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I wrote the following paragraph, Dear Friends, back in '98 when times were different, when I was a raw and calloused youth, and Knew Little and Understood Less. The fact is, there IS a working FST Offcial Web Site (click any link below). And the latest CR-ROMic 'tome' from the Fab Four or Five WAS released to an unsuspecting world in September 1998. Titled "Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death!", it features the whimisical etherial product of 'Radio Now', where everything that happens, already has! Buy it, or be square! So, read on, below, my ancient words. Gaze upon my works, ye Surfers, and tremble, mightily!
The Official Firesign Theatre Web Site has been threatening to open for a long, long time now (at least since le Trente-huit Cunegonde). The new FST album is rumored for Fall 1998 release on Rhino. Maybe the site will be up then. Hey, you can check on it yourself. Try it! Click here, and here, and here... and here...and here. Good. Someday it will come to be. Thanks be to the talented Doc Technical for these scans. Do visit Doc's FST web site and check out the FST webring. Remember, Dear Friends, when voting was so much easier? And we were all under the sway of the National Surrealist Party? I bet you do. Well, we just passed Goshen, so it's time to tiptoe out and close the door.

Papoon for Pres poster (28kb)Tirebiter for VP poster (24kb)

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