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International Genealogical Index®


  This index consists solely of names with birth or marriage information and in some cases, children
  or parent names of deceased individuals. One can look up an ancestor's name and see if it had been
  previously researched and submitted to us. The time periods covered here go from 1500's to this
  century. If you find the name listed, one could save hours of research. Along with the name will be
  the birth or marriage information and a place that birth or marriage took place. One also gets the
  source of the information which could be another individual, church or census records that were
  microfilmed years ago. This information is available on microfiche, CD-ROM and the LDS Family
  Search Web Site.
Scottish Church Records
  An index of nearly ten million names listed mostly from the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian)
  parish. There are also other similar type records including some records from other denominations.
  This index covers the time period from 1500's to 1854 with some entries in later years. The kinds of
  information one gets from this index is the given names, surnames, parents or spouse, gender, birth,
  christening or marriage dates and places and source information. These Church of Scotland records
    are also known as the "Old Parochial Records and the Kirk Session Records" and are an excellent
    source for information on names, dates and places of your Scottish ancestors.These are the most
    widely used records that are available for the time period before 1855 when the government began to
    record these events with civil registration. They include almost 70% of the population in Scotland at
    that time. The most recent update was done in 1995. The CD-ROM version will give you a call
    number which will lead one to the film, fiche or book where the information is located. There are film
    and fiche versions of this index available also at the FHC.
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