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Mini Metro land

Here is a very partial list of links. Let me know if there's anything you think should be included, or if any of the links seem to be broken, or if you find the missing link.

Metro stuff

Wee Metro land (this site translated into Cockney)

Meeni Metru lund (Swedish)

Rover cars

They made the Metro. Give thanks to the company that thereby enriched civilisation in the 20th century.

BL Tin (NEW link for 2003)

Entertaining and comprehensive site about British Leyland and its legacy

Rover (NEW link for 2003)

Pretty well a sister site to Mini Metro land - the Rover 100 being the "I am a number not a name" version of the Metro. Actually, be honest, this site is loads better than mine.

Owner reviews of Metros

Owner reviews of Rover 100s


The Performance Metro Club


Three sites for other people who like Metros (but only if they're fast ones).

SUCH a cool address.

Mighty Metro 6R4 website

What do you get when you cross a Mini Metro with a Williams Formula 1 car?

MG Cars Enthusiasts' Club

Click on 'Modern saloons' for information about the various MG Metros.

The Paris Metro

The Metro Centre, Newcastle


"The World Leader of Wire Shelving and Storage Products since 1929."


Car stuff

Toyota Yaris Verso

Can't buy Metros any more? What's the most space efficient car you can buy today? The link takes you to Toyota's home page.

Auto Express

If, unaccountably, you're not interested in a Metro or a Yaris Verso, perhaps you might find something here.

If you can bear to follow Formula 1 now that Michael Schumacher is winning everything...

Snuffed stuff

Pause a moment to reflect on the following, who are no longer with us.

Douglas Adams (Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Graham Chapman (Monty Python)

Freddie Mercury (Queen)

Psion (handheld computer)


Serious stuff

The attacks of September 11 were literally unimaginably evil and barbarous.  All civilised people must do what they can to help in this war against the terrorists peddling their own satanic version of the Koran.

Information about volunteering, donating, sending messages of support to the US, etc

Kick bin Laden's butt

Muslims against terrorism

"Mainstream theologians have come out unanimously against the terrorists. What we must now ask them is to campaign more strongly against the aberrant doctrines that underpin them", writes British Muslim convert scholar, Abdal-Hakim Murad.

Ha ha ha to the pacifists (...our culture demands respect, too)


More hope (we can always do with more hope)

Just... stuff

Would you like your family murdered?

Floating World

A good friend's collection of entertaining prose and verse, complete with midi versions of classical music(!)

Bananabrain central

Er, stuff done by a friend of mine. (I'm expecting a link to my site from yours for this, Daniel.)

Roland Orzabal

The man behind the greatest band in the last 800 years (remember Tears For Fears?). He has a new album out (Spring 2001). It's great. Buy it here.

IGN pocket

Want to be able to blast away demons wherever you go? Who doesn't? Get a Game Boy Advance and a copy of the classic Doom. Better to blast away your demons like this than with a real shotgun.

the DIGInews network

Want to know all the latest news and rumours about Sky Digital? Why? You sad, sad person.

NV news

Computing is interesting, and computer hardware is interesting, and video cards are the most interesting pieces of computer hardware, and nVIDIA make the most interesting video cards, so this site is a VERY interesting place.