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        Hubble Telescope image of newly-forming nebula (20kb)
  Hubble telescope image: nebula of newly-forming stars

My astronomy links are short. (That's so we can get to the News links on the last half of this page more quickly.) I became interested in astronomy at age 10; got a small scope, then a great Edmund Scientific telescope at 12. Since high school I have done little  but read Astronomy magazine, teach friends the constellations, and catch up on the latest Hubble Space Telescope images. Like this, which is
stingray.jpg (5931 bytes)

labelled "Stingray".  I am not sure, but it looks like a great, diffuse, gaseous nebula. Pretty. (I just borrowed the photo; didn't get to the article.) But you can:
Magazines: Astronomy, Sky & Telescope.
Great telescope makers: Edmund Scientific, Meade,
and Tele-vue. They each make scopes I want!
The Space Telescope Science Institute, with the latest Hubble Space Telescope photos.
Astronomy Cafe- "A web site for the astronomically disadvantaged" -a good place to start. Fun, entertaining, educational.
NASA. What's there to say: the Big Kahuna.
My best friend, my astronomy friend, back in the mists of time, when we were  between 10 and 14, was Peter Perry. I haven't seen him in 25 years or more, but I found his web page and we've exchanged e-mail. Peter became a college professor and married a librarian; I became a librarian and married a college professor. If you want to be boggled by the latest mind-altering theoretical math, check out Peter's web site.

The News. and The Internet (<link to Internet page) The person who agrees to share a house with me hints that these are my two addictions. Hey- I'm makin' freakin' web pages about the news, up way after midnight. Could there be a grain of truth in my mate's musings?
Now, where do I choose to get my news?

Newspapers on the web. New York Times
           Boston Globe     Washington Post  
Associated Press 'Top News' News Wire, with links to National, International and Washington news and more.

Television News on the web.  CNN, of course
ABC News, the best after CNN    MSNBC is a third-rate mindless lot of media-hypestars, says me    PBS
...and then there's 7AM and The Weather Channel

Radio News on the web. if you've got good speakers,a sound card, and at least 32MB RAM, you can listen to great radio stations from all over the world. It's easy, using RealPlayer technology from RealAudio-RealSystems, makers of software for streaming audio and video. They always have a good free version of their software. You can download and install it in 15 minutes or less. The latest version is RealPlayer G2 Beta:   freeplayerg2.gif (1187 bytes)
                                 (click logo for RealAudio site)
Having RealPlayer G2 Beta installed will enable you to
listen to music, talk or news at hundreds of sites, including samplings of thousands of CDs at CDNow and other online CD stores. [Caveat: Microsoft and the RealSystems folks had a dispute in 1998: each claims that the other's software is responsible for a bug in running RealPlayer G2  Beta on Windows. I think this may not be true now, but if you have concerns or trouble you can download the previous version of RealAudio: RealPlayer 5.0. It works with Windows just fine.]
[Microsoft's RealPlayer "problem" has more to do (I think) with their usual nasty brand of competition. Microsoft has introduced its own competing streaming audio and video software, so RealPlayer is a threat. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, introduced in March 1999, has a built-in connection to radio stations around the world. It's a nice feature, actually.]
I listen to recorded and live broadcasts of the BBC World Service, National Public Radio, and others.
The web site AudioNet has easy links to RealAudio broadcasts from around the world; most live.

George Papoon for President!! Find out "why":

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