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March Quiz on: A Walk to Remember

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1. Where does "A Walk to Remember" take place?

North Carolina
Washington State

2. What does Jamie's Father do for a living?

He's a Farmer
Works in a grocery store
He's an Engineer
He doesn't work
He's a preist

3. What class was Landon made to join at school?

A drama class
An art class
A Math Class

4.What does Jamie always carry around with her?

Her bookpage
Her bible
Her homework
Love letters

5. Who wrote "A Walk to Remember"?

John Grishman
Nicholas Sparks
Alice Sebold
Emily Dickinson

6. When did Landon fall in love with Jamie?

When they were at school
At Jamie's house
When they went on a date
During the Christmas Play

7. What did Jamie and Landon eat on their first date?


8. What article of clothing has Jamie worn almost her whole life?

Same Jeans
Same blouse
Same sweater
Same shoes

9. What item does Landon buy for Jamie?

A hair clip
A new bible
A stick on tattoo

10. What does Landon do for Jamie while she is dying?

Kisses her
Asks her to marry him
Hugs her
Sings to her

0-4: I don't think you read the book. Maybe you should read it again.
5-7: You should skim through and refresh your memory
8-10: Wow you totally read the book no questions asked. Now that you read the book go see the movie