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Healthiest Way For Life Healthiest Secrets and Shortcuts
Genuine, and rapid, master secrets of the healthiest universe

Gently rubbing the flesh under your eyes, in circles, or even back and forth, prevents bags, even lessens those that exist.
All of your skin is the same with respect to this. Whatever you want staying fresh, is exercised, or is lost, your choice.
The healthiest decisions regarding your skin have nothing to do with cosmetics, which are only cosmetic, after all.
The healthiest decisions regarding skin are the dietary decisions that you make a thousand times every year.
Your skin cannot be at its healthiest if you are attempting to feed it, just like bones, from the outside in.
Both your largest organ - skin - and your bones, need to be oiled and nourished from the inside out.
Interesting, we think, is one of the two common traits in nearly 100 percent of centenarians,
is that nearly every one of them mentioned the presence of olive oil, (never heated).
A few spoons per day, a half-cup or more per day, just make sure it is not heated.
Once you heat olive oil, even the most natural, the healthiest, most nutritious,
all phytonutrients and antioxidants, enzyme-boosters and more, die off.
One hundred eight, maybe one-oh-nine, and the oil becomes rancid,
at which point even the healthiest olive oil is only toxic to you.
Morocco seems to be the only nation on earth without alkali,
the only place where olives are processed without alkali.
So, Morrocan olive oil may be the world's healthiest.

For the extremist, holding off on plugging up pores with makeup is a very sweet extra.

Whatever you choose to use, aim for the healthiest.
Oil and feed your skin and bones from the inside out
When rubbing, use good natural skin emolients or oil
Sunshine is vital, your one way to produce Vitamin D.

Contrary to words of fools, sunshine is critical to our life;
If you have to get solar energy at night, that's also fine, too.
Solar energy is stronger in daylight, but it's still round-the-clock.
Wet and oil your fingers, rub the flesh on your face, with solar energy.
Combined, you will no doubt hear comments about you having had a face-lift.
This is yet another top-25-of-all-time master secrets of YOUR healthiest universe.
With so many resources at your disposal that you still make little or perhaps no use of,
look to the sun, look to your fingertips, and the oil you may already have in your cabinet.
Maximizing YOUR use of the resources within your grasp is a healthiest and wisest decision.
Water is the 'catch,' here as everything great in life seems to come with a big 'catch' attached.
Psychology of Longevity reminds us that most all we do is done better when wetness is present.
Putting oil on dry skin is not of benefit to the human body. Putting oil on wet skin is a huge benefit.
Those who begin this practice before they have significant wrinkles can expect to remain youthful.
While use of the world's first and only supercharged laser is wonderful, who knows if they will last?
MisterShortcut restricted his production to 3,500 lasers, invoking a dedidedly treasured number.
The Megaphotons images live on, each continuing to dispense anti-EMF frequencies, and more.
Printing Megaphotons to use for you and loved ones is a delighted gift of the inventor, to you.
Query is, as usual, not in re what you know, but what you repeatedly do w/ what you know.
How you spend your minutes is how you spend your life. This applies to you, too, correct?
How you invest your minutes is how you invest your life. See what tiny changes yield?
Every day, invest 60 seconds combining oil, solar energy, and fingertips... happily.

Shortcut for shortcut, you want to know where,
Shortcut for shortcut, you just KNOW it will get you there.
Shortcut for shortcuts, in all the thousands of your endeavors,
this is precisely how we catch up, and even pass up all your "betters."

Shortcut for shortcut, it is hard to deny, that the way of great shortcuts
is how we reach for and attain the sky