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Mini Metro land

Click on one of the images below, each of which takes you to a full version of the brochure...

Alternatively, you might want to compare Specifications then and now(ish).

UPDATE (November 2001) - see the poll at the bottom of the page

Original 1980 brochure

A brochure from when the Metro was first released. "A British car to beat the world." My friend Colin somehow got hold of a dealer's promotion pack of stuff on the Metro. Little did he realise its importance! I bet he hasn't kept it.

Don't click here yet

A brochure from when the Austin Metro became the Rover Metro. It got a class-leading new engine, but to fit it in they had to make the engine compartment 17cm longer.

NEW for July 2001!

NEW FOR JULY 2001! A brochure from pretty well the last Metro incarnation, when it changed its name to the Rover 100 to fit in with the rest of the model range, and was made to look a bit ugly.

NB I haven't quite finished it yet. Brochures have gotten progressively bigger and more elaborate over the years.