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Family History Center Introduction
  Family History Centers, know as "FHC's" are branches of the main Family History Library located
  in Salt Lake City, Utah where the largest collection of genealogical data in all the world is stored.
  FHCs' are located in church buildings all over the world. Each one is usually housed inside
  " The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." To locate one just look in your telephone
  book and call. FHC's are opened to the public and run on a nonprofit basis by volunteers.
  Nobody will preach to those who attend -- just as nobody would disturb you in 'regular' public
  library. Size and hours of each FHC vary. Since they are branches of the Family History
  (Genealogical) Library, each FHC has the index to all the genealogical items located in the main
(1) Note that "some parts" on this page were adapted from one written by Terry Morgan, copyright© 1996, first published
by Journal of Online Genealogy. Used with permission. All graphics within this web site are used with permission.

(2) Many of the ideas and different links throughout this webpage were adapted from the website for the Lethbridge Alberta

East, West and Alberta Stake Family History Center and used with permission of Mary Tollestrup, technical adviser for the site.
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