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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Maintaing proper oxygen levels in the body is a vital ingredient to health, vitality, physical stamina and endurance.  Oxygen as our primary source of energy is the fuel required for the proper operation for all body systems.  We must have a means of replenishing the depleted oxygen through oxygen therapy. Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of person, or looking for modern technology's most advanced marriage with long-proven methods of accelerated healing, naturopathy is an intelligent, quickly effective approach.

Researchers, scientists, molecular biologists, nutritional specialists, and others have reported benefits from increased oxygen uptake at the cellular level.  World-class professional athletes, universities, renowned fitness trainers, coaches, and "average" citizens have also reported experiencing many of these benefits as shown below..... Whether you have convinced yourself that your self-discipline is the biggest challenge, or you simply find yourself medically challenged -- or think you're stuck with a medical problem not responding to formal medical protocol -- you are urged to zoom to the nearest telephone and call Dr. Cohen's main number in Brooklyn, N.Y. It's (718) 972-1616. Fair to say that he's well-liked more for his ability to help people to help themselves than for his personality. That's because results speak louder than anything thing else.

By the time you have a Master's degree in Health, earned your wings as a Certified Nutrition Counselor (requiring a bit more than most of us may realize); along with a Ph.D, an N.D., and studied some four thousand documents related exclusively to staying younger with an immediately better today -- physically and otherwise -- then you have had ample opportunities to show your ability to marry the best methods of the past 54 centuries with the most advanced technology available to the hungry searcher.

Observers notice that Dr. Cohen has a direct and ebullient manner. Quick, to the point, he finishes many of your sentences for you, even when you've only offered a few words. Delivered in rapid-fire style, his comments are direct and accurate. Considering how many people call to say "Thanks," the listener is inclined to cooperate, and I found myself impressed by how quickly he cut to the point with each of the medical problems he encountered and began to resolve together as if bearing your affliction with you.

A woman who was clearly not younger than forty breezed into the office asking for a number of items. After chatting a few minutes pleasantly, she departed. When I commented upon her rather serene good looks, he chuckled and asked me what age I would assign to the lady. When I told him mid-to-late forties and clearly a former beauty, he burst into laughter and told me that the lady's daughter is in her mid-forties.

Welcome to the largest naturopathic web site in the world, with Dr. David Cohen,   N.D., Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C.

There is no better source of information than the horse's mouth, as your parents or grandparents may have mentioned to you somewhere along the line.
If we're not getting it from the horse's mouth, then maybe some of us are spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse, hm?

It's clear that the people who come to Dr. Cohen are extremely happy with the results they get.

You are personally invited to just get involved in the important medical decisions of your life. It is foolish for any of us to relinquish total control of a vital decision-making process. The word "vital" comes from the Latin root which means, "Life," and you, I, and the fellow down the block are far better-equipped to live longer and better when we have simple information at our fingertips and apply them to the best of our technology.

Dr. Cohen's approach is focused on fast if not immediate results.
He estimates that most everything else is just chatter. From the oxygen therapy benefits listed below and mineral therapy, bodyscan or ayurvedic, Dr. David Cohen is a surgeon's nightmare, because his goal is to keep you from having to undergo the expense, both financial and physical, or being subjected to what passes for modern-day medicine. Seeing is believing. Call today.

This site has been built with considerable resources invested.         Invested in you.

To your better health, your naturopathic approach to living longer, living better. If it is unreasonable for man to continue looking for the ability to stay young forever, if we decide it's silly to pursue the proverbial fountain of youth, it certainly is reasonable to find ways that non-surgically and non-prescriptively heal us to the highest levels we're capable of.

As NY healers go, where results are the only way to go, and the only way to survive and thrive,
Dr. Cohen has earned respect the long way --- through long-term results.

From the benefits of oregano or the top-notch Bodyscan, which displays over 16,000 substances in your body and what we need to add or subtract from that list, to the mineral infrared therapy or any of the other effective methods of naturopathy,   whatever is ailing you has a natural answer that helps your body instead of invading it, as with often-dangerous chemicals, or the slicing of flesh with a scalpel when it's not always necessary to do so.

You are invited to live longer and better.
You're invited to live healthier and happier,
arming yourself with a moderately small amount of information, and one or two better decisions about your diet and approach to healing as quickly as possible.

Results are louder than anything else, as we're sure you'll agree. I am very impressed with this man, and his incredibly sharp brain. He is recommended to you warmly with the words, the accompany pages, and the fact that his actions speak loudly

Oxygen therapy is used by so many masters and (not coincidentally) so many millionaires and billionaires, that the rest of us would have to be narrow-minded to ignore what leaders are doing in this important facet of our lives: living better!!

Oxygen therapy is recommendable and/or recommended to a majority of people because of the brain and body benefits.

High-Speed Results With Oxygen Therapy
  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and other important nutrients
  • Increases stamina and endurance
  • Kills infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, but does not harm the "good" microorganisms the body needs.
  • Rapid fatique
  • Increases fat metabolism resulting
     in loss of body fat
  • Lowers resting heart rate
  • Improves chemical imbalances in the body
  • Relieves pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Sleep better
  • Helps reverse premature aging
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves symptoms of PMS in women
  • Heightens concentration
  • Helps displace damaging free radicals
  • Improves memory
  • Helps neutralize harmful toxins in cells, tissues, and bloodstream
  • Accelerates healing time for injuries
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Allows the body to direct enough oxygen to its primary functions without having to draw on valuable reserves.
  • Relieves headache

Dr. Cohen's main office in Brooklyn, NY is taking your calls for appointments

Dr Cohen is taking your calls at 718 972 - 1616

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Oxygen Therapy at the largest naturopathic web site in the world, with Dr. David Cohen,   N.D., Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C.

oxygen therapy is fantastic, healthy, energizing, and far better for us in the long run than synthetic chemicals that commit profound damage to the body with any type of repeated use. Oxygen therapy is an excellent alternative. Take a look at oxygen therapy and you will see why rich people have used it for a long, long time before the birth of youth-focused areas of medicine and research. When you see rich people for several consecutive generations making use of oxygen therapy in their quest to stay younger longer, then you begin to appreciate the value of that oxygen therapy. Those who do better are those who know better.

Welcome to the largest naturopathic web site in the world, with Dr. David Cohen,   N.D., Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C.

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