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Prince has released 16 albums from 1978 to 1994. Some are well known, some are not. Some are critic's darlings, some are not. Fans have different opinions about which albums are the best, but that's natural when the artist has such a diverse range of musical sounds. Back to the New Power Network Music Page

1978 - For You
1979 - Prince
1980 - Dirty Mind
1981 - Controversy
1982 - 1999
1984 - Purple Rain
1985 - Around the World in a Day
1986 - Parade
1987 - Sign O the Times
1988 - Lovesexy
1989 - Batman
1990 - Graffiti Bridge
1991 - Diamonds and Pearls
1992 - O(+v
1993 - The Hits/B-Sides
1994 - Come
1987 and 1994 - The Black Album
1995 - The Gold Experience
1996 - Chaos And Disorder

Besides his own releases, Prince has written and produced for many other artists, including: The Time, Sheila E., Sheena Easton, Kenny Rogers, Martika, Joe Cocker, Tevin Campbell, Mavis Staples, Celine Dion, Paula Abdul and others. In addition, many artists have done covers of Prince originals.

Another important aspect of Prince's work is the vast collection of unreleased material (aka "bootlegs"). For years, fans have heard about the fabled Vault containing hundreds of songs that didn't quite fit on the album of that year. Prince's prolific songwriting has quite outstepped the music buying public's ability to absorb it.

Somehow or another, some of this astounding music has reached general circulation amongst collectors, and today, Prince is one of the most heavily bootlegged artists, ranking with the likes of The Beatles and Led Zepplin.

For years, the most famous unreleased work was the so-called "Black Album", which was cancelled in late 1987 to make room for Lovesexy, released several months later. The Black Album was finally released in November 1994.

Special thanks to Tim Carlson imsgtcar@gemini.oscs.montana.edu for scanning these images.
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