red let's not make this anymore confusing. Bit where's your brother and why is his room all girly looking?" Buffy asked.

"I have a brother?" Dawn said.

"Yes you have a sodding brother. Great I can't even say my usual words. They sound horrible with this voice." Buffy said.

"Willow I think she's lost it." Dawn whispered.

"What are you whispering about. It's not fair. I can't hear you anymore." Buffy whined.

"Damnit that sounded too whiney." Buffy then cursed herself.

"Buffy maybe you should lie down." Willow said.

"No, you have to get everyone here and do that stupid Scooby research. Call demon girl and Glenda, hell even the whelp and let's solve this thing."

"Buffy really you should rest." Dawn said.

"Look I know that Dawn is the only one that likes me, but you could at least try. I mean the Slayer's gotta be out there some where. Show some sadness." Buffy pleaded realizing that Spike wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Buffy you are the Slayer." Dawn said.

"What? That's really funny, Bit. Me the Slayer." Buffy said chuckling.

"You are." Willow said.

"That's virtually impossible. I'm a vampire. Remember evil vampire with a chip in my head. One that's killed two Slayers. Scourge of Europe. Elizabeth the Bloody. Sired by Angelus. Attacked you lot on that stupid parent teacher conference. Any of this ringing a bell." Buffy said realizing off of Dawn and Willow perplexed faces that it didn't ring a bell.

"Sounds like Spike's past. What with the Scourge of Europe thing. That's what they used to call him. Oh and Elizabeth the Bloody sounds like William the Bloody. What do thinks wrong with her Willow?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know." Willow said.

"I'll tell you what's wrong with me. I've been here in Sunnydale too long. Strange things always happen in this town. Bloody hell." Buffy said.

"Okay now she's starting to borrow some of Spike's more colorful language." Dawn said.

"Buffy maybe you encountered something on patrol. Something that's making you think all crazy like. We'll ..." Willow was interrupted by a loud crash in the kitchen.

"What was that." Dawn said.

"I don't know let's go check it out." Willow said. Both girls made their way down the stairs. Buffy sighed and followed them down.

She walked into the kitchen to see a burning Spike closing all the shudders.

"Willow thank god you're okay. I woke up in a strange place wearing these strange clothes and I'm a vampire!" Spike said in a rather husky voice unknown too most.

"My voice is different and I don't know what they hells going on and I drank blood. Should have tasted totally icky, but you know why it didn't. Because I'm a vampire." Spike continued his mission to close all the shudders.

"You're a vampire." Buffy asked from behind Dawn and Willow. Spike turned to see her standing there.

"You! What did you do to me? Did you turn me so I would stay with you? Is that that what this is." Spike asked panicked although not really believing Buffy could do it no matter if the chip didn't work on him.

"No I was the one who was leaving. I was the one who called, who'd you put it, freak show, off. Not you. You were the one running out of the place like you ass was on fire." Buffy said.

"Yeah so then what happened. Some vamp turned me into this. God the Slayer as a vampire. What the hell are people going to think? Shit this is no good. Willow you have to do some sort of spell to return my soul or something." Spike said turning his stare to Willow. Willow stood there looking confused.

"Okay now I think that both of you just need to sit down and breath or well just sit in Spike's case. There's nothing wrong with this picture." Willow said.

"Yes there is." Both Buffy and Spike shouted.

"I'm a vampire." Spike said.

"Yeah and I'm human." Buffy said.

"Wait your human!?" Spike said.

"Yeah I just woke up in what looked like your room only more girly and I found out I was human. Reflection and everything although I kind of wish there wasn't a reflection with what look like." Buffy said.

Spike took a good look at her.

"What's wrong with it?" Spike asked.

"Um I look like a Dawson's Creek reject. Too Southern Californian peppy. What's with this ridiculously short hair." Buffy said.

"I think it looks nice. Not something I'm used to on you." Spike said.

"Yeah well don't get used to it. As soon as I get back to being me I'm out of this town remember." Buffy said.

"Oh right. Wait maybe that's it. Maybe we are stuck in a different dimension. Maybe I'm not really a vampire. Is that possible?" Spike said looking at Willow with a pleading look on his face.

"I guess." Willow said.

"Good then you can get everyone on it." Spike said.

"Right forgot you were their all mighty leader." Buffy muttered.

"Really not making with the time to hear you complain." Spike said.

"Okay now I know there is definitely something wrong when Spike starts talking like Buffy and sans accent." Dawn said.

"I'm not talking like her. Talking like her would sound like this. Sodden bloody hell, you buggering chit." Spike said.

"You sound nothing like me." Buffy said.

"Oh that's right. I was talking about the Buffy that usually lives here. In this dimension." Dawn said.

"So in this dimension I'm the vampire." Spike asked. Willow and Dawn shook their heads.

"And everyone hates me." Spike asked quietly.

"We don't hate the other Spike." Willow said.

"Yeah me and Spike are like best friends." Dawn said.

"Wait so I'm the Slayer." Buffy spoke up.

"Yeah you are."

"And I'm the one with the crummy job with the stupid hat and all the bills to pay." Willow and Dawn hesitantly shook their heads.

"And I'm the one that came back from the dead all weepy and depressed. I'm the one that has to slay demons every night after coming home from a crummy job. I'm the human one." Willow and Dawn nodded.

"So that would make me your sister." Buffy said pointing to Dawn.

"Yeah." Dawn said.

Buffy looked thoughtful for a minute before letting a horrified look pass through the features of her face.

"I have responsibilities." Buffy stated.

"Yeah you act like it's a huge deal. This should be interesting. You've never had any responsibility as a vampire and now here's your chance. I get a break. Although now that I think about it it's hardly a break. I have to be a vampire. Do I have a chip in my head." Spike asked Willow and Dawn.

"Yeah the government planted it in there." Willow said.

"So I can't protect myself from humans. I can still kick demon butt. The blood thing will be a little icky, but I can deal." Spike said.

"You'll have to unless you want to starve. Some how I think that the other Spike wouldn't like that very much." Buffy said.

"You know he has animal blood. Must not know how to get the good stuff." Spike said.

"Really. Well I guess Willies hates him here too. So what's the plan. You know calling up the rest of the little Scooby Gang and working this out." Buffy said.

"Right I'll call everyone and we can go to the Magic Box." Willow said.

"Dawn has to get to school." Spike said.

"I think this is bigger then school." Dawn said stubbornly.

"I don't care. You've been missing too many days as it is. You're going and that's finally." Spike said.

"Whoa that was weird. Spike rarely scolds me like that and even when he scolds me it's more like 'Grr I'm going to rip out your eyeballs and make a soup out of your brain.'" Dawn said.

"That's so lame. If I were him it would be I'm going to pop your little head like a zit." Buffy said.

"Right thanks for the imagery Buff." Dawn said.

"Sorry, Bit, the other you would know I'm just playing around." Buffy said.

"You've said that to my sister. I'm starting to think that maybe she's a sadist." Spike said.

"It's your genes."

"So that settles it. Dawn goes to school we go to the Magic Box." Willow said.

"Not to state the obvious that isn't that obvious yet, but how am I going to get there." Spike asked.

"Oh right you don't know the tunnel system. I wonder if everything's the same in the other Sunnydale. I mean this is huge news." Willow said.

"Don't' seem a little too gleeful, Red." Buffy said.

"Yeah Wills I know this is bounce worthy for you, but let's focus on the big picture." Spike said.

"Oh right sorry. Well I'll tell everyone to come here. I mean the only other people are Tara and Anya. Xander should be here any minute to pick Dawn up for school." Willow said. As if by magic the doorbell rang brining a happy Xander to the doorstep.

"I'll get it." Willow said walking over to the door. Dawn looked back at Buffy and Spike.

"So in the other dimension are you and me friends." Dawn asked pointing to Buffy.

"Yeah we are." Buffy said.

"So Spike died cause he's the Slayer saving my life and you watched me over the summer." Dawn said.

"That's right." Buffy said.

"So what's the big deal Wills." Xander said walking into the kitchen.

"And what's Captain Peroxide doing here." Xander said looking in Spike's direction. For a second Spike had a puzzled look on his face at Xander's anger filled voice.

"Who's he talking about?" Spike asked.

"You I'd wager. Your hair is a little, extreme to say the least." Buffy said.

"Really how bad. You know I don't have a reflection." Spike said.

"Think Billy Idol." Buffy said.

"You're kidding right. God what was he thinking. I mean sure my hair was like that for a while, but I changed the look. He probably can't see it, but really. Have some sense in style. Look at these clothes." Spike said.

"I don't see anything wrong with them. This Spike has very good taste. The hair's good to. Better then that two toned thing you've got going on." Buffy said plucking at his shirt.

"Says the queen of all that is gothic." Spike retorted.

"Okay what's going on with those two?" Xander asked puzzled.

"Well apparently the essence of our Spike and Buffy were shifted with the essence of another Spike and Buffy from another dimension." Willow said.

"There wouldn't happen to be a translation of that in English would there." Xander asked sarcastically.

"Basically there's another dimension where Buffy's sort of like the Spike from our dimension and a Spike that's sort of like the Buffy in our dimension. Total different like they switched lives in that dimension. Now that Spike and Buffy are here."


"This is going to take awhile."


Tara and Anya sat in chairs across from the sofa that Buffy and Spike were sitting quietly on.

"Well it is definitely a shift in essences. Although I'm sensing something else from our Buffy and Spike. I can't exactly clarify it yet, but give me time." Tara said.

"What's it like in the other dimension. Is everything exactly the exact same as here besides the obvious." Anya asked anxiously.

"It seems so. I mean we don't know everything yet. Some things could be very different and we just haven't figured it out yet." Spike said.

"It's weird hearing you talk without the accent." Anya said.

"Well it's weird to try and talk around it." Spike said.

"Yeah things are weird we've established that." Buffy said.

"It's different to hear Buffy talking all grumpy like too." Anya said.

"Well we'll just have to get used to it until we figure out how to change it back to the normal. That's going to take a lot of research though. This could be a spell or something much bigger. We have no idea what kind of magicks it's going to take to break this thing. It might just be Buffy and Spike have to figure out a way to fix this on their own." Willow said.

"So what are we waiting for. The sooner I get back to our Sunnyhell the sooner I can get away from it." Buffy said.

"Let's not involve them with our problems." Spike said.

"Right. They probably don't know. If everything's the same then that means everything's the same." Buffy said giving Spike a knowing look.

"Yes and if everything's the same then it really isn't our place to tell them this." Spike said knowing how he would feel if the secret got out.

This Buffy who was the Slayer and most likely going through the same thing didn't need the questions when they got back.

"Oh my god what if they're telling the others about..." Spike trailed off looking with fearful eyes at Buffy.

"If I was the other Spike I'd do it." Buffy said flippantly.

"Yeah but they aren't the same people. Oh god he's going to ruin my life isn't." Spike said.

"Probably not." Buffy said.

"But you just said..."

"I'd definitely think about it. Then I'd see the fear written on your face and stop myself." Buffy said.

"So you don't think he..."

"No he didn't." Buffy said.

"That's good." Spike said taking a sigh.

"Okay what was that all about." Anya said.

"Something to do with their dimension obviously. Let's not pry." Tara said knowing what this Spike was worried about.

"Okay well that's good so let's..."

"Okay let me just let it be known that I don't entirely believe this whole thing. Deadboy Jr. could have put a spell on Buffy to make her believe she was a vampire and then it backfired." Xander said from a far corner in the house. He had been eyeing Spike since he came back from dropping off Dawn.

"I would never... oh wait maybe he would, but not me. I swear, Xan, I'm from a different dimension. There were friends and I'm the Slayer and we met when I was fifteen after burning down my gym at Hemory and getting expelled." Spike said.

"A likely story." Xander said stubbornly.

"I swear. Ask me any question that this Spike wouldn't know about. You know about our past." Spike said.

"Let's not play into the delusion." Xander said.

"I'm serious. Oh okay let's see. We stopped the Harvest when I first moved here from Sunnydale. We went to save Jesse from the vampires under the school where the graveyard was. You had to stake him and got mad at me for a little while before forgiving me. Oh I wanted to get expelled from school and said maybe that excessive not studying would get me kicked out. Willow wanted to blow somethin up." Spike said.

Xander looked like he wanted to believe that it was all true. That in some other dimension he and Spike got along. That Spike had taken the place of Buffy and Buffy had taken the place of Spike, but it was all too weird.

"I didn't have a crush on you did I." Xander asked hesitantly.

"No that was Willow." Spike said.

"Oh good. So I'm not gay in that dimension."

"Nope you and Anya are getting married on...wow it's already two weeks from now." Spike said.

"Okay this isn't the other Spike. No matter how many times I've told him when the wedding was he would forget." Xander said.

"It's really only two weeks away. Wow that's soon." Buffy said.

"So what are we going to do? I mean this is big. Another dimension with Buffy and Spike only in reverse." Willow said.

"Well some might say that your dimension is reverse." Buffy said.

"Right which ever way you want to put it it's huge." Willow said.

"So are you gay in that dimension?" Anya asked blatantly looking in Spike's direction.

"What!? Where would you get any idea like that?" Spike asked.

"Well there had to be a reverse or something. I mean here Buffy and Angel were together and then there was Buffy and Riley." Anya said.

"Oh, you mean Angel wasn't Mister Psycho vamp?" Spike said.

"Watch your tongue." Buffy muttered.

Spike heard her, much to his wonderment.

"I thought you were over him. 'Oh Spike I'll stake him for you. It's all for you.'" Spike said imitating Buffy's voice and accent perfectly although the accent was already there.

"How did you... oh right you're a vampire. I keep forgetting that." Buffy said.

"So Angel was psycho in your reality?" Xander said.

"Cool, I never liked him."

Willow rolled her eyes at Xander.

"So who was the vampire with the soul in your dimension." Tara asked.

"Oh you mean Dru. She has a soul in our dimension." Spike said. He surprised himself by being able to say her name and not choke on it.

"Yeah Drusilla. Nancy chit Uncle Tom Drusilla." Buffy said.

"I'm guessing that the no love thing Spike and Angel have goes for Buffy and Drusilla." Willow said.

"So not only are Buffy and Spike reversed, but so are Angel and Drusilla. Okay I can take all this in." Xander said.

"It's not really that hard. So who's Riley in your reality?" Willow asked.

"Riley was part of The Initiative I'm guessing. Well then that be Cowgirl Rene." Buffy said.

"Hey I only dissed one of your ex's. That's two." Spike said.

"Well I only have one." Buffy said.

"What about that stupid jock friend of Cordelia's. Harvey." Spike said.

"That was all about sex." Buffy said.

"Buffy!" Xander said.

"What? Remember Harris I'm not the same little Slayer you're used to. Different all around remember." Buffy said.

"Oh yeah right. Must have slipped my mind for a second. So do we have a plan." Xander said.

"Not yet. I guess the plan is to just keep researching and hope something comes up. Meanwhile this Buffy will just have to keep up appearances. Got to work and patrol as usual." Tara said.

"Whoa, what are you talking about. I'm not going to work at that Doublemeat Hell. Have you seen the hats? No, no, no!" Buffy said getting up to pace around.

"Buffy you have to." Willow said.

"No the other Buffy had to and Spikey over there had to, but me, I don't have to. I figure this body isn't that flammable to sunlight so maybe I should just leave now." Buffy said.

"What you can't do that. That isn't your body." Xander said.

"Try and stop me, Harris. I'm not going to be the little Slayer." Buffy said.

"Buffy if you leave we may never get to go back." Spike said.

"What do I care. You live as a vampire and see how you like it especially around a group of people who hate your guts. Me I'm thinking Costa Rica." Buffy said.

"But Buffy you have responsibilities. You have to at least consider the other Buffy's feelings." Tara said.

"No I don't. I don't..."

Buffy stopped when she felt a strange twinge in her chest. It was something akin to guilt and a certain dedication to do good for her friends.

"Stop it! This isn't my fight. I have to get out of here." Buffy said running towards the door.

"Buffy stop." Spike said following after her. She opened the door and walked out. Spike scrambled away from the door holding his burnt arm.

"Ow, shit." Spike said hissing at his still sizzling arm.

Willow and Xander rushed over to him.

"She's gone. Is she going to come back?" Xander asked closing the door.

"I don't know. Tara get me some antiseptic. That's a pretty good burn." Willow said to Spike.

"Yeah I'm sort of not use to them yet. That's the third burn today." Spike said.

"Will she be back." Xander asked Spike. Xander was looking at him with pleading eyes.

"I think so. If I know her she will, but it's hard to say. There are some things going on that might make her stay away. I could probably find her though. And I just said that I'd find Buffy. I really need to get home." Spike said.

"Yeah well we really need the Slayer. A sane Slayer." Xander said.

"You've got me. Don't know if that's much of a substitute considering Buffy's your friend, but if it's just a Slayer you need, I'm you guy." Spike said.

"We also need a sane Buffy." Xander said.

"She's sane. She's just a little scared. And something happened. Something rushed over her for a moment when she was saying that she didn't care about leaving. It's got to be the key to whatever's happening." Tara said holding out the antiseptic.

"Well whatever it was we have to wait for her to come back in order to question her about it. I have a feeling this is going to be a bumpy ride." Willow said taking the antiseptic.

"Yeah well whatever it takes, I'm getting back home. Even if that means knocking her over the head like a caveman." Spike hissed when the antiseptic made contact with his skin. He could feel a dull burning sensation on his arm and his ear was scabbing from the earlier burn.

"I hate being a vampire."

Chapter 5 and 6

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