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Mini Metro land

So, you've read these pages, and you've been moved. Deeply moved. You have been inspired to the very core of your being. Your life now makes sense, whereas before all was blur, emptiness and sorrow. Yes, you must have a Metro to call your own.

It's not too late! Despite the ending of production of the Metro, it's not too late! You can own your own piece of history, a classic car making a unique style statement.

Once of the last Metros off the production line, with reasonably low mileage and in excellent condition will cost around 3,700. Whereas an original classic Austin Mini Metro will set you back anything up to 0.

To get an idea of what how much you might have to pay for your particular favourite model, courtesy of Glass's famous guide, go to Auto Express and click on Used car valuation. (Although you should also look at the prices of some real cars further below before you get too excited.)

Auto Express front page

When you're ready to take the plunge, the following link will take you to a list of actual Metros for sale. Go on, you know you want to. You know it will make your life complete. People will like you more. You'll get that promotion. A parking spot will be reserved for you in the afterlife. Go on, go on...

YES! I am ready to move to a higher plane of existence and become a Metro owner

When you follow the above link, you can experiment with changing "Metro" to "100", "111" or "114", as the Metro was known as the Rover 100 series in its last few years. But of course you know that by now. Note that the people selling the cars here don't seem to have looked at Glass's famous guide.

Alternatively, those with smaller budgets should try the following:

YES! I am ready to move to a slightly higher plane of existence and buy a Corgi Metro, Metro scalextric, etc

You know it makes sense.