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Welcome to At this site I will put up reviews of books you have currently read.


UPDATE 7/4/05

  • Welcome to my awesome bookreview site. This site is now over a year old.

    If you you would like to send your book for review please send it too:
    Jennifer Edwards
    7648 E. Bridgewood Dr.
    Anaheim Hills,CA 92808

    Sorry about the delays of updating...I will be trying to get everything updated. THANKS!

    A little about this site:

  • If you're wondering what this site is all about, well,you're in luck I was just about to tell you. First, you already know about the book reviews, but I also write a lot of poetry, and I will be posting, too. Also members can submit their poems, book reviews, or any literature that is appropriate to this site.


    In this psychological thriller, a woman risks her life to save two young children—but the publicity triggers death threats from an unknown psychopath.
    Book Description
    Julie Landis, a successful account executive and community volunteer, is injured risking her life to save two young children. She doesn’t expect the fifteen minutes of fame that follow—not to mention the anonymous hate letters, sadistic acts, and death threats that result from the publicity.
    Who is her tormentor, and why does he hate her? She has no idea what he looks like, or if she ever had contact with him. Nothing in her past would explain why someone would want revenge against her—or so she thinks.
    As her unknown predator stalks her, leaving taunting clues, his actions become increasingly bizarre and horrifying. When he ruthlessly murders a woman, Julie knows that her life, and that of her lover, Andy, is in grave danger.
    She desperately tries to identify her tormentor, but before she can, he strikes without warning. He viciously attacks her. She fights back. But as her strength is slipping away, she sees him turn his fury on Andy. She must find a way to stop him—or die trying.
    The Wild Place

    Jemima JBy
    Jane GreenYet another take on the singles scene, and from yet another British writer, this jaunty novel has one slightly new focus--the Internet as a dating device...

    Jessica Barksdale Inclan HER DAUGHTER'S EYESWhile the denouement is improbably upbeat, the novel should be especially meaningful to young adult readers. Biography

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