Cavemen Always Win

Cavemen Always Win


Chapter 6:

I can't believe he did that. I just can't believe... the bloody bastard. I'll kill him. Chop him up into little pieces and feed 'em to him. Rip out his heart and then keep it in a box so he'll technically be alive and then stake it with a big piece of table when I get sick of his cries. I'm just going to kill him.

I've been pacing around Angel's office for the last half-hour. Wesley was smart enough not to cross paths with me before now. Don't know what I would've done to his pathetic hide had I seen him. Probably ripped out his intestines and played with them. Blue's stayed away too. I think that was more Wesley's influence then anything.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I would love to go down there and stake him, but what with the time space thingie I don't think it would be such a good idea. He's from when I was only two. When I was two I was so hang up on him.

Clinging to his ever word... clinging to him. It might mess everything up, but I can't very well just let him do what he wants. That would be wrong. So I'm going to go down there. At some point. I just have to get up some courage.

Okay so lets review the facts. He told Wesley the real story. Yes because that was the real story. I was a bit... um, bad before I died. Nothing too bad. Not like he's making it out to be.

It was maybe once every two weeks... maybe once a week if it was a bad day. I just... life was tough and stressful and hey it's not like I have to defend something I did before I was a vampire. That life is long gone.

Doesn't mean I want Percy and all of bleeding Wolfram and Hart to know about it. It's just like Angelus to do something so... Angelus like.

He's got his own special brand of torture. Whether it be with his words or with his fists. He's always finding ways to make me feel like an idiot. This is just... this is the end of the line. I'm not a fledging anymore. I can take care of myself.

I'm a vamp with a purpose. I say to myself as I walk down the familiar path to his dungeon. He can't just push me around anymore. I'm a Master Vampire now. It's time for me to start acting like it.

"William, well I was expecting you a bit sooner then this. If what that Watcher says is true about that rectangular thing." Angelus says with a smirk on his face.

"You didn't have any right to tell him all that." I say to him my fists clenching and unclenching.

"The man asked. You really should keep your humans in line."

"They aren't my humans and you should have said no. You never do anything without ulterior motives." I say.

"Well this time I didn't have any. The fact that you found out and it hurts you so is just a bonus." Angelus says. I walk over to the cage and try to look menacing. My menacing face isn't nearly as up to par as his is.

"Why is it you always want to hurt me. Break me down. Spit on me when I'm bleeding and broken." I ask trying to keep the hurt out of my voice.

"Because you're mine. Those other people... they don't stand a chance against what we have. The sooner you're away from them the sooner you're mine again." He says pushing himself against the cage as well. His lips are just inches away from mine. These bars can't really separate us. Maybe I should have rethought coming up to the cage.

"This isn't the way." I say.

"Then what is? You're so tied to them no matter what you say. You work for them. You're... good." He says and there's no hint of disgust in his voice like there was when Darla would talk about Angelus and his soul. There's too much confusion for that.

"We're different people who want different things. It can't work." I say.

"Of course it can because YOU'RE MINE!" He yells at me and if he could reach through the bars he would. The only thing I can count on is Wolfram and Hart's fancy spell.

"Not anymore. I haven't been for a long time." I say and he looks at me as though he were a little kid and I told him Santa was dead. Denial is a powerful thing.

"No, no you understand me. I made you to always be mine. No matter what."

"I've grown. I've changed a lot in a hundred years."

"A hundred years is but minutes to vampires."

"Felt like longer then that to me." I say and that's true. The first few years with out him were tough. When I say few it was more like twenty or thirty. He is right. A hundred years is just minutes when you're immortal.

"For all your posturing, William, you seem to be just how I left you." Angelus says with a smile on his face.

I move away from the cage because I need some room to breath... figuratively speaking. I just have to get my mind settled. I sit down on the chair that's become my chair ever since Angelus's magical return from the past.

"In some ways. I'm certainly not begging you to fuck me anymore... and what was with the lies you told Wesley. I wasn't every week." I say.

"Well it seemed like it. Never once did you ask me to..."

"That would have been improper." I say slipping into my old accent. Angelus smiles and for the first time since his been here I smile back.

"I knew you wanted it. I could smell it on you. Every time you saw me after the first time. You were scared, but some part of you craved the excitement."

"Maybe you're right." I say in an evasive tone.

"So when did you stop." He asks as he sits down on his huge bed. It really is a nice looking bed.

"When did I stop what?" I ask knowing I shouldn't play, but being around him is comfortable... familiar.

"When did you stop begging me to fuck you." He asks with a smirk on his face. I smirk back. This is a game I know how to play. Dirty words between the two of us.

"About thirty years after you got your soul and left us." I say honestly because all that time I was wishing he would come back. Praying to anything that would listen that he would decide to drop by again. Even if it was only for brief moments like he did when he came back in China.

"Then why do you fight me William... if it still sings in your blood." He asks and there's no smirk on his face. He's being serious. I hate it when Angelus is serious. I can't stand up against it.

"You're in my blood, Angelus. There's nothing I can do about that. Years of conditioning I guess." I say.

"Well why fight it now. I just asking one thing of you." He says.

"Because you'll want more. Because you always want more. I can't give you more Angelus, without killing myself in the process." I say.

"What if I didn't want more. What if I promised to just leave it at sex."

"With us, Angelus, it could never be left at sex." I say.

"What do you mean? Don't use your knowledge against me, William." He says.

Knowledge... it's a messed up thing. He's got no memories... at least not the ones I'm referring to. At two years there was nothing but sex and blood and the hunt. He was teaching me. There wasn't time for much else.

"Um... it's just... as the time goes by... things happen between us. You spend more time with me and less time with Darla which really piss her off. You... act differently. The same, but differently." I say.

"And you?"

"Well I was under your control from the first day I met you. So you see, between us it could never just be sex. Not with the memories I have." I say. He sits and stares at me for awhile. He seems to mulling something over. What I don't know and I'm not sure if I could put up with another Angelus seduction attempt.

"Well then I guess I need to go home." He says and he looks at me with hope. It's weird seeing him like this. In truth he's reliant on me. He's never been like that.

"Wesley's looking into it. Has been non-stop. Although from what the cheerleader and the mick said you're supposed to stay here until you learn something. Can't hardly understand those two." I say.

"Learn what?" He asks.

"I don't know. You're supposed to learn it."

"No, I don't like it here. I don't like it here." He says.

"You have to get me out." He says to me going up to the cage and tightly wrapping his hands around the bars.

"Angelus, it's not the simple." I say.

"Can't you just... please I need to get out of here." He says and his eyes are wide and he looks panicked. I've never seen the side of him. I get up and walk to the cage. He walks away from it and starts pacing in the middle.

"I have to go back." He says and he keeps repeating it in a broken voice.

Maybe this is stupid, but he looks... broken. So I open the cage and step inside. I close the door behind me to keep him from getting out. I walk over to him and touch his shoulder.

"We're going to get you out of here. I swear." I say. In a move that lightening would be jealous of he turns around and grabs me. He pushes me up against the only wall in the cell and looks at me intently.

"What the fuck are you doing!" I scream.

"Not mine! Yeah right, William. You'll always be mine." He growls at me.

He's got my wrist pinned against the wall and he's got himself pinned against the rest of me. He always was a big bugger.

"That was all just a bloody act. You stupid... when I... I outta kick you ass." I growl back.

"I'd like to see you try. You already admitted it, William. I'm in your blood. You can't escape me." He says.

I'm struggling. I know I have to be because I wouldn't just sit back and take this. It doesn't seem to bother him one bit. Guess he got tired of waiting for me. Gotta admit he's a clever big bugger.

"You can't do this to me." I say.

"Oh shut the fuck up. You want it. I know you do." He says saying the exact same words he said the first day here. He's rubbing against me too and fuck if I don't just wanna give in. I'd give anything to just give in, but... I can't. Why can't I?

"Just delaying the inevitable. You know your blood sings for me. You know you want to feel my touch on your skin. Feel me as I pound into you... it's all you've ever wanted." He says and he's kissing me neck.

The neck is a very sensitive area for vamps so if I moan it's only because of that fact. Not because it's him and his scent is around me and he's rubbing against me and his hands seem to be everywhere and I so badly want this that I can't remember a time when I didn't want this very thing.

"So what do you say William. That bed is awfully big. Too big for just one person." He says looking down at me with those hypnotic eyes

I could easily fall into those eyes... I have fallen into those eyes. So it's not a shock to me when I'm leaning up trying to kiss him. Certainly isn't a shock to him. We're kissing and it's so good. I can taste his flavor. It's been awhile since that happened.

Never kissed Angel, but I imagine it would taste different then kissing Angelus. Angelus uses teeth and lots of tongue and it's almost like he's fighting you with his mouth. Like it's a duel of clashing tongues and teeth and he's always in it to win. He's pulling me by the shirt to the bed and we're still kissing.

His big fucking hands are everywhere again and I honestly don't know how he does that. I feel the cool metal of the bed against the back of my knees and I have a second to think about this before he pushes me on the bed and onto my back.

This is it. I'm actually going to get fucked by Angelus after all these years. Angelus wouldn't let me get away after this and I'm not so certain I want to. We don't even have anything to make this easier. He's going to have to fuck me dry... that's gonna hurt.

"What are you thinking about. You shouldn't be thinking." He whispers in my ear.

"Just... thinking about this... it's been a long time."

"Weeks." He says.

"Try years." I say to him because it's been years for me, six to be exact.

"Nobody's touched you there. Nobody but me." He says and it's not a question. It's a statement. One he's full confident about. One he speaks the truth about.

I nod my head in reply. I'm not really trusting myself to speak much at this point. my heads thinking a mile a minute. This is wrong. Bloody hell this is beyond wrong. I can't help it though. He is Angelus.


Angelus POV

Such a sweet boy my William is. Came to me when he thought I was in trouble. That was a great idea on my part. I knew now he couldn't resist someone who was helpless and it just doubles when it's me. Boy doesn't think he's mine.

Well that's just not true. He already admitted his blood calls for me. Probably even loves the souled image of me, but that doesn't matter. In any reincarnation he is mine.

I'm not surprised when he bends to my will. He wants it. I can smell it on him. I could smell it on him when he was a human and I sure as hell can smell it on him now. So I push him on the bed because it's been too long for me. To long since I've pounded into that delicious body of his. He still smells the same.

There's only a whisper of time in his scent, but he still smells like he did when he was two. Right now for me. Maybe this isn't my time, it doesn't mean he isn't mine.

"You want me to touch you again don't you, Will." I say to him and he lets out a little moan.

He always makes the most delightful noises when he's like this. Little moans and groans and pants like he needs to breathe. I may get fault him for his human traits, but I love it when he does that.

Makes him seem alive when he's not. He hasn't answered me though, which is my fault as much as it is his. I'm kissing his neck and he always did have a sensitive neck.

"William, this doesn't go any further if you don't answer me." I say. His eyes linger closed for a bit before he opens them. They're filled with lust, but a bit hesitant nonetheless.

"Y...yes... I... I want you to touch me again Angelus." He says and I smile at him.

"Call me Sire, William." I say.

He only hesitates for a few seconds before I hear him whisper 'Sire'. I lose a little of my control and rip his shirt open. The material tears so easily and he lets out a gasp of surprise. He's certainly skinnier then when I last so him. More muscular, but skinnier nonetheless.

Drinking all that cow's blood certainly isn't doing anything for him. There'd be times when we go out and he'd kill five people a night. He'd always have a slight flush to his cheeks that mad him look even more human then just his little pants.

He's pale now though. Hard muscles and pale skin. Sure I'd like him better when he's not as skinny, but I'm not going to complain. He's still the same William.

I start kissing and licking at his chest. I'm not a total Neanderthal that I'd just rip off his clothes and fuck him. I've been waiting a long time for this and I'm not going to settle for something quick. No, I want to hear my boy scream. His hands are massaging my hair and it feels great being back here.

I know it's only been a few weeks, but that was long enough. I slowly inch my way down his torso and unbutton his pants slowly. He's wiggling around a bit but that just makes it all the more sweeter. When I'm done unbuttoning his pants I pull them off so he's fully naked laying out before me. He's still so beautiful that it hurts to look at him.

His cock is hard and I grab a hold of it in my hands and begin to stroke it. His eyes go wide, but are also unseeing. He's panting a lot and I would think that he hadn't had sex in years if his reactions are anything to judge by.

I stroke him harder in an up down motion. I want him to cum. It'll be easy if he were to cum. I can see that he's trying to hold back. Like he's trying to remember all the rules I set for him, which was a long time ago for him and not that long ago for me.

"Go, ahead, cum William." I whisper softly and I know he heard me because he lets out a long groan and cums in long spurts on my head and some even lands on his belly.

He's still shaking with aftershocks when I stick on semen coated finger into his entrance. He gasps at the intrusion and wiggles a bit but I use my free hand to push his hips down. He obviously takes this as a warning because he stops bucking up although I can see him biting his lip.

I push my finger in as much as it can go and pull it out a bit all the while listening to the lovely noises Will is making. I don't wait much long after to stick in another finger and I start to stretch him. He's tearing up the sheets and acting so wanton that it's intensifying my need for him.

I have to have him... NOW! I need... I need his blood.


Spike POV

I don't ever remember it feeling this amazing. It has been awhile. Back in Sunnydale he was never this careful although I can't really compare the Sunnydale Angelus to this one. I've said before that they were two completely different vampires, but the last time this happened was with him. He's letting me cum before he did and he's being gentle about it.

Just like before when I was a fledgling and it's all very weird, but good at the same time. He's using my cum as lubricant and even though it hurts a little it's a good pain that can't mask the pleasure of it all. I've never done this with anyone besides him... only him and still after all these years my body craves him... I crave him.

I look up at him when he removes his fingers and I whimper. I know it's not a very Big Bad thing to whimper, but I do it anyway. He makes a shushing noise and transforms into hi vampire visage. He must be the only vampire alive that could still look so beautiful in his demon face.

Most of the time I think other vampires look down right ugly, but not him. He leans into my chest and I know what he's going to do so I brace myself for the feeling of his fangs. I never minded getting bitten by him... I actually liked it more then biting some else some times. I feel his fangs graze my skin enough to draw blood and I can feel the blood dribbling across my chest.

He gathers it up in his fingers and I can hear him rubbing it on himself. When he's done coating himself he put his cock to my hole and slowly begins to push in. I wrap my legs around his waist and just marvel at the feeling of him pushing into me.

It's been so long and it feels so good. When he's finally all the way inside me he leans down and captures my lips with his. He's still in his demon face and his teeth are cutting into my lips. When he's done kissing me his hands go to my waist and he starts to pull out. It's all so slow, but still very good and I can deal with slow... for awhile.

He pulls almost all the way out before plunging back in again and I moan a bit. He does this a few more times and I have to wrap my arms around him. I know my nails are scratching into his back as he fucks me but I can't help it. He always does this to me... I don't know how.

"Please, Sire... I need... please harder." I mumble.

He obliges and starts to fuck me harder and he hits against my prostate and I'm keening and he's got this look on his face this totally feral look that makes me hard and it's all just getting to be much.

I grab the back of his head and push it to my neck. I know what this means and I know he knows what this means. He growls 'mine' in my ear and it wasn't long before I feel sharp incisors sink into the flesh of my neck.

I feel that same floating feeling I felt all those years ago when he first did this. He's claiming me and it just feels... right. He's still thrusting into me and I'm moving my hips against him and the feeling of him inside me both with his teeth and with his cock is one of the best feelings I've ever felt.

I try to stroke my own cock which is caught between us and hard, but he bats my hand away and starts to stroke me in time with his thrusts. I'm lost there's nothing I can do, but move against him. He suddenly stops biting my neck and whispers in my ear.

"You want to bite me, don't you William." He says.

"Yes, Sire." I whisper back.

"Well, then go ahead." He says and he's biting me again.

There are only a few times in the time that we spent together did he let me bite him. I take this opportunity and change into my demonic form. His neck is right in front of me and I sink my fangs into his flesh. He bites down harder in response and his thrusts become more erratic and he's hitting my prostate over and over again and his hand just keeps stroking my cock and his blood is filling my mouth.

It's so potent his blood. I can just taste the power behind it and it makes me want more... it makes me want to devour him. He's close and I can feel that too. I can taste it in his blood. His hands are digging into my hips and I can feel him grunting and moaning even as he's biting me. He thrusts in a few more times before he cums inside me and I'm not far behind.

We lay together for a little while after. I retract my fangs from his neck and he follows not to long after me. He's still inside me and lying on top of me.

"Mine." He says in his demon face. I switched into my human face and look at him. His eyes are wild and he's breathing hard. He doesn't ever breath he's holding on to me tightly.

"Yours." I whisper.

He growls and captures my lips with his again. Doesn't take long before he's hard again.

It's going to be a long night.

Chapter 7

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