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Ancestral File® Index
  The "Ancestral File" is a large database of about 35 million names found only on CD-ROM at the
  FHC. This is a good place to start or check on ones first visit to an FHC. It consists of pedigree charts
  and group sheets on millions of names. If ones' ancestor is here, one can get descendants addresses
  and their pedigree charts. Please keep in mind that this is only an 'opinion' file. These charts were
  donated by others -- they are only as accurate as the where you can submit corrections to this index
  which will then appear on a future update. It is also available on the LDS Family Search Web Site.
~ Various Microfiche Indexes ~
Old 'Family Registry'
  This is a fiche file which consists of names and addresses of people who are working on a particular
  surname and a registry of family organizations or of people wanting to start one. Please note that a

Excellent Links

  "Research Interest" function has been added to the Ancestral File which will eventually replace the
  Family Registry.
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Accelerated Indexing Systems
The Accelerated Indexing Systems is a commercial company that indexes genealogical records. This is a
    microfiche version that was produced in 1984. It is distributed through the Family History Library with
    permission of AIS for use in the Family History Centers. This is an alphabetical census index for the
    United States. If one has an ancestor who lived in the United States , but have no idea what state, looking
    in this microfiche could help. If one finds a name, you will get a census place, year and even a page
    number. The census films can then be ordered from the FHC. The AIS is particularly useful for finding
    people who lived between 1607 and 1906 and the search is split into eight different searches including
    some mortality schedules.
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