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Here are a few questions about this information:

1. The Game Master is...?
a. The commander of the Army in a wargame.
b. The player who sets up & referees the adventure.
c. The master of the dungeon where everyone get tortured.
d. A geek who has nothing better to do.

2. How is Experience used in a game?
a. It gives the character bonus dice rolls.
b. Increases when you see a scary monster.
c. A running total that increase a character's abilities.
d. Lets the player win the game.

3. A Campaign in RPG's is described as...?
a. A collection of all the adventures for the character.
b. A battle that last for a long time.
c. When the character takes a trip or voyage.
d. The end of the game.

4. A definition of a Player Character is?
a. The players alter-ego.
b. Your best friend.
c. The Game Master's punching bag.
d. Someone who knows everything.

5. Which is not a genre used in RPG's?
a. Modern espionage.
b. Fantasy.
c. Old West.
d. Soap Opera.

6. The meeting scene of an adventure is?
a. An excuse to get drunk.
b. A scene of complete chaos.
c. When the group of players get together.
d. When characters attack each other.

7. Conflict is used as what in a game?
a. Combat, traps, etc.
b. A lot of arguing.
c. A way to make bets.
d. Monster bashing.

8. D&D was created by?
a. Steve Jackson.
b. Bill Gates.
c. Gary Gygax.
d. Jimmy Carter.

9. Balanced Role playing uses?
a. Only in-character communication.
b. A mix of minimum and maximum role playing.
c. Only out-of-character dialogue.
d. A mix of good and evil alignments.



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