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R-TYPE Omega charts the R-TYPE legacy from start to finish, featuring the main games in the series through a number of different sections.

I hope you find this site interesting and that it may be of use to a wide audience. For any queries please email me. 

 All images have been screenshot by myself unless otherwise noted, and as a result I would rather you ask before you use the pictures. Cheers.

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Ed August 17th, 2003

At least for now, I have no intention of continuing R-type Omega. Although I'm really fond of the series still, I'm doing new things. Also, I haven't seen R-type Final in the shops here, which kinda sucks!

Anyways, if anyone's interested, below is a banner linking to my forum; UCG, in its new form. From there my new projects and ventures can be found. Cheers guys, and thanks for supporting this site, I've enjoyed it a lot! 


Ed August 17th, 2003 Bydo R-TYPE page added

I have now added the page for the evil bydo-infested R-types from R-TYPE Delta to the creatures index section. Might start adding some of the creatures from previous games soon.


Ed August 12th, 2003 updated downloads section & creatures index updates

 I have added some sound files to the downloads page and updated the creature index section. It now shows data on the following characters: Contright, Eve, Gains, Gomander, Moritzg and the super trailer.


Ed August 11th, 2003 the index pages

Christ, two updates in one day?! ...I just had a mess around with some pics and stuff and came up with this. It's probably what I'll be using for the index pages to add information for each character. This may take a while, but I'm finally getting things moving on that front. Anyway, take a look at that page, it's basically just some information on Dobkeratops (the big orange wormy boss dude).


Ed August 11th, 2003 Ad banners

Some ad banners have been added to this page (they are quiet near the bottom). Unfortunately this addition seems to screw around with one of the corner images, I'll try and get that sorted soon! 


Ed August 7th, 2003 R-TYPE LEO sprites

I have created the R-TYPE LEO sprites page now, it doesn't currently feature all the sprites however, and I don't know if it ever will, but it's better than nothing! It's not linked via the menu yet, but you can see it here.


Ed August 4th, 2003 New banner!

Hardly an update really! But I just decided to put up a new banner. I have also recorded some music off the R-TYPE DX cartridge and I'll try and put that up soon. I'm not really too hot on my recording techniques and stuff though, and I'm not sure if there are programs you can use to do so (for Delta etc) but I'll see what I can do. 

I've been looking through my notes that I had written down a while back and I should be able to finally get the index of all things R-type up soon... 


Ed July 24th, 2003 Added a downloads page

I have now added a downloads page as people requested. At the moment it only contains links to other pages and downloads, but I'll try and get some of my own as soon as I can.


Ed July 19th, 2003 It's been a long time!

Its been far too long since I last updated, but I promise soon I will start finishing (?!) off stuff and adding brand new news stories :). I've had quite a few emails lately concerning the site and some positive feedback which I was very pleased about. I haven't really got the money for any promotion but I appear to be getting some hits anyway... which is cool.

I've added a new link as you may have noticed, to a site called shoot the core

A few people have asked what Perfect R-type is, and essentially it was to be a fans R-type game - all the things that would make the perfect R-type basically. I plan to start that page (or pages) soon and continue work on the index which I originally wanted to feature  all the creatures and locations from the R-TYPE games to form a library of sorts. It's tough finding the names for creatures etc, but hopefully people can correct me on stuff. Anyway, I should be updating again soon, so keep checking back!


Ed April 9th, 2003 R-TYPE 3 - GBA


R-TYPE 3: the third lightning is going to the GBA! Yes, there's a port going to the popular  hand-held. I'm quite happy about this as R-TYPE 3 seemed to be overlooked, but now it finally gets another shot. Here's some information on the upcoming title.


Ed April 4th, 2003 A very small update

I've just taken all the horrible blue borders off all the pictures. Soon I'm going to try and finish the index pages, the R-TYPE DX section, and perhaps begin work on an R-TYPE FINAL section.


Ed April 3rd, 2003 R-TYPE FINAL!


Wow... just found a Japanese site for R-TYPE Final, the next game in the R-TYPE series. Although the name suggests this could well be the last game, it looks to be a great way to finish the series.

The game, due for release in June (In Japan), has loads of ships, great graphics (from what I've seen), and an R vehicle that can crawl across the floor as a tank!

It's for the PS2, not sure if it'll come out on any other consoles. Anyway, check out the site and the other related links below. I'll try and get as much information as I can on this exciting development.


The official website. It's all in Japanese, but you can see the great pictures and ships etc.

R-TYPE FINAL (box cover)


Ed March 21st, 2003 DOWNLOADS!

That's right, you can view the downloads page here. For now there are just links to downloads (emulators and games for example), but I may gather some of my own downloads in the non too distant future.


Ed January 3rd, 2003 ...I need your advice about something...

See the poll below. Please answer if you have the time. 

I'd have to find some game music and create some icons and stuff, but it may give more of a complete feel to the place, anyway, we'll see.


Ed December 26th, 2002 ...and we have a new layout!

That's right, a new layout. The old one was ok but I had some trouble with it's alignment on different computers. This layout should function more robustly while looking a tad more snazzy. 

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Ed August 5th, 2003 

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Ed December 27th, 2002  

The site is spread into a few distinct sections by way of the links to the left of this writing. For information on the history of R-TYPE, reviews, sprites and a gallery, look under the MAIN section. Seperate GAMES sections will take you to the page specified while the Index, below the main banner will take you to a list of everything R-TYPE.

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