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6.26.02.: [GoP]*Stratus* has stepped down as Relations Officer and resigned from GoP. [GoP]Stryder has resigned from T.A.N. to start his own squad.

6.20.02.: [GoP]N_Tek has been impeached by the High Council due to his inactivity. [GoP]BobAtSS has been accepted into the High Council as the new Heavy Assault Force Division Leader.

6.1.02.: Well, since the rebuilding of GoP was completed in late February, the scouting division, then called {SFH} Secret FoxHound, has been without a qualified leader. As of today, the division's founder has rejoined the squad and has been named the division leader. The name of the division has been changed to |CG| Covert Ghosts. All are encouraged to rejoice.

5.26.02.: After several months of map making, the long-awaited [GoP]Map Pack 3 has been released. It contains 12 maps by [GoP]Raynor, [GoP]SoMeOnE and [GoP]TikiMaster and an experimental StdLib by [GoP]SoMeOnE. One of the maps utilizes the Chaos_Gate terrain file, which can be obtained at the -IB- website: . The map pack can be downloaded on our Downloads page.

4.27.02.: [GoP]Wedge has sent me a new {SFH} skin pack that Ditto made for us some time ago. It blows the old ones away! It is available for download on our Downloads Page.

4.9.02.: [GoP]Raynor has been added to the High Council as our Director of Personnel. He is the successor to [GoP]Payton.

4.8.02.: Happy Birthday GoP! The squad that never seems to go away is now a year and a half old! The highly anticipated [GoP]Ultimate QuickChat Pack, over a month in the making, has finally been completed by [GoP]SoMeOnE and is available on our Downloads Page. And due to AOL trouble, [GoP]*StratusX* has stepped down as our Relations Officer. The HC is looking for a replacement.

4.4.02.: Due to time contraints, [GoP]Payton has stepped down as Director of Personnel. The High Council will be fulfilling his duties until we locate a successor.

4.2.02.: I located an entire skinpack that Ditto made for GoP a while back, but I never uploaded it. GoP has a new official skinpack, which I hope you will all enjoy. It is available for download on the Downloads page.

2.28.02.: GoP has gotten off to a great start! Payton has rejoined as our DoP, Unknown has rejoined as our DoI, we've gotten many new members and we have allied with NSDF, HoP and HSE.

2.22.02.: Well, we're back. Guardians of Paradise is finally back after a retirement phase of around 4 months. This time, I hope that GoP will be better than ever and I want to thank everyone who has already helped it get off to a great start! The HC will need some revamping, but as soon as we find the right person for each job, each pending spot will be filled!

8.17.01.: The GoP Taunt Pack has been updated to V.3.4. In the newer version, I have fixed spelling errors and added a few more Matrix wavs. If you haven't already downloaded it, please do so and if you have already downloaded it, you will need to re-download it for the update to take affect.

8.8.01.: Happy Birthday GoP! We are now 10 months old!

8.4.01.: Surprise! [GoP]Taunt Pack is finished and available for download on our Downloads page.

7.31.01.: [GoP]sLoGg has taken Payton's place as the Director of Personnel.

7.30.01.: [GoP]Unknown has resigned as our XO. [GoP]Payton has taken his place and our new Director of Personnel is pending.

7.23.01.: After a vote from the High Council, Elliot Carver was kicked from the HC, but recently, after yet another vote, Chisei sama has been inducted into the High Council as our new Director of Intelligence.

7.15.01.: [GoP]CobaltDragon has been added to the High Council as our new Relations Officer.

7.11.01.: [GoP] Map Pack 2 is finally completed and available for download on our Downloads page. It includes maps by [GoP]Ditto, [GoP]Stith, [GoP]SoMeOnE, [GoP]Unknown and [GoP]Payton.

7.8.01.: Happy Birthday GoP! We are now 9 months old!

6/15/01~The TAN config pack is now available for download on the downloads page.

6/14/01~The GoP - RN war is over.

6/8/01~Happy Birthday GoP! We are now 8 months old!

6/6/01~[GoP]SoMeOnE has taken Rocky's place as leader of TAN and as TAN Leader on the HC.

5/29/01~GoP has declared war on RN (Rough Necks).

5/28/01~[GoP]BLACKENED has completed the HAF Official Skin Pack. You can download itfrom the downloads page.

5/27/01~[GoP]N_Tek has formed his divison: HAF (Heavy Assault Force). If you are skilled in an (Knight's) Apocalypse, (Knight's) Gorgon, (Platinum Guard) Executioner, or Olympian, talk to N_Tek about joining.

5/27/01~[GoP]BLACKENED has completed the TAN (Tank Assault Network) Official Skin Pack. You can download it from our downloads page.

5/23/01~[GoP]Snaggle has resigned from GoP and [GoP]Elliot Carver has taken his place as the Director of Intelligence on the High Council.

5/23/01~[GoP]Rocky will be leaving GoP on June 10th. He is leaving his computer behind and moving to Southern Louisiana to spread the word of God. [GoP]SoMeOnE will take his place as T.A.N. (Tank Assault Network) leader on the High Council. Rocky will be greatly missed by all.

5/8/01~Happy Birthday GoP! We're now 7 months old.

5/1/01~GoP has been extended into MechWarrior 4.

4/28/01~GoP and NSDF have allied.

4/8/01~Happy Birthday GoP! Now that Tiki is back to full active duty and we've been "cleansed" from slackers, things are looking up. GoP is now half a year old!

4/3/01~I have finally posted the Secret Fox Hound Skins by Ditto. They are skins for Seekers, Goads and Emancipators and are available for download on the download page.

4/3/01~I have cut 26 members. Those were members who I or any other member have not seen playing in several weeks or months. Now, with the weekly training, there is no excuse to not play at least once a week or post on the forums.

3/8/01~Happy Birthday GoP! GoP is now 5 months old. Recently hasn't been as prosporous a time for GoP as other months have. I haven't been around to fight along side you and people have left of rank disputes. Hopefully, things will look up in the next 5 months.

3/4/01~[GoP]TikiMaster, [GoP]Unknown, [GoP]Payton, [GoP]Snaggle, [GoP]Rocky, and [GoP]RedXIIIDragon have formed the ~Guardians~ High Council. They will be in charge of important squad decisions, recruiting, meetings and training.

3/4/01~I have removed the ranks from GoP. There were too many people in GoP who were playing just to get promoted. The ranks were causing valuable members to leave. Things should start looking up as only the most dedicated members stay.

3/1/01~The war with CAN is over. We are still on unfriendly terms.

2/8/01~Happy Birthday GoP! Another month of gains, losses and suprises. GoP is officially 4 months old.

1/26/00~[GoP]Map Pack 1 is now available for download on the Downloads page. It includes maps by WarMachine, RedXIIIDragon, Payton and Jackson.

1/20/01~[GoP]WarMachine has finished GoP's first map: Shotglass. You can download it on the downloads page. I'll add it to a larger zip when we get more maps.

1/19/01~[GoP]RedXIIIDragon and [GoP]Duo have started a Scouting division named SFH. THey will be accepting Seeker, Goad and Eman pilots. If you want to be a part of it, e-mail them.

1/16/00~CAN has declared war on GoP.

1/14/00~GoP has reached a Mega-Member Milestone. We finally have 50 members! Months of hardwork and squad teamwork have paid off. We're on our way to becoming a squad super-power. Congratulations to [GoP]WarMachine~Lt. for becoming our 50th member!

1/8/01~Happy Birthday GoP! Another month has gone by. A month of good times, bad times, gains and losses. GoP is officially 3 months old.

12/29/00~Ditto has completed the skins. After 2 weeks of hard work, he has completed them! I will place them on the Downloads page along with [GoP]RedXIIIDragon's skins.

12/23/00~The transfer of power is complete. Duo/Rad Wolf has quit GoP and given T.A.N. Tank Assault Network to Rocky. So if you want to join T.A.N. talk to [GoP]Rocky.

12/22/00~[GoP]The GodFather and Ditto have sent me some skins. Ditto has offered to do all of the skins for GoP. I graciously accepted and I will not post any skins until they are done yet. I have seen Ditto and The GodFather's Apoc skins and GodFather's seeker skins. They are awesome, you guys are going to love them!

12/8/00~Happy Birthday GoP! We are officially 2 months old!

11/29/00~I have granted [GoP]Duo a tanking division named T.A.N. (Tank Assault Network). He is looking for anyone good at piloting a tank to join. But he especially wants good Predator, Dreadlock and Disrupter pilots. If you want to join e-mail him.

11/28/00~We have left The Alliance (*A*). All the other squads dropped out anyway. It was never a big asset. I'll try to bring in alliances with the former *A* squads.

11/26/00~We may have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war. We lost one UoH battle but today i have found many squads willing to fight with us. I guess UoH should have made better relations.

11/25/00~UoH (Union of Honor) has declared war on us. This time a member didn't do anything, but we need all of our members to come and fight.

11/17/00~I have decided to extend GoP into Tribes. I will make another GoP Tribes website and yes you can join both if you want to.

1/8/00~Happy Birthday GoP! We are officialy one month old!

11/4/00~GoP has reached a member milestone. We currently have 25 members. Congratulations to [GoP]Rocky~2Lt. for becoming our 25th member!

10/27/00~GoP has joined a group alliance named *A* (The Alliance). This is a big step for GoP because we are now backed by several more squads such as =HSE=, =TR=, {A}, SAS, =RD=, (VK), MKA, [TSF] and DrAgOnS.

10/26/00~I am currently setting up private training sessions for any member who wants one. It can help me get to know you as a player and let me get to know your fighting style.

10/26/00~I have settled the war with ~])"I"~. We are currently on unfriendly terms so please dont piss off any ~])"I"~ member, it could start another war.

10/21/00~We're now at war with ~])"I"~ (DT). We must fight our strongest. We need all high ranking officers to come and fight with us. Some of them are so good that...I can't beat them.

10/14/00~I got Starsiege Tribes. I joined a squad to improve my skills. When I get good enough I will open up a GoP division in Tribes. If you could all tell me who here has Tribes I could try to find you. My name is Shaft[Q2]

10/12/00~Downloads Page Added

10/11/00~GoP has reached a member milestone. We finally have 10 members. Congratulations to [GoP]Chisei-sama for becoming our 10th member!

10/8/00~Squad Founded and website created

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