The PPC Songbook

Hello, everyone! Ella Darcy, here.

After noticing that the Protectors of the Plot Continuum had a General Store, a sample charge list, a list of edible and semi-edible substances we’ve created, and the Encyclopedia of Canonical Flora and Fauna, I noticed a slight hole. Although the PPC Agents and regulars on the PPC board have created and parodied many songs, no one has come up with a compilation.

Until now.

Because creating and mass-producing a CD would require actual people singing these songs, I’ve created this, the Official PPC Songbook. In it are parodies submitted to me through the PPC messageboard.

To read the original PPC, go to Miss Sandman’s Site. The link is on the homepage.

If you should wish to add your own piece to this songbook, e-mail it to me at I do practice quality control; I may not include every song I receive. Flames will be laughed at and mocked by the PPC board.

I did not create the PPC, I am but a humble agent. I bow to the Great Jay and Acacia. *bowworshipgrovel*

And to the Great Goddess Grey Lady Bast *bowworshipgrovelsacrifice*

The parodies belong to the authors as indicated with each song.

The original songs belong to the artists as indicated with each song.

And so, without further ado…

*blackout. Cheesy movie voice-over*

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A Clue For the Author
Feed her to the Balrog
I Wanna Not PPC
We Will Survive
The Just In Tango
Oops, I Did it Again
Bad Mary-Sue
You Don't Own Me