NOTE: On those few occasions where Alan Nelson was determined to invest 100 ON-FIRE minutes of excellence, you produced more pleasingly, and profitably, than 93% of the population. That's historical, mathematical fact about Mr. Alan Nelson. True, or not? Please say it: yes or no. On those rare occasions that you took that one-hundred minute attitud and repeated it ten or eleven times, you ended up with something measurable that you still value today. True, or not? On this basis, it's hoped that you might somehow glimpse the result of investing six hundred separate sessions of 100-minutes of excellence. For math minors, that's a thousand hours. Presented for your appreciation of the largest fraud ever committed in history, where Reed Elsevier succesfully purchased monopoly extension. But hey, when you rake in six thousand separate piles of a million dollar per year in cash, you can afford all the Martin Beigelheads that money can buy, hm?