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Mini Metro land
My Metros

My first Metro

Here's a complete list of all the Metros I have owned...

1. I haven't owned any Metros.
2. No, I just haven't owned ANY Metros. At all.
3. UPDATE - still have never owned a Metro.
4. Can I count the 3 toy Metros that I've had? One small, one middling, one big?  FURTHER UPDATE - SEE THE PHOTOS

Here's a complete list of all the Metros I have driven

Guess what - never driven a Metro, either.

Here's a complete list of all the Metros I have SAT IN

OK, well I HAVE sat in some. Let me see, I sat in one in a showroom soon after it first came out. I must have been around ten. My mother was fairly indulgent.

Here's a bizarre one - a year later, the new vicar came for dinner and happened to have borrowed somebody else's Metro, and it needed filling up, so my dad told him where the nearest open petrol station was, and I took a ride with the vicar. Five minutes there, five minutes back.

Fast forward many years to 1994, when my girlfriend was looking at buying a car and we went and sat in a Rover Metro in the showroom. Didn't take it for a test drive. She bought a Nissan Micra.

And that's it!

Not a Metro.  Or is it...?  No.  It's not.

Metros I HAVEN'T been in

Er, yes, well, this would be quite a lot. More specifically, I didn't get to go in my friend Dominic's red Metro before he totalled it, and I didn't get to go in my friend Alan's Metro before he... presumably... sold it.
I haven't been in my three toy Metros, mainly for practical reasons. See photos.

NOT Metros I HAVE been in

Again, potentially a large number of vehicles.

However, I had one in particular in mind. My girlfriend - now my wife - and I decided to upgrade the Micra to something a little bigger and more comfortable. We chose a Rover 200, a lovely little Focus-sized car with a few bells and whistles and a nice big engine.

Notice LITTLE Focus-sized car. Apparently Rover had originally designed the car to replace the Metro, but then had decided to price the thing as if it were as big as a Focus (it's somewhere halfway between). Then, when Rover stopped building the Metro/Rover 100, they decided that the 200 was a Metro/Fiesta-sized car after all, and cut the price to reflect that.

Talk about taking a battering on resale values! And any Rover owner does that anyway...

A snap from our fly-drive holiday in America...