Cavemen Always Win

Cavemen Always Win


Chapter 12:

I Spike’s POV /I

It’s been a week since Liam got out of the hospital.

He seems to be doing fine, but you can never tell with that one. Though he speaks his mind as often as he wants, there are some things he just won’t talk about.

Being a vampire is one of those things and yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have told him about that because it does kind of screw with things. He was gonna find out eventually. And I think that the powers got some sort of magical mumbo jumbo they’re gonna use on him so he doesn’t remember any of it anyway.

He doesn’t like to talk about it. Sure, he’ll ask me questions about being a vampire, but he never asks about his life. Maybe he’s smarter than I thought, which is pretty damn smart, but it’s like he doesn’t want to know because he’s afraid of that knowledge.

Or maybe I’m just giving him too much credit.

Still it’s not like we’re want for conversation. I still have to explain things to him and that can get pretty interesting. He discovered porn the other day and I still have to explain that one to him.

“I just don’t understand why someone would want to watch rather than participate themselves.”

“You know, there are ugly people in the world, Liam. People who don’t have a chance in hell of getting good-looking women like you or me. This way they can.”

“But they’re not really. It’s television. You can’t… you can’t touch the woman. Be near the woman… have relations with her.”

It gets a little weird talking about these things with him for very obvious reasons. He looks like Angelus and acts a bit like Angel, but he’s not them. He’s much younger looking, face still incredibly handsome and he’s fun to talk to, but he’s not them.

“It’s as close as some people get.” I say as flippantly as I can manage.

He stares at me for a long time, brow furrowed like he’s thinking about something. Opens his mouth a couple of times and when nothing comes out, he pouts. Frowns and looks utterly frustrated before he opens his mouth again.

“Do… these… pornos as you called them… do they… do people film men having relations with men.”

He looks really awkward and I have to wonder what it took to actually say that.

He asked that one time and he hasn’t brought it up since. I thought he’d just forget about it. Chalk it up to a quirk of the ‘New World’ as he calls it and let it go. I certainly wasn’t expecting to have to explain that yes in fact there are gay pornos out there.


“Really. Do… do you have any?”

He’s blushing, all that warm blood rushing to the surface and his face a pink color and he can’t even look me straight in the eye.


“Have… have you ever…”


“Really?” He says.

His eyes go a little wide at that information, though he doesn’t look disgusted. I guess that’s a plus in my favor.


“Did… did you enjoy it?”

I’m not entirely sure where this conversation is going and I don’t think I like it all that much. Talking about sex with men to a guy I used to bend over for is a little weird, even if it isn’t the same guy.

He’s asking though, big brown eyes all wide and curious and it makes me want to answer any question he might have on the whole subject. Answer even more questions.

“Yeah.” I say.

“Oh.” He says and he nods his head.

Brows furrow a bit more and he looks like he’s thinking about something. Something I probably don’t want to know about given how he is and who I am, but I kind of want him to go further. Want him to finish his line of thought because I’m just that side of pathetic to go through any experimentation he might want to engage in.

It’s then that my cell rings. I look at the name and notice it’s Wesley. He mentioned something about a little demon hunting, getting back to the roots I suppose. He told me I didn’t have to go, but I have a feeling that I might be needed so I answer it.

“Yeah.” I say.

“ I Spike… I know I said that… /I ”

“Where are you?” I say, tone a little exasperated.

“ I I didn’t even finish what I was saying. /I ”

“I already knew where you were going. So just tell me where you are so I can help out.”

I hear him sigh through the other end of the phone. I can almost picture him rubbing his forehead and opening and closing his eyes.

“ I We’re at the docks. Something was supposed to be shipped here, but it would appear that we’re going to need a little more muscle on this then we had originally planned. /I ”

“Well, I’m your man. I’ll be there in a little while.”

“ I What about Liam/I ”

I look over at Liam who seems to still be in his on little world, thinking about things I don’t even want to think about and I sigh.

“He’ll be fine by himself. One night isn’t going to kill him.”

“ I If you think it’s safe… /I ”

“Of course it is. He’s smart enough to know that he should get out and if anyone tries to do anything, I’ll kill ‘em.”

He looks up at that, his face confused because he just caught the tail end of that conversation.

“ I Right, of course. Well, if it’s any consolation, there’s a security system set up to keep him inside and to keep others out. You should set it /I ”

“I will. See you in a bit.”

I hear Wesley say yeah and hang up. Look over at Liam who still looks confused and I sigh.

“You have to stay here.”

“Where are you going?”


“To fight demons.”

“Most likely.”

“Um… you’ll be careful… right?”

It’s the worried tone that gets me and Liam definitely looks eighteen right there. Vulnerable and worried and I take a deep unneeded breath and shake my head.

“Careful as can be.”

I Liam’s POV /I

He’s been gone for almost an hour now and I’m terrible bored.

I tried entertaining myself with the television, but it’s not nearly as fun without Spike there to make jokes at everything that happens that is utterly ridiculous. I tried eating, but that was only good until the food ran out and Spike really needs to get more ice cream.

He left in a hurry. Told me not to leave the room and that he’d be back in awhile. I’ll admit I was a little worried when he left. The whole fighting demons business seems very dangerous. I know Spike’s a vampire and very capable, but it still seems fairly dangerous.

He doesn’t talk about it though. Keeps it from me and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing. I’m not sure if I want to know or not. I know that I’m supposed to become a demon and that’s hard enough to swallow without the added weight of other demons.

So not knowing is best I suppose. Doesn’t mean I can’t worry about Spike. Or any of them for that matter. They’re all quite nice, even the demon man and I don’t want any of them to get hurt. If someone had asked me before all of this I would have said who gives a shit, but now… they’re good people.

Better people than I’m certainly shaping up to be, at least that’s what my father would say. Spike says I shouldn’t give a shit what he says, but I can’t help it. He’s my father and Spike also said something about people always trying to be excepted by their fathers.

I have to say that he’s right.

But still… I would feel bad if one of them were to get injured trying to make other people safe. They’re heroes really, though I’m not sure they like to acknowledge it or even think they are. It’s hard to tell.

But thinking all of that is severe and not helpful for my mood because I feel kind of stupid. Asking Spike all those questions and he answered them, like I knew he would. I don’t know what I asked. Still don’t know and all I can say is that I was curious.

I’m still curious really. I don’t understand the pleasure that can be gained from two men together, but it makes me wonder. Makes me have thoughts about it… about Spike. He says he’s done that kind of thing before, but I have no idea if he’d want to do that kind thing with me.

But then I think… I think some times that he might want to. Just in the way that he looks at me. It’s the same way I’ve looked at girls that I’ve taken a fancy to. Bright smiles and furtive glances and I know that’s what I do when he’s around.

It makes me feel like an utter girl, but when I’m doing it… I don’t seem to care.

I try to make that thought go away. Look at the collection I discovered under the bed. I hadn’t explored it very much when Spike came into the room and explained it all to me. I saw one of the tapes, as Spike called it, and there was a man and a woman and they were having intercourse.

Spike already explained how to play tapes and I’m curious. I look through some of the other tapes. Different variations of men and women, but no men and men. I’m starting to think that maybe as this Angel person I don’t have these thoughts. Maybe as this Angel person I already realized I don’t like it.

And that’s when I come across a tape that has two men on it.

They certainly look happy. Look like it’s pleasurable and I guess they’re both good looking. I’ve never really looked at a man before in that light so I don’t really know.

I know I shouldn’t, but my curiosity wins out. I pull the tape from its covering and pop it into the VCR just like Spike showed me.

At first nothing happens, but a few seconds later, two mean appear on the screen. Two naked men. It doesn’t take long before they’re… doing things with each other.

I shouldn’t like it. I know this. I’ve read the bible, have had it taught to me at Church, but I can’t help the moan that escapes my lips. I can feel myself harden and I want to turn off the tape, but I can’t. So I chance it. Start to unbutton my pants and am about to touch myself…

And that’s when the door opens.

I Spike’s POV /I

I can smell him before I get in there.

This isn’t really what I wanted after the fight I just had. I mean I know he’s jerked off before in the bathroom. Vampire hearing and smell can pick up on these things. Usually I try my hardest to ignore it or I join in. Not like he can hear me. I’m sure he’s focused on other things.

But the fight was long and draining and there were at least eight really bad ass demons there all trying to get this package that was supposed to be delivered. We won of course, because that’s what the good guys do.

And I can just tell he’s jerking off. Pheromones coming from the penthouse and I don’t really want to have to contain myself. Not right now when I’m sore and hurting.

I open the door and he jumps a bit. Hurriedly buttons his pants and I sigh. Look around the room a bit until my eyes land on the television.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. I guess I thought he’d get into the pornos because they’re there and he’s a guy and guys like that sort of thing. I know that I do, so it’s not a shocker.

What is a shocker is that it’s a porno with two guys.

He looks extremely guilty. Tries to the hide the TV with his big bulk, but I already saw and I smirk at him.

“Experimenting a little pet.”

He moans, not the response I was expecting and his eyes are wide and hazy and I swallow unnecessarily. I thought I might tease him a bit for being curious, but he doesn’t look to be shamed by it. By getting caught maybe and something else that I can’t quite figure out.

He picks up the remote and turns off the television. Starts to walk to his room and hesitates. Takes a jerky step in my direction before turning back. I think he’s going to his room to finish himself off, but then he turns again, steps more determined and before I know it he’s kissing me.

Big hands wrapped on my forearms and his lips pressing hard against mine. Tongue pushing into my mouth and he’s surprisingly and not so surprisingly good at this. Angelus was always a good kisser after all

He pulls away and looks shame faced.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t… I mean I was just…”

“Shhh… look… is this, I mean is this something you really want.”

“I’m curious.”

I smile at him because he sounds so nervous and he fidgets a little.

“I got that, pet, but people can be curious without moving it to the make out level. It’s a big deal.”

“I know.”

“You can’t just make a snap decision because you saw two blokes go at it and got all hot and bothered.”

“It’s not just that. I mean it’s why I feel this way now, but not… I’ve thought about it. Since your friends from that Sunnydale place came. And… I feel like lass of a man because of it, but I don’t… I want… I want you, this. I just don’t understand why.”

He’s pouting a bit and he’s so warm and I lean in a bit. He moans slightly at the touch and I brush my lips again his again. He pushes back harder, hands grabbing at me and I can feel his warmth through my clothes.

It’s weird. I haven’t been with someone this warm since Buffy and Liam is the total opposite. A little bit of everything that I’ve ever liked in my life and he’s warm. So very warm that I give into it. Kiss him back and his hands go under my clothes, my shirt and he touches the skin there.

“You’re skin’s cool.” He whispers against my lips.

“Yeah, part of being the undead.”

“I’m not sure how to go about this.” He says.

Perhaps if he were a bit older I’d make a crack about him not being used to that, but I don’t know if that’s certain. Don’t know if he has any experience at all because he’s a bit younger than the twenty-six he was when he was turned.

So I don’t. Just take his hand in mine and I figure it’s best to handle this with care because this is all new to him.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m not sure… I mean the men on the tape. One of them… the other one was sticking his cock inside…”

“You’re not sure that you’re a bottom boy.” I say with a leer.

He swallows a bit, eyes going a little wider and he shudders a bit.

“If that’s what you call it.”

“Don’t worry.”

“You’d… you’d let me.”

“Yes. If you wanted it. I’d let you.”

He moans again, lips attacking my mouth again and his hands get firmer on my skin and he pulls my shirt off. I start pushing him toward the bedroom and we’re still kissing and his hands are everywhere and my hands are everywhere and our clothes get thrown everywhere.

He doesn’t get thrown off by the fact that we’re both naked, that I’m hard because he’s hard too and moaning and groaning and he’s so hot and his skin practically burns mine. I push myself onto the bed and pull him down with me.

He’s on top of me, pushes against me and he groans when our cocks brush together.

“I…” He starts to say.

He can’t say whatever it is he’s going to say and I think he might be close to coming and I remember that he’s human. He’s human and he’s eighteen and it’s hard to hold off. He doesn’t have vampire stamina like Angelus, but he’s warm and that’s all that matters.

Still I don’t want this to end so I flip him over onto his back. Straddle his hips and lean over him. Open the drawer and look for the lube that has to be there and it is. Open it and I squeeze it onto my fingers.

Angelus used to have me to do this for him. Used to watch me when I did it and I’m not sure how Liam would react. His eyes are wide open and staring and he watches my every move. I hurry, push my fingers in and stretch, not that much, but it doesn’t matter because I’m a vampire and Liam’s only going to last a little while.

Bring my hand to his cock and spread some lube on it and he moans, opens and closes his eyes and I push down on the base of his cock to keep him from coming. He let’s out a strangled yell and glares at me.

“Not yet.” I say.

He looks frustrated but just shakes his head. I line his cock up to my opening and push down. Not gentle and I’ll probably feel this for a little while, but it’s worth it. Hot hard cock filling me up and I have to moan. I look down at his face, hands braced on his chest and he’s moaning uncontrollably, hips thrusting up and I decided to get with the program.

It’s quick and dirty because he’s not gonna last. Just a few hard thrusts and I feel him come, hear him come and see it on his face. Ride it out and till he’s down and I just sit there.

I’m still hard so I take my hand from off of his chest and bring it to my cock and start to stroke. Feel like I’m about to come and then there’s his hand, his warm hand on my cock and then I am coming all over his chest.

It’s not until a few minutes after that I’m rolling off of him, onto the bed and I take a few unneeded breaths. He’s breathing harshly and it’s awhile before he’s talking.

“That was unbelievable.” He whispers.

“I’m guessing you liked it.”

“Liked? I… it… I’ve never.”

“Please tell me you’ve shagged before.”

“I have… girls. Two of them but that…”


“Can we…”

He doesn’t finish his sentence, but I know what he wants to say. I turn over and stare at his face. He looks like he’s in heaven and I sigh.

“You want to do it again.”


I smile. Lean over and kiss him and he’s kissing me back.

“I think we can do that.”

Chapter 13

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